Which Motorcycle Glasses Will Suit You The Best?

As a regular motorcycle rider, just buying the motorcycle of your dreams might not be enough. You will have to invest in some essential riding accessories such as jacket, gloves, boots, helmet and the best motorcycle glasses. In case you are using a full face helmet you might not require motorcycle glasses, but if you own a short helmet or open-faced helmet then you will need riding goggles or glasses.


Cool riding glasses not only make a fashion statement but they also keep your eyes safe from sunlight, dust, the wind and other outside objects while riding. Depending on the model and make, the price of the best motorcycle glasses can vary from $10 to more than $200. An obvious feature you will be looking for is the best fit and comfort.

Finding the best motorcycle glasses

Selecting the perfect glasses for riding is different than buying the best motorcycle glasses. You will have to consider many features here such as style, comfort, and safety. You do not want any disruption in your vision as it might cause an accident, it is better to opt for goggles which will not let anything get near your eyes.

There are different types of motorcycles, riders and depending on that there are various types of glasses. You will have to choose between tinted lenses and clear, and street and off-road goggles. Most of the best motorcycle glasses and all goggles have foam lining which tends to deteriorate over time with use.

This process is inevitable, however, it can slow down if you invest in high-quality goggles. Few more things that are kind of compulsory for the best motorcycle glasses are open nose bridge for better airflow; sleek vent holes to stay cool and are also able to accept prescription glasses as inserts.

Along with a great looking design which is safe and adjustable, you will need to consider the price of this accessory. With this article, we will guide you through the process of deciding about the best motorcycle glasses you should buy. Below is a compilation of almost every feature that will have to consider.

Safety is most important

Every small feature of the lenses in your best motorcycle glasses counts, you need to be aware of each one of these. You need protection from sun, rain, bugs sand dust and even the wind.

  • Polycarbonate Lenses

This composite material called polycarbonate is flexible and light; also it is less susceptible to scratches as compared to glass. Polycarbonate can also have built-in UV protection capability. To make the best motorcycle glasses scratch-free, polycarbonate lens can be coated with advanced hardeners and coatings.

One thing to know here as an informed customer is that the light should pass through the lens and coating with the same speed otherwise your vision will be blurred

  • UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays of the sun are very harmful to eyes, so before buying motorcycle goggles ensure that they provide UV protection. Over-exposure to UV rays can be the reason behind various serious eye problems such as cataract

  • ANSI Approved Glasses

Safety glasses approved by ANSI have passed various extreme condition tests which make them capable of protecting your eyes while riding. The best motorcycle glasses can also be used in a laboratory, industrial, construction, military and law-enforcement area due to their safety features.

  • Scratch-resistant

There is definitely no lens that is completely scratch-proof, it is a scratch-resistant and hard clear coat that provides this feature. The light scratches and nicks that are easily visible on a normal glass or polycarbonate lens can be avoided if the lenses have a hard clear coating.

To evade scratches while cleaning the lens, always use a microfiber cloth; many glasses come in a pouch that can also be used as a cleaning cloth. It will an added bonus if you can get one of these

  • Polarized Lenses

Almost all best motorcycle glasses have Polaroid lenses to cut excess lights and glares. The Polarized lens does not mean an extra coating; it is actually sandwiched crystal series inside the lens that stops scattered light to reach your eyes. There is a big drawback as well; it might block some important-to-see LED lights.

  • Anti-fog Treatment

This is actually a semi-permanent layer applied to many goggles and sunglasses to keep them fog-free. Use special anti-fog products to maintain some durability of this coating. Some lenses are coated on both sides for use at extremely varying temperatures.

What color are the lenses?

Dark colored tint would absorb more light in comparison to the light lens in all best motorcycle glasses. You should pay attention to color of the lens as each color contributes towards a slightly different outcome in your vision.

Some of the colors can be explained:

The orange and amber tint will reduce the blue light which is the major glare contributor; it will brighten, increase contrast and enhance detail. In the case of the best motorcycle glasses that come in brown color, there is excellent contrast and the dark color minimizes strain on eyes. So, pay attention to the color of lenses before buying glasses


You can get glasses without the foam to avoid buying glasses over and over again. Before investing money you need to clear up your mind about the features you require the most and the features where you can compromise on a little while buying the best motorcycle glasses. Snug fit, ventilation, and the ability to fit over prescription glasses can be counted as the features of the best motorcycle glasses.

The 10 Best motorcycle glasses

Here is a list of the best motorcycle glasses compiled while taking in consideration the price of these glasses, each of these is suitable for people who have a low budget and are looking for multiple features.

1. HD Soxick – Night Driving Glasses

One of the best motorcycle glasses where quality is German Military with resin sunglasses lens and full UV400 protection. The yellow colored Polaroid lens reduces eye fatigue, eliminates glare and has an anti-reflective coating on the eyeglass.

This piece is perfect for outdoor sports activity enthusiasts such as trekking, climbing, skiing, racing, fishing, running, driving, cycling bicycle and riding a motorcycle. It is made up of a lightweight alloy material and elastic memory plastic technology, making it a perfect balance of fashion and safety. Ideal for people who prefer looks more than complex features.

The package includes a glasses box, packing box, separate cloth, and bag. Although, these glasses are available only in one size, the price makes up for it.


  • Night time vision
  • Great looks, can be worn casually as well


  • No anti-fog
  • No foam padding
  • Not completely polarized.

2. Cougar Safety Glasses

These safety glasses from Global vision eyewear have a nylon frame and the frame ends are flexible. They can easily be a part of the best motorcycle glasses list because of the extremely low price.

Although these glasses are available in one size only, there are 4 color options for the lens that is yellow, clear, smoke and driving mirror. The yellow is perfect to cut glare and ride in low-light areas or to ride during night time in general. The smoke lens blocks sunlight and hence perfect for daytime use.

If the fit is perfect for you, you can buy more than two pairs for different times of the day or varying light conditions. It has polycarbonate lens with full UV protection and scratch resistance.


  • Extremely low price
  • 4 lens color options


  • Lacks essential features
  • Available in one size that runs small for many.

3. Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

The Polarized sports sunglasses from Torege have a polarized lens which completely blocks the harmful UVB and UVA rays. The lenses have a 7 layer protection including anti-glare, scatter-proof UV protection and additional layers to enhance durability.

These are the best motorcycle glasses which are super light, stylish and perfectly suited for a variety of outdoor activities. You can just buy one of these and use them everywhere such as for riding a motorcycle, driving, fishing, golf, baseball, running and much more.

These glasses come with a soft rubber nose pad, lifetime breakage warranty on the super flexible frame and money back guarantee on 30 days if you are not satisfied with this product. The features are attractive and the price is fine as well.


  • Frame has lifetime breakage warranty
  • Multiple outdoor activity uses


  • Cannot be used over prescription glasses
  • Anti-fog feature is missing

4. proSPORT Smoke Polarized Sunglasses

The Smoked Polarized glasses from proSPORT are a perfect stylish combination of sunglasses and riding glasses. They can also be used as reading glasses due to their bifocal lenses. Packed with features like some of the best motorcycle glasses, this pair offers a composite lens and frame which is very light in weight, flexible and durable. The frame is meant to wrap around with a semi-rimless design of frames.

To ensure that the glasses do not fall off easily during jerks and motion, the ear pieces and nose pads are equipped with super grip rubber. The polycarbonate lens is scratch resistant and impact absorbent. Eliminates the glare and can be used in almost all lighting conditions. Good for motorcycle owners who do not ride very often.


  • Sunglasses with bifocals
  • Come with free cleaning case


  • Suitable for medium and small head sizes only
  • More of a multi-purpose safety glasses

5. Bikershades Blue Blocking HD Vision

The Bikershades Blue blocking HD vision motorcycle bifocal sunglasses are certified with ANSI Z 87.1 safety lens. I have faced a little problem with magnification but that does not concern me much as all other features are absolutely great. These are one of the best motorcycle glasses with scratch resistant polycarbonate lightweight lenses with anti-glare coating and complete UV protection.

The Bikershades built-in cushion foam is long lasting and does a not let unwanted dust particle anywhere near your eyes. Some people might not like the orange tinted lenses but they can reduce the blue light which is the major glare contributor; it will brighten, increase contrast and enhance detail.


  • Thicker and long lasting built-in cushion foam
  • Benefit of sunglasses with bifocals


  • Size not available for small size heads
  • Not completely good at keeping dust out.

6. Pacific Coast Motorcycle Sunglasses

The Pacific Coast Sunglasses has some of the best motorcycle sunglasses; one such pair is the biker motorcycle glasses with a dark green lens. Green color lens is a little rare as compared to other colors and they have their own unique advantages.

The green lens can enhance contrast in low lighting environment and reduces strain on eyes in bright light condition. These are great general purpose lenses providing greatest visual detailing.

The lens has various other good features such as composite light polycarbonate material, shatter-proof, maximum UV400 protection, One problem that I encountered was the size, it was way too small for me, I recommend buying 2 sizes up than your normal size.


  • Stylish and very low priced
  • Can be used under a full faced helmet


  • Lacks reinforced ear and nose support, can fall off the face easily 
  • No foam lining.

7. Carfia TR90 Sports Polarized goggles

The Carfia TR90 sports Goggles have UV400 Protection and Polarized lenses with additional 5 interchangeable Lenses. These pair of glasses is one of the best motorcycle glasses as it comes with an attractive package of additional lenses including one black lens which is helpful in reducing glare and eye fatigue. The other 4 lenses are colored and can be used in different environmental conditions.

The set of lenses included is yellow, blue, clear, Polarized and Revo lens. The silicone nose support resizes according to your nose and fits most, there is an elastic sports belt and movement head harness included in the package with a myopia frame and cleaning cloth as well. Each colored lens has its own advantage and can be used in varying light conditions.


  • Lifetime frame breakage warranty 
  • 5 different lens package


  • No size options
  • Foam or cushion is not there.

8. Global Vision Hercules Nylon glasses

The Hercules Nylon sunglasses by Global Vision come in three varying lens color for you to choose from, there are yellow, smoke and clear lens with the same black colored frame.

Like some of the best motorcycle glasses, these are also made from the composite polycarbonate material which absorbs impact and it is shatter-proof as well. They are equipped with UV400 protection to keep your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

They are very tough and almost indestructible, also have been tested and standardized by ANSI Z87.1 for utilization in industrial applications. The low price enables you to get multiple pairs of varying lens color to facilitate wearing them in different light conditions.


  • Extremely tough, light and durable
  • Low price


  • Sides are a little too thick
  • Not very good during rains and fog.

9. Choppers Biker Goggles

The padded motorcycle goggles by Choppers are one of the best motorcycle glasses available at such a low price. These glasses come with a polarized lens which provide protection from UV rays and it is glare proof as well. The lenses are available in a choice of 5 shades, namely amber lens, clear lens, smoke lens mirror lens and yellow lens.

One problem that I faced while wearing these goggles was that the fit was a little awkward for my face. It is supposed to be tightly fitted but the nose padding was far away from the bridge of my nose which kind of made it a bad option for me. But if it fits well, this is certainly a great pair.


  • Comfortable foam lining to be safe from dust and the wind
  • High quality at low price


  • Durability of foam padding is low
  • Cannot be used over prescription glasses.

10. Pacific Coast Airfoil Padded Goggles

The Pacific Coast Airfoil Padded riding goggles are one of the best motorcycle glasses for extreme sports and motorcycle riding. These glasses become dark in daylight if you are outdoors and automatically lighten to become almost clear if they are worn indoors during the night time. The lens is completely made of shatter-proof polycarbonate and provides complete UV protection.

The whole package includes a cleaning cloth and a case. They also provide protection from water, dust, the wind and alien particles with a snug fit and soft foam lining. They also provide anti-fogging capability at a low price range. It will be perfect if you are into extreme sports riding, off-road and street touring.


  • Can be worn over almost all prescription glasses
  • Comfortable soft foam lining


  • Multi-purpose off-road and extreme sports utility
  • Strap and foam quality not so good, not durable


The Pacific Coast Airfoil padded goggles are clearly the best motorcycle glasses if you are looking for safety only. But if you want more style then the better option for you will be the Pacific Coast Motorcycle glasses or the proSPORT smoke polarized sunglasses. A perfect balance of safety and style are the Bikershades Blue Blocking sunglasses.

Unlike driving a car, you cannot wipe your eyes with your hands while riding a motorcycle. So having glasses are very crucial for all motorcycle owners. You can share this article about finding the best motorcycle glasses with your friends if you appreciate it or leave comments for additional feedback.

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