Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Vortex Helmet by Bell is like a little brother to the Star helmet, it is another shining addition to the family tree. This helmet does not compromise in the field of options and comfort; it shares many features like click-release face shield and velocity flow/ FlowAdjust Ventilation with the Star which is a high-end helmet.

It is a complete package coupled with killer price that has comfortable plush removable lining, contour cheek pads and the race inspired light weight designer shell with a slippery, sleek shape which permits unequaled stability inside the helmet even at very high speed.

Bell is a company which believes in enabling and inspiring the new generation to break boundaries. The company consists of bicycle, motorcycle and auto racing culture. They imply that they make possibilities not just helmets. Bell originated in a garage, fueled by will and grease; it was established in the year 1954.

Key Features

  • Temperature control and maximum stability from FlowAdjust Ventilation system that has controlled velocity flow
  • Composite polycarbonate light-weight alloy shell
  • Contoured cheek pads
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial, washable and removable comfort interior lining
  • Wind collar with padding drastically reduces road/wind noise
  • Speaker pockets are integrated for audio devices
  • ClickRelease allows tool-free, easy and fast shield swap
  • UV protected, anti-scratch and anti-fog superior Nutrafog II shield
  • Chin strap padding with strap keeper and double-D ring closure
  • Weight is approximately 1600 grams
  • DOT/ Snell M2010 Approved
  • 5 Year warranty

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 Customer Feedback

Even though some images show a tinted shield, this helmet comes with a clear visor only. If you want a sun-shield or tinted visor you will have to order separately. It is noticed that the helmet shell comes in two sizes only and then padding is added to upgrade the size. This means the outer shell remains of the same size which could look very disproportionate according to body size for some. The quality of this helmet is very good along with the features considering its price range.


  • Good quality finish
  • Visibility is very good
  • Space for intercom/headphones/Bluetooth


  • Very noisy
  • Size issues
  • A little on the heavier side

Use and Maintenance

Proper maintenance and use of your helmet is crucial to keep it in good condition so that it minimizes injury or any risk to your life. Proper inspection of helmet is very important before you use it. In case you drop the helmet or meet an accident, the helmet needs to be inspected properly before further use.

The damage to your helmet might or might not be visible to you; it would be in your best interest to get it replaced if it went through a big accident or send it to the Bell Company for thorough examination. If you bought your helmet less than 5 years ago, then the company will inspect your helmet for free and send you a report explaining all damage in writing. It is recommended that you change your helmet after every 5 years even if it is not damaged, this needs to be done to ensure that you stay protected with the most recent design and technology.

Protecting your head from injuries during riding is a lengthy and complicated topic. It is crucial that before buying a helmet you should be aware of all precautions and related procedures for complete care of the helmet and related accessories.

  • Only use Bell accessories with your helmet, any other accessory might not work well and will not be compatible.
  • Buy the helmet that has a proper fit.
  • While choosing a helmet, take care that it does not interfere with your hearing ability or your visual field.
  • You need to ensure that after fastening the strap for your chin the helmet should fit snugly over the entire head, and edge should be low on the forehead which you should be able to see on the upper side of your vision.
  • Make sure that your chin strap is securely and tightly fastened before riding.
  • It is recommended that you should not make any modification to your helmet; it could reduce its effectiveness.


Q: How should I store this helmet?

A: The very basic thing that you can do is to let your helmet air dry after each use and then store it in a dry and cool place. To make sure that it is not damaged, keep it away from sharp objects and high temperatures. High temperature can damage the helmet and affect its abilities.

Q: Can I remove the vents? Is it safe to do so?

A: The vents in your helmet are to allow air inside the helmet for cooling and keeping the temperature inside optimum for you. Removing the vents will cause problems for you; it might let in excess air which could lead to loud noise or it could lead to insects/debris getting into your head gear which can cause discomfort and might even lead to severe issues. It is strongly advised, NOT to do so.

Q: How can I clean my helmet? Can I wash it?

A: The padding/lining inside the helmet is completely removable; it can be removed and washed in a washing machine. The pads inside are dryer compatible as well. However, washing the outer shell with water is not right, it will damage the helmet. To clean the outer shell, use a soft cloth and damp it with a detergent and warm water solution.


The Vortex Helmet by Bell is packed with features of the high-end Star Helmet but the price is very low end. This helmet fits comfortably but its overall size is huge as reported by the customers. The reason behind this is basically that the shell for this helmet comes in two sizes only. Another little issue which could bother you is the weight of this helmet; it is a little heavy as compared to its counterparts in this range.

Overall, it is a good buy and complete value for your money. The ventilation is great and this good-looking helmet has a quality finish.

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There is nothing that compares to the feeling of controlling a thundering beast beneath you. In addition to the joy of the ride a motorcycle has many advantages over any other vehicle. You learn how to drive the smarter way with traffic rules on the road; also you are always in the state of complete-awareness when on the ride.