Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Motorcycle rides are thrilling for their riders; Some riders prefer riding in silence, enjoying each exciting aspect of it and in contrast others do not like the lasting silence during long bike trips. Motorcycle enthusiasts who want some extra entertainment or companionship prefer buying a Bluetooth Helmet.

A standard Bluetooth helmet enables hands-free communication with other riders via intercom, listening to music, GPS navigation and making calls as well. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will have a fully integrated system with a microphone and pair of audio speakers, which is entirely compatible with almost all sorts of devices with Bluetooth feature.

Most high-end helmets being made these days already come with the Bluetooth feature and their cost is mostly in the range $250 to $500 or even more. You can buy a helmet that is integrated fully with Bluetooth system which is pre-installed, or you can get a motorcycle helmet that is capable of a Bluetooth installment. The later will cost you less in comparison, but then you might face compatibility or proper installation problems when you later add the Bluetooth or get it installed by someone. If you are looking for the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you are at the right place.

Some of Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

TORC T27 Modular Full Face Helmet

The TORC T27 is one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, and it is amongst the lightest models out there, it is at least 20% smaller from its predecessor. The inner lining is all removable and washable, so you do not have to worry about hygiene. It is ventilated properly as well. The improved Bluetooth 2.0 technology by Blinc enables passenger-rider or rider-rider communication with another TORC T27 with a range of 100 feet. In addition to two-way communication you can make and receive calls, all incoming calls automatically override all other ongoing processes but now you can limit call interruptions with the call reject feature.

The head gear is equipped with features like auto-adjusting volume, full duplex DSP filter communications, noise canceling microphone, waterproof and glove friendly controls. This is a well-made model with a chin curtain, a drop down visor and pleasant color. The microphone has had voice quality issues in some cases, the speakers are great, it has continuous 8 hours talk time, and the voice is loud & clear. You can also use it while driving utility vehicles, sports street motorcycles, snowmobiles, street motor scooter, off-road motorcycle, cruiser-street motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle and a street-touring motorcycle which makes it the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for multi-tasking.

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HJC CL-16 Helmet

The HJC CL-16 helmet is DOT and Snell certified with all the features of a proper head gear like removable, washable, anti-bacterial lining, one click shield removal, anti-fogging, UV protected visor and pin-lock for the face shield. It is one of those helmets which are capable of a Bluetooth system installation; you can buy this low-priced helmet or if you already own it just get a Bluetooth system installed in it. A good audio system which is easily coupled with your Android, iPhone or any other device starts from a very low price and is very easily available as well. Its ability to bind with the Bluetooth system of your choice makes it the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Considering the very low price of this helmet, some more options in graphics and colors would have been great. Installing all the wires, speakers and microphone takes 15 to 20 minutes, and the whole process is super easy if done correctly. Equipped with an advanced ventilation system, this should be your first choice when buying a Bluetooth Capable helmet. Set at a price as low as $150, this the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet available at the best possible price. A must buy for riders on a strict budget.

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BILT Techno Full-Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

The full-face Techno Bluetooth helmet by BILT is probably the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet packed with great features. It has a polycarbonate shell which is injection molded with high technology. This appealing helmet by BILT has aesthetic looks and the ability to synchronize with Bluetooth-enabled devices is efficient. It syncs with iPhone, Android-based cellular phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices till they are in proper range. It has a DWO-3 integrated Bluetooth system with hands-free phone communication, intercom and audio playback capabilities. Accepting turn-by-turn voice commands from GPS navigation while riding will make finding your way on roads extremely simple.

It can be included easily in the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet list because of its very affordable price tag. A little problem you might face is because of the wind noise which is audible even during audio playback on speakers. This helmet is very famous among the masses; it is available in 5 color choices, enables you to reject or accept calls while riding without touching the phone, MP3 music play back and pairing with another Techno helmet allows you to inter-communicate. The Bluetooth system has a multi-functional USB utility cord which permits you to connect a variety of devices to it.

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O’Neal Fastrack II

The Fastrack II Bluetooth enabled motorcycle helmet by O’Neal is DOT and ECE approved. It has a fiberglass shell which is ultra-light in weight and an adjustable ventilation system with multiple flow-through ports. It is an affordable, stylish helmet with a full-face design which offers complete protection. It is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet out there when it comes to the quality of speakers. Fastrack II is descendent of the very popular O’Neal Racing Bluetooth helmet. It packs features like cell phone compatibility, GPS sound instructions and much more without any wires hanging around your face.

The Fastrack II is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet which is available in 6 size options and has Bluetooth enabled communication system by Blinc. There have been some issues with charging the battery; it is reported that the life of battery is restrained to a few hours only. The volume of Bluetooth is lower than expected, little higher is required. At a price set less than $250, it is a good choice if you want to go for a very sleek, stylish and good looking helmet. Many die hard motorcycle riders opt for this model of O’Neal because of its sleek and stylish looks coupled with the every decent price range.

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O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

The Commander Bluetooth helmet by O’Neal has a suede comfort lining, drop-down sun shield, Anti-scratch and anti-fog visor and many more features which enlist this helmet as the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. It is ECE and DOT certified and equipped with Bluetooth technology by Blinc. This head gear has a single-touch controller for answering, redialing or rejecting a cell phone call and the incoming call overrides any other ongoing audio function. It is powered by a single lithium-ion polymer battery and a charger which is included with the helmet. This battery once charged has a standby time of 130 hours and talk time of about 10 hours.

The O’Neal quality is evident in this helmet as well, and it is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet packed with such great features at an affordable price. This head gear can also be used while riding snowmobiles, utility vehicles and others in this category. It provides inter-communication with other riders using similar O’Neal helmets up to the range of 1500 feet. It does create wind noise at high speed; this problem has been rare among the users of this product, but noise depends on various other factors as well. The replacement parts are easy to find or order. It is a good budget choice for beginners.

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Pros and Cons of the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets


  • Cell phones are known to emit radiations, and when the phone is in direct contact with your body, it is even worse. The Bluetooth technology eliminates direct contact and hence you face less radiation in comparison.
  • The biggest advantage of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is the ability to drive freely and conducting other things simultaneously. The hands-free feature enables you to make or reject calls with just one touch.
  • While the GPS gives turn-by-turn audio instructions, the rider can concentrate on riding without having to stop for asking directions on the road.
  • Listening to personalized music and playlists was never this easy before. The ability to inter-communicate with other riders without stopping. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet models available ensure noise canceling so that the outside sounds don’t reach you.


  • The battery life or talk time for a Bluetooth device is limited which hinders its usage on long trips.
  • The continuous sound in your ears, mostly on highest volume setting for a long period is very dangerous for your hearing. It is not possible to use the device on lower volume because of surrounding noises.
  • Some sudden voice or a single small gesture to touch the controller can affect your awareness and in the case of an accident even the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will not be able to help you.

Factors to consider while purchasing Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Every rider wants to get the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet at a good price; it is easy to get one at a much lower cost if you consider certain factors before investing. First and foremost, do you already have a helmet with speaker pockets? If yes, then you can consider installing a Bluetooth system in it and save a lot of money. Additionally, you will have the comfort of your regular helmet with the speaker system of your choice. If you do not own a Bluetooth enabled helmet, then you should buy one. The things you will have to ponder upon will also be discussed.

Here you need to know the kind of trips you will be having, the duration of your rides, weather conditions and your budget. The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet models are also available at a very affordable price. Now, if you usually go on long trips which could last for hours, then you need to buy a helmet with long talk time and stand by hours like the O’Neal Commander helmet, which has a long battery life on a single charge. If you are traveling in harsh weather conditions, then stay informed that the helmet and Bluetooth system has to be completely waterproof. You never when it starts raining and when it will finally stop, so the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with such features is the TORC T27.

The BILT Techno is a good choice to go with if you are not a very experienced rider, for a beginner and someone on a budget; it is perfect. Going for the helmets which are already tested and loved by the majority of people ensures a good buy. If you have experienced a Bluetooth enabled helmet before then there is little you need to know more. But, before you buy a new one it will be good to check the systems connectivity with your cell phone or any other Bluetooth device which you will be synchronizing it with most often.

Are you someone who completely drools over good-looks? Then the best looking of the lot is the O’Neal Fastrack II Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth communication technologies; its fiberglass built is ultra-light in weight, and it has ECE & DOT certification to ensure that it will provide the best safety. Another factor to consider is that, what features of the Bluetooth system will you be using the most?

Two tires are always more dangerous than four and require more concentration, so it is crucial that you consider that factor that the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet needs to be completely hands-free. Riding a motorcycle requires both of your hands and feet as well, even a slight break in concentration could be very dangerous for the rider and passenger. If you are a rider with a constant companion who is either another rider or a passenger, it is strongly suggested that you buy the same helmet as it enables you to communicate easily via intercom without having to look away from the road.

Making a Decision

The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet should have a good quality system already installed in it. If this is your first Bluetooth helmet, you should go for the BILT Techno as it has all required features at a good price. If you already have a helmet with speaker pockets and want to save money, buy something like the HJC CL-16. Helmets like O’Neal Fastrack II will appeal you more if you are more attracted to stylish, good looking helmets. The sturdy and efficient one is TORC T27 with water-proof capabilities.

Your safety should be foremost in your mind while purchasing a helmet, opt for the full face helmets, they provide better protection than the half face ones. The helmet you decide to buy should be comfortable to wear, and the fit should be perfect. A size that does not fit and covers your head properly can cause severe injuries or even death in the case of an impact.

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