Best Motorcycle Helmet Review and Complete Buying Guide

No matter either you are true biker or just a beginner, the importance of using helmet should be in your mind. Just realizing you, the helmets are playing a key role in saving humans life for many years. Those who face an accident without wearing helmet and those with helmets, are not the same.

There is a big difference in them, practically speaking. I have seen a lot of accidents in which helmet becomes you savior, and I have also seen many of them in which your carelessness costs you the life. Just a little bit investment in your best motorcycle helmet can save your life which is priceless for anyone.

The purpose of this guideline is just to realize you the importance of helmets and their role in our lives. So sit down and read out the complete guideline and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback in end.

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Benefits of Using Helmet

Helmet is the must have protection gear for bikers. There is continual risk to get injured as of open design of motorcycles. Percentage of motorcycle accidents is found more in youngsters because they do not take the helmet use serious. Below itemized are the key advantages of using a best motorcycle helmets 2016.

  • Helps to decrease traffic accidents.
  • Helps to evade deadly head injuries.
  • Supports to endorse the sense of obligation.
  • Look after your eyes and face from breeze and dust.
  • Offers supreme defense against hot to cold weather.
  • Keeps your eyes safe from awful lights of other vehicles.
  • Give optimal shield from airborne objects.
  • Develops the comfort level by decreasing wind noise as it grumbles past the ears.
  • Decreases the healthcare cost for road accident damages.

Why You Should Buy Helmet

Mentioned below are some of the best helmets currently available in the market. If you want to buy one, then you should surely go for any of them. It doesn’t matter either you are a true biker or just a beginner, you should realize the importance of helmet and its benefits. For encouraging you in this regard, discussed below are some benefits of using safest motorcycle helmet.

1) Less road accidents:
It is a common sense, if you are riding bike while wearing helmet there are very few chances that you meet an accident. If so, helmet will control the certain damage. According to a study, the people who wear helmets are less likely to face an accident that those who do not wear it.

2) Reduce head injury:
We are nothing without our brain, and it is the most important part of our body and we should take care of it. Brain is very sensitive part of our body and even a minor injury can harm it big time. We can protect this delicate part of our body by wearing a helmet.

3) Increase sense of responsibility:
If you go on ride without wearing helmet, and suddenly you see someone on the road wearing a helmet, you will surely feel the sense of responsibility that person is showing towards his safety. Anyone riding a bike while wearing a helmet is promoting the use of the helmet for others.

4) Protects you from weather:
No matter what is the weather condition outside, either it is raining cats and dog or it is very hot outside, you don’t need to worry if you have a best motorcycle helmet. It will protect you from every type extreme weather conditions. Mostly when you drive fast, some insects get into your eyes, the glass shield of you will protect you from such insects.

5) Increase comfort level:
A sense of comfort and safety is established when you ride while wearing a helmet. Moreover, the internal lining of you helmet will add to your comfort and will make your riding experience a good one, which you will remember for years.

Some best motorcycle helmet reviews

Buying a motorcycle is a matter of your security. If you slip into any trouble on your motorbike you need to know that you can rely on your helmet to keep the injury from being too serious. As much as protection is important, your personal style and likings in a helmet should also come into play.

There are numerous to choose from, but we’ve lessened down a list of some of the finest helmets available for buying online. Check out the list underneath to learn some of what marks each helmet worth a look and see if your forthcoming motorcycle helmet is involved!

Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Road Race Motorcyle Helmet

If you want to go on heavy rides and you are looking for something solid and tough, then you should surely give Bell Solid Helmet a chance.

This helmet is very rigid internally which you will protect you in case of any accident. The best thing about this helmet is that it comes in different sizes, so you can choose the one according to your size.

​The first model of this helmet was introduced in 2014 and from now it have seen couple of new models. The price of this helmet is very reasonable and it provides every service a biker needs.

The main advantage of buying this helmet is that it comes with a user manual. After reading its user manual you will use it like an expert rider and you don’t have to waste your time in exploring it.

If riding is your hobby and you love to go on long travels then Bell Sold Adult is your best companion. One distinct quality of this helmet is its shape. It has very attractive design and looks when you wear it. There is also an option of chin band, if you bind that you will be safer than before. Generally, this is the best option for you if you are looking for a helmet. we reviewed here.

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BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle

Want to go for a group riding? Wants to chat with your friends while riding? If yes, then you have surely at the right place at the right time.

BILT Techno Bluetooth helmet is what you are looking for. All the helmets of this company come with a Bluetooth feature for the communication, so you can choose any one from this company.

Beside the Bluetooth property, this helmet is made from the best material ever used to manufacture a helmet, Polycarbonate. This shows that this is the solid helmet of the all and it will provide you the best protection from road accidents.​

​One more thing which adds to the selection of this helmet is MP3 playback option. If you have tired of riding and want to relax for some time then you can switch on your MP3 player and listen songs of your choice. Bluetooth option, designed with best material, MP3 option, what else you need in a helmet? Go and get one for you before it’s too late. we reviewed here

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HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet

With the most comfortable inner lining and the reasonable price, HJC Helmet is one more option for you. It has very durable sunshield which gives you the best view of the roads and surroundings even in extreme weather conditions.

One feature that makes it unique is its anti-fog glass shield. It makes you ride safe in foggy conditions and cold weather. The glass of the shield will prevent the fog and moisture getting stuck into your eyesight.

Ventilation system of HJC Helmets is very impressive. They have proper air ducts for air management and inhaling. There is also a feature of chin strap which you can bid on your chin for the tight fitting of the helmet and extra safety.

If you are looking for something special and you do not have enough budget, then HJC Helmet is the answer. Along with all the features discussed above, the price of this helmet is very low. So what you are waiting for go and get one for yourself. we reviewed here

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Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet Dot

Innovation, what you can say is brought by Matte Black Dual Visor helmet. Have you ever seen a helmet with dual visor? If not then have a look on this stylish Matte Black Dual Visor.

You will be wondering what the purpose of that dual visor is? Well honestly speaking it is only for your safety. One feature that makes it different from others is its ability to absorb the sweat.

You can easily wear this helmet is summer without worrying about the sweat. As the inner liner of this helmet will take care of your sweat.

If you are confused whether to go for full face helmet or half face, then should try Matte Black Dual Visor helmet, as it comes with dual option. The shape and the inner lining adds to the qualities of this helmet. The material used in manufacturing the outer shell of this is outstanding so you should not worry about the durability of this helmet.

Some people like full face helmets and some like open face. Therefore they have to buy two helmets. With Matte Black Dual Visor helmet you can enjoy both these features in a single helmet. we reviewed here

Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The price of this model is very reasonable and a normal person can easily afford it. Duke 120 is a complete package having all the facilities a rider needs.

One main advantage of using this model is the quality of the material used in the manufacturing of this helmet. The material is designed as a reference of being used under severe conditions.

Mostly helmets are half-faced and do not cover the full face, that’s why the rider faces some severe facial injuries. Contrary to it, DUKE 120 covers your whole face and avoids you from any type of facial injury. The material of the glass used in this helmet is top class and is very solid, so in case of any mishap it will all the weight and pressure for your safety.

The complete face helmet is made of high quality substance and this makes it very durable. One biggest benefit of using this helmet is that it covers your whole face and will protect you from severe facial injury in case of any accident. The glass material used in this is model is very solid and this make the helmet more durable.

The comfortable lining of the helmet makes it very relaxed. The Duke helmets also offer decent customer services.

In the market of face covered motorbike helmets, Duke 120 is considered as one of the best option due to its reasonable price and outstanding features. This is not the single one full face helmet of this company, you can find many other like this one.

That’s the reason this company is very famous in the helmet manufacturing industry. One feature that makes this helmet distinct is its ventilation system. After wearing this helmet user can easily breathe and there is zero chance of suffocation and there is no oxygen problem. we reviewed here

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How to pick the best motorcycle helmet

You cannot purchase a life but you can take considerable measures to protect it from potential misfortunes. To greatly outweigh the dangers for bike riding, top rated motorcycle helmet is compulsory. However, many of you might be not conscious of what to search for while picking the most comfortable and appreciated helmet. Read on and discover.

Step 1: The type and need of ride

To begin with, you have to decode what the helmet will be intended for. If you are a novice, a high-end and costly helmet may not be a wise purchase. Getting your feet off the ground securely is far more vital. It is acceptable if your helmet is not full with features but it should give you fair shield without spending huge cash.

The next thing to ponder whether you take daily road trips or travel to work, or planning to ride. If riding is your daily need then higher price motorcycle helmet will bring more ease. It will deliver better dynamics along with the compact wind noise.

If you want ride in clusters to increase your general riding experience or just being in fun with friends, you should select the helmet with fixed communication system. For the purpose that, communication is main part to group riding.

Conversely, if you are contributing in a race, you should try to acquire high-end, and extra robust helmet with steering provisions. Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are also in trend because it supports to make things even superior. Little expensive but you can own the helmet with system either already fixed or ready to install with your existing setup.

Step 2: The Sort of Bike you want to Ride

Adventure exploring bikers prefer to have Modular helmets allowing them to rise the face shield when required. Cruiser riders dear to enjoy gusty style and therefore, helps Half Shell helmet. This helmet is not appropriate for the spontaneous riders. Sport bike riders require the safest helmets. A full face helmet is the finest option as it offers elite all-around safety because of hard chin bar and flip-up protection.

Step 3: Compare the desired models

As you understand you need and realize much about helmets, protection ratings and key features, pick out the few models. You can enlist the replicas either of same type or from different brands. Keeping your funds in mind, match these models and it will assist you to select top rated motorcycle helmet.

Tips for using motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmet is the most valuable safety stuff that will help to avert you from injuries. In an unrestrained environment, it is near to impossible to evade a crash or stop the impact. But, if you have helmet strongly attached to your head, you can have reasonable chances to lessen or even prevent severe head or brain damage. Whereas using a helmet, you need to be extra observant and always take into reflection the things stated below.

  • Keep your motorcycle helmet spotless and well retained.
  • Make sure the appropriate working of chin strap. It must not be come loose.
  • Make sure that your helmet is perfectly tailored to your head.
  • Do not overlook to close the strips or else it will totally unusable.
  • Keep trying for the minute inner cracks.
  • Get your spoiled helmet replaced straightaway.
  • Do not you ever try to take your helmet off while you are on a ride.
  • Ensure that ventilation system is flawlessly functional.
  • Keep it out of kids range and at safe place. Hefty helmets can injure little kids.

How to maintain you helmet

  • Use slight soaps when scrubbing the liner, like baby shampoo or mild washing detergent
  • Use a cloth soaked in warm water to immerse and loosen bug gluttons for a few minutes before smearing them away
  • Use soft, cut-free microfiber towels to clean your helmet
  • Let the bubbles do the work; use an absolute least of pressure when washing visors and gloss shells to stop scratching.
  • Use motorized polish on the shell of a luster helmet
  • Use cotton pads to clean out openings and joints
  • Air dry your helmet and lining, rushing it with a room fan if preferred
  • Guard your helmet with a fur of automotive wax, to stop water spots, guts, and filth from sticking
  • Lubricate the stirring parts of your helmet, like the visor pivot, with a silicone-based oil.
  • Attire a liner, like a brain cap or bandanna, to defend your liner from sweat and body oils among washings


Q: – Why should you swap your helmet every five years?

The five-year replacement endorsement is based on a consent by both helmet makers and the Snell Foundation. Pastes, resins and other materials used in helmet manufacture can disturb liner materials. Hair oils, body fluids and face paint, as well as normal wear and tear all subsidize to helmet filth.

Petroleum based goods present in cleaners, paints, fuels and other usually encountered materials may also damage materials used in many helmets probably degrading performance.

Moreover, experience specifies there will be an obvious improvement in the defensive characteristic of helmets over a 5 year period due to developments in materials, designs, production approaches and the standards. Thus, the endorsement for 5 year helmet replacement is a verdict call stemming from a practical safety philosophy.

Q: – “I let fall my helmet! Do I have to go purchase a new one?”

Generally the answer is perhaps not. Helmets are one-use matters, but are quite robust otherwise, at least the ones we confirm. Regular dropping or thwarting a helmet on the ground, or other hard facades may finally degrade the helmet’s performance.

Likewise if the helmet drops to the ground at road speeds unoccupied, the user must be alert that some degradation may have happened. In general, the real harm comes when the helmet links an object with a head inside.

The Foundation endorses that if you are contributing in an activity that involves that you wear a helmet, you avoid hitting substance with your head. It can be tough to readily govern if a helmet has been injured, and the protective abilities compromised without a detailed inspection by a skilled professional.

Some manufacturers may deliver this service or direct you to these others that can do these inspections. The Foundation commends that if you suspect your helmet may be negotiated, then substitute it. If the helmet has been involved in an impression while in use, swap it.


Thus when it comes to purchasing the best motorbike helmet; you should take all these guidelines into consideration and this will help you to select the best motorcycle helmet available in the market. The helmets in the market are manufactured from different materials and have diverse features; so you should ensure that you select the best option from the market.

Never ever compromise on your life, as it is priceless. Choose the best quality helmet for you so that you can remain harmless in your shorter as well as longer rides.

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