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While buying motorcycle oil, you might often face a dilemma that which one will be the best for your vehicle. The engine of a motorcycle tolerates 3 to 4 times of stress as compared to the engine of a car. On average a car runs at three thousand RPM whereas a motorcycle runs at ten thousand RPMs. Before deciding about the oil, have a look at the best motorcycle oil reviews we have compiled for you.


Finding The Best Motorcycle Oil

If you go to the market today to get best motorcycle oil reviews in the market you will be easily baffled. Without being swayed away by advertising tactics or over persuasive sellers, you need to do your own research so that you are well informed when making the final decision. The material, grade and compliant standard of an oil marks its category type, quality and determines that in which type of motorcycle it can be used.

Ensure that you check all technical specifications and select motor oil that is perfectly suited for your vehicle and riding needs. Depending on the material that is used in the production of oil, it can be divided into the following categories.

Mineral Oil

They are basically made from petroleum by-products and were used before any synthetic lubricant was developed. Mineral oil still has its importance; it is advisable for all old or vintage motorcycles, small capacity engines and a brand new bike to ease the engine into synthetic oils. Although, mineral oil burns faster and needs to be changed frequently, but it does provide better protection to the engine and it does not put much pressure on your pocket.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

The need for high-performance motorcycle oil was felt as the engines evolved and became extremely powerful and fast. The synthetic oils have a longer life, get the best motorcycle oils reviews and can be used for high-performance engines; on the other hand, mineral oils are natural when it comes to taking good care of the engine.

If you own a medium weight motorcycle with the range of 125-180 cc engine, semi-synthetic oils could be your first choice or in the case of final engine run-in stages. Semi-synthetic oil is actually the ideal chemical balance of protection provided by mineral oil and the performance contributed by synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil

Factory made polymer based oils are completely synthetic without any natural component and hence they do not disintegrate giving them a longer shelf life. Synthetic motorcycle oil is the preferred choice in stress full conditions for ultimate performance. Most experienced mechanics will recommend using fully synthetic oils once the odometer of your motorcycle has put behind thousands of kilometers.

Once the engine has settled down, it has plenty run-in time and is performing steadily, you can start using synthetic oil as it is claimed to increase the overall performance as well.

Synthetic oils ensure that the gear, clutch, and the engine remain lubricated and work smoothly without creating vibrations. If you are facing problems while selecting motor oil for your ride then these best motorcycle oil reviews can definitely help you.

Apart from the material type to consider, there more features such as quality standards and grade that you should be aware of.


You might not want to be an expert but certain technical specifications such as grading system of engine oil should be clear to you as it will help you decide after reading so many best motorcycle oil reviews.

Did you see a bold “W” rating along with the motorcycle oil’s name when you buy online or at stores? It has a number as well like, 20W50, 10W40 etc. This is oil grating which you actually have to check while looking for best motorcycle oil reviews.

Here (for example 20W50), W means winter and the number 20 means the low-temperature count whereas 50 refers to the oil’s suitability in higher temperatures. So, if you live in a cold near zero condition, then the number before W needs to be as low as possible. The oil needs to retain its viscosity in all temperatures.

Compliant Standards

Before investing according to the best motorcycle oil reviews you have read, also pay attention to the standard recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer. Motorcycle manuals would recommend API, SAE or JASO certifications; they are the mark of a quality product.

What To Look For?

Basically, the type of motorcycle oil you use for your machine wholly depends on the type of motorcycle you have and riding conditions among other things such as best motorcycle oil reviews and more listed below

  • Viscosity: In easier words, it is the thickness of oil. If you read the bike manual carefully, there would be varying recommendations for the different time of the year as it will depend on the environmental temperature
  • Riding Style & Bike type: The category grading you choose also depends on your motorcycle, if it is a sports bike or American cruiser then 20W50 could be fine and the in the case of imported cruiser 10W40
  • Classics: If you own a classic, it is better to stick with mineral oil. An old Harley requires solid weight lubrication, so 50W could work just fine.
  • Never choose the cheap option: Never ever compromise on quality.

Best Motorcycle Oil Reviews

It is important that before adding any particular oil to your motorcycle, you need to consider all characteristics of your motorcycle, the technical specifications of the oil you are about to use and consider the recommendation of experts.

Choose the oil that is perfectly suited according to the engine, model and make of your machine. After finalizing one category that fits your needs, select one oil manufacturer or product according to your understanding and after reading the best motorcycle oil reviews. Below is a well-compiled list of some of the top synthetic motorcycle oil manufacturers and selected top-notch products by them.

Mobil 1

The Racing 4T by Mobil 1 is a 10W40 high-performance motorcycle oil for on-road 4 cycle sports bikes; though it can also be used for an off-road motorcycle with specified viscosity of 10W40 grade.

According to best motorcycle oil reviews, this oil provides excellent performance in engines where transmission system is detached from engine lubrication system or a common lubrication system.

The Mobil 1 engine oil named Racing 4T is created to offer complete friction that is required for common wet-clutch engine/transmission. This oil has been tested both on field and laboratory dynamometers to provide optimum acceleration and horsepower according to the best motorcycle oil reviews. The distinctive structure of synthetic Mobil 1 oil is capable of providing advantages that are much above the regular conventional oils with analogous viscosities.


  • Great engine lubrication now available at a decent price
  • High quality fully synthetic oil with no conventional mix
  • It is safe, runs clean and keeps the engine wear to minimum


  • Needs to be changed more often than other synthetic oils
  • Burns quicker in the case of wet clutches
  • A few problems with internal clutch wear & tear have been noticed

For instance, it is known that the base oil can become light in viscosity with an increase in temperature. Due to this characteristic, manufacturers add thickeners to oil to maintain required viscosity with temperature increase. However, the thickeners used could shear down, not remaining thick anymore when the engine is active.

Fully synthetic oils actually do not need much quantity of thickener or do not need any thickener at all to attain the multi-grade rating of viscosity. So, according to the best motorcycle oil reviews, this oil is shear resistant and provides a protective, solid oil coating for critical engine components, transmission gears, piston rings and engine bearings.


The Lucas High Performance 20W50 Synthetic oil has years of research behind it, linked with the blending of gear oil and motor oil for racing. We are talking about actual racing oils which exceedingly surpass all technical specifications and are capable of lasting up to quadruple of the normal motor oils on a street or racing track. Lucas motor oils have a reputation and they have some of the best motorcycle oil reviews in the market.

Motorcycle oils like Lucas are made from crude oil with different types of oil blends depending on the vehicle and engine they will be used in. You need to get the right one, as your selection could make or break the best motorcycle oil reviews. They vary widely in viscosity and weight, and also the additives which are later added by manufacturers to add or remove certain features.


  • Creates very less noise
  • Longer oil and component life
  • Provides a very smooth transmission


  • A few oil leaks
  • Could make excessive noise when used with the wrong engine
  • Comparatively costlier

This oil has a rating or numerical codes of 20W50, such codes were created by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) to grade motorcycle oils according to their viscosity. The numbers are from 0 to 60; the higher the numbers, the thicker or viscous is the oil. As explained above the there are two numbers, one preceding the alphabet ‘W’ and another following it.

With best motorcycle oil reviews, the Lucas high-performance synthetic oil has a rating of 20W50 meaning that it can retain its thickness till 20 degrees in cold and 50 degrees maximum. If this is the range you are looking for, do not look for any other oil, this one could be just right for your motorcycle.


The Castrol Power1 Synthetic 4T motorcycle oil is designed in such a way that it ensures maximum performance and power. This oil provides superior acceleration under extreme pressure and challenging riding conditions. One touch at the throttle enables the power release formulation of this 4T synthetic motorcycle oil garnering it with the best motorcycle oil reviews.

Formulated for four stroke engines, this oil promises great lubrication and protection according to the best motorcycle oil reviews. It is formed using a technology called Trizone by Castrol that is aimed at protecting the three critical zones of an engine namely gearbox, clutch, and engine. The technology behind the development of this oil was derived from racing and it ensures engine acceleration to the maximum with ease.

With this oil, you can be assured that the engine of your motorcycle will work well in extremely high temperatures as there is a water-cooled and air-cooled performance by the engine. This fully synthetic oil also provides superior shear stability so that there is no viscosity breakdown. The oil grading or rating of Castrol Power1 is 10W40.


  • Works well for motorcycle with wet clutch
  • Well-priced and keeps the engine cool
  • Quick acceleration


  • Transmission resistance
  • Slight difficulty with gear and clutches over a long time use
  • Should not be used with old motorcycles, classics

Castrol Power1 4T is formulated with power release for the thrill of riding exhilaration that most bikers look for. It is tested and proved that it provides superior acceleration just at a throttle touch as this oil flows quickly and reduces internal friction of the engine. Like all other oils with best motorcycle oil reviews, this synthetic oil from Castrol fulfills and exceeds the certification of JASO MA-2 and API SL.


The AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Signature Series is constructed to surpass all other synthetic and conventional motor oils. The oil constitutes of a combination of superior synthetic industrial oil technology made from premium additives by AMSOIL for the formulation of oil that will suit the demands of all modern engines. The Signature Series with the best motorcycle oil reviews delivers the value and performance which has built a great reputation for AMSOIL.

AMSOIL has a cumulated expertise that is more than 4 decades; the exclusive formulation of this oil has raised the bar for motorcycle oil quality and performance. Most of the best motorcycle oil reviews state that AMSOIL Signature Series is a great product line. This product has a rating of 10W30.


  • Longer oil change intervals
  • Works well in hot weather
  • Vibration and noise-free operation


  • No noticeable improvement in mileage
  • Composition is not 100 percent synthetic

If the oil grading 10W30 suits your engine, then you should consider using this product from AMSOIL. The rating that you choose should depend on the type of motorcycle you have and majorly on the temperature of the environment you live in. Your driving conditions, duration and engine type decide the rest. The best motorcycle oil reviews

Red Line

The Red Line high performance full synthetic motorcycle oil is specifically formulated to fulfill the requirements of high-revving latest 4T motocross ATVs and bikes, V-twins, and sports bikes. This range of oils is available in various viscosity options; most of these products are ester-based and have an anti-wear technology demanded by enthusiasts and mechanics.

The level of phosphorous and zinc blends is the highest in composition when compared to other manufacturers as they combine very well with the chemistry of Red Line lubricants. This edition has gained some of the best motorcycle oil reviews.

This oil has a unique design which seals piston rings providing extended drain interval, fighting fuel dilution, release more power and enable strong coating strength that remains intact over a wide range of temperature. Like said in the best motorcycle oil reviews, this oil provides low-level friction modifiers to enable excellent operation of the wet clutch.

Superior cleanliness, resistance, oxidation, thermal stability and capacity to lubricate metal at very high temperature makes Red Line High-Performance motorcycle oil the perfect choice.


  • Smooth and noise-free engine operation
  • Performs excellent under pressure and extreme loads
  • Low rate of evaporation


  • More suitable for use in places with high temperature
  • For motorcycles with new technology high-performance engines
  • Not for lightweight vehicles

With the rating of 20W50, this oil is meant for big-twin engines including Twin Cam, Evolution, and similarly designed engines. Friction modifiers specifically provide improved wet-clutch operation garnering some of the best motorcycle oil reviews for this product. It is certified by JASO for MB and MA applications.

My Winner

When you start researching the internet for the best motorcycle oil reviews, there will be plenty to make you put in a further dilemma. But if you are researching yourself, then as stated above, determine all factors before deciding on one product. If you choose synthetic oil then this article should be very helpful, it also helps you to determine what type of oil (mineral, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic) you should use.

AMSOIL has a great product and Castrol follows with great features as well. However, you are the one who has to consider factors like price and usability depending on the way you use your motorcycle. We hope that the best motorcycle oil reviews written above will eliminate your dilemma and if you find this article helpful, share it with your friends. Your comments and suggestions are also welcome.

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