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How To Measure Your Hand For Gloves

As any motorcyclist would tell you, finding the right pair of gloves that fit properly is quite a task. Some gloves that you really like for their style, just don’t have the right fit or protection.

And those that have the right fit and protection, don’t offer you much when it comes to style. That is why it is important to measure your hand for motorcycle gloves so that you can select the right sizing options when looking at different brand options.

What Kind of Motorcycle Should You Get?

Choosing the best motorcycle can be quite tricky especially when it is your first time to buy. I remember when I first bought my motorcycle, the very first question that came to mind, what kind of motorcycle should I get? With a wide range of choices including different types of bikes, brand and models, sometimes you find yourself confused as to which is the best buy. It all begins in knowing your needs, lifestyle and other personal preference.

The Ultimate All-Season Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

A two-wheeler is different from any other automobile, it demands more attention as even a single loose bolt can change a pleasant ride into a complete disaster.

Whenever you buy a motorcycle, the sellers will try to add a maintenance/service contract with it. Now if you will not be able to do all the tune-up yourself, it’s probably better to opt for the servicing contract. Doing all the compulsory examination yourself can lead to gather more experience and knowledge about the vehicle you own. One big benefit that this practice will bring back to you is the huge amount of money you will save.

Motorcycle Safety Guide – What You Need To Know

In 2016, there is no substitute being uneducated on the rules of the road. Almost fifty percent of all motorcycle deaths are the result of single-vehicle crashes. The statistics are even higher for older riders. There are many factors that contribute to this including brittle bones, weaker eyesight and slower reflexes. Studies have shown that motorcycle enthusiasts over the age of 60 are three times more likely to be hospitalised after a crash than younger riders.

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Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Vortex Helmet by Bell is like a little brother to the Star helmet, it is another shining addition to the family tree. This helmet does not compromise in the field of options and comfort; it shares many features like click-release face shield and velocity flow/ FlowAdjust Ventilation with the Star which is a high-end helmet.

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Motorcycle Helmet Accessories

You have just bought a motorcycle helmet and you are now ready to go on a ride. Well there is nothing wrong if this is the scenario with you, but just one more step. There are some accessories which you should look at while purchasing a motorcycle helmet. However if you can’t afford them then don’t worry there aren’t essential at all.

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