Bell Pit Boss Flames Motorcycle Half Helmet Review

When you put on the Bell Pit Boss half-helmet for the very first time, you will know the difference. This ultra-light helmet with TriMatrix construction will put as little weight on you as possible while still staying inside the norms of DOT standard.

​Many open face or half helmets have the tendency of lifting off the rider’s head, this problem is solved by the innovative adjustable Speed Dial fit system of Bell along with providing matchless level of comfort. There remains no risk of the helmet lifting off while riding at high speeds.


There are more bonus features like a drop-down sun shield and neck curtain that is removable. This Bell helmet is truly the supreme reign of half-helmets available on the wide road of motorcycle riding.

Bell is an old and experienced company which was established in 1954. Their philosophy is to make quality helmets which have the built and design to fulfill certain set of requirements. The bicycle and motorcycle helmets manufactured by Bell are tough and provide complete comfort while riding. They believe in creating essential performance tools which are built for durability and long use.


Key Features

  • TriMatrix light weight composite shell with Fiberglass/Carbon/Kevlar blend
  • Two shell size is used:
  • Medium: for small (SM) and Medium (MD) helmets
  • Large: for Large (LG) and Extra Large/ 2X Extra Large (XL/2XL) helmets
  • Neck curtain is removable for riding during cold weather
  • Speed Dial innovative adjustable system, fits properly to avoid lift off
  • Weight approximately 900 grams
  • Speaker pockets are available providing some convenient space for your communication device
  • “On the fly” sun protection with the internal sun shield
  • Sun-shield provides 100% UVB and UVA rays protection
  • 5 year warranty

Customer Feedback

The Pit Boss helmet is a very low priced value helmet for people on strict budget. This half-helmet by Bell might not provide safety like a full face helmet but does not lag behind much either. It is light in weight and does not lift off your face while riding either, has a good fit. It has a speed dial system integrated behind the lining as well which is compatible with most communication devices. The padding and lining inside the helmet cannot be removed. This could be an issue for people who live in hot weather conditions or who sweat a lot. Complete hygiene would be difficult as there is no way to clean the insides.


· Low Price

· Light weight

· Wide vision


· Padding is not removable

· Quality not very good

· No ventilation

Use and Maintenance

The helmet you use regularly should be kept clean. The outer surface of this helmet can be cleaned using a soft cloth dampened with warm water and detergent solution. After each use, let the helmet air dry completely before storing it. It is important to take proper precautions while using and storing your Bell helmet. There are certain precautions which should be followed:

NEVER keep your helmet under direct sunlight in a dark colored gear bag, in the trunk of a vehicle or inside a closed car. Such situations can cause heat damages like bubbly or uneven surfaces. There are times when damage done by heat is not visible as it could affect the protective layers inside the helmet.

If you will not be using your helmet for a long time, it should be kept in a case or box and then stored in a dry and cool place.

Make sure that you inspect your helmet thoroughly before riding for any sign of damage.

DO NOT hang or park the helmet on sissy bars or mirror stalks of your motorcycle.

NEVER carry the helmet on helmet lock of the motorcycle while you are riding.

If you notice any sign of damage, wear and tear then replace the helmet immediately.

In case there was any small accident or impact it is recommended to get the helmet replaced, even if there is no visible damage.


Q: What is the shape of this helmet? Is it narrow or oval?
A: This Bell helmet is neither oval nor very narrow, the design is somewhere in the middle. As compared to HJC helmets, it is not as round as them. But in Bell helmets there is a fitting ratchet behind your head and just above your neck. This innovative design helps you to adjust your helmet at just the right position without much hassle.

Q: How is the ventilation system of this half helmet?
A: The helmet is not full face, so it does not require much ventilation but the head needs to be kept cool in very hot weather conditions. Good ventilation is required in all helmets; this particular head gear has a set of very small vents between the forehead and the helmet. There is a small removable lining on these vents as well.

Q: What sort of speakers can I use with this helmet?
A: Pit Boss by Bell has a pre-integrated speed dial system; this system is fully concealed behind the helmet’s lining. It is not possible to remove this system. This helmet has speaker pockets which can incorporate almost any type of speakers/ear phones.


The Bell Pit Boss half helmet with flames is available at a price around $100 and far less on certain websites. It comes with a clear visor so if you need a tinted one you will have to spend some extra money. There are problems like no or very little ventilation which could increase the temperature inside the helmet, especially on sunny days. If you sweat excessively there is another hygiene issue for you as there is no way to remove the inner lining for cleaning.

However, this unisex helmet has an inside sun shield and a wide vision as well. It is light weight helmet which will be very light on your pocket also. It is feature-packed and provides facilities like speaker pockets and a very compatible integrated speed dial system.

Bradley Miller

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of controlling a thundering beast beneath you. In addition to the joy of the ride a motorcycle has many advantages over any other vehicle. You learn how to drive the smarter way with traffic rules on the road; also you are always in the state of complete-awareness when on the ride.