Which Is The Best Snowmobile Helmet For You?

Looking for the best snowmobile helmet options and then selecting according to your preferences and needs can be a difficult task.

If you are looking for the perfect headgear, this blog post is to help you in this process. Certain helpful pointers are included to help you choose the perfect helmet by highlighting the things that you need to consider and the questions you should ask yourself.


Find The Perfect Helmet!

A snowmobile helmet becomes a necessary gear if you ever ride a snowmobile. This gear is not only for the protection of your head in case of a crash, but also to keep your head warm by retaining the heat. Snowmobiling and other winter adventure sports have evolved and progressed over time and so have the helmets which are manufactured specifically for such sports.

Before you buy a snowmobile helmet, there are certain features that you need to look into. Also, knowledge about latest technologies and trends for helmets is essential to make an informed decision; you can go through Snowmobile helmet reviews for 2016 on the internet.

What to Consider?

So, what is the best snowmobile helmet? What features or technical specifications do you need to consider?

The first step should be asking yourself is that what sort of riding you often tend to do in the snow? Since the type of snowmobiling will differ depending upon your ride, environmental temperature, and terrain, so will the choice of helmet. All these factors will play a crucial role in finalizing your choice.

There are different categories of helmets to choose from, each of them have their own positives and negatives. But in the end, it all comes down to your personal requirements. A snowmobile helmet that is full face is beneficial in keeping the cold and wind away from your body, neck, and head in extremely cold temperatures. So, a full face helmet is more suited for high mileage snowmobiling, open air snow driving country, trail riding cross country and riding in super cold environments.

You can opt for an open face snowmobile helmet if you need the benefits of enhanced visibility and can cope with the cold since your face could be exposed. Consider this if you indulge more in back country navigation in snow, boon docking, off-trail snow riding, snow cross completions or extreme snowmobiling. But, the MX style open face or snowcross helmets will require for you to invest in additional accessories such as goggles, face shield, breath guard etc.

Another option is the modular snowmobile helmet which is perfect for all situations mentioned with the full face helmet. In addition to all full face benefits, it also improves on certain aspects like there will be no need to take off the helmet repeatedly for fresh air or to clean the visor. You can look for the best modular snowmobile helmet of 2016 on the internet, you will find great results.

But, your research for the warmest snowmobile helmet should not end just here; there are still many other things that you should know about before making the ultimate decision.

What Else is Important?

Go through all the negative and positive aspects of each helmet type, in this way, you will know exactly what you will be paying for.

After all, this also consider your own riding style, does it match with your choice of a helmet? Are you more prone to extremely high-speed snowmobiling that causes you to fall more often or makes snow fly on to your face frequently? Or are you a calmer rider who maneuvers at slow speed? If you are later, you can select any helmet but the former category could prefer modular helmet.

Will you okay with the inbuilt helmet shield and visor? Or do you want to buy a separate one that suits your needs perfectly? If you wear glasses, the modular helmet should be your first choice; most of them are also equipped with a separate flip on the sun-shield visor. You subscription glasses, sunglasses or goggles might not fit under some full face snowmobile helmets; this is something you should check before buying the helmet.

Are you okay with getting your face a little wet with the snow? Or you want perfect face coverage and warmth? The open face helmet might make your face wet with the snow and it most certainly will keep you cold. If you are okay with such conditions then that is fine, but if not go for the other two types of snowmobile helmets mentioned.

Another key point to remember is thinking about the safety ratings of the helmet. Is it certified by DOT, ECE or any other recognized organization? Seek addition help from online guides that will help you point out all the minor details that will need your attention while investing in the best snowmobile helmet.

How to Make a Decision?

Buying a helmet should not be a rushed pronouncement; it requires thorough research and assessment on your part. Do not settle for anything in the case of protective gear because it will be your life at stake otherwise. There are numerous options out there; we have selected a few top choices for you with their description and drawbacks.

This list of selected helmets with snowmobile helmet reviews of 2016 included in this post will help you reach a decision easily.

509 Altitude Helmet

The snowmobile helmet named Altitude by 509 definitely raises the standards of snow head gear to new levels. This is not just another helmet; the manufacturers actually had an innovation in their minds. They have improved upon their predecessors and come up with huge improvements in the field of built and design. It weighs just 4.7 pounds which make it very light. The Altitude snowmobile helmet excels in all basic ideals that are style, fit, performance, and safety.


  • Extremely comfortable, light in weight and warm
  • Removable breath box with size and shape personalization options
  • Customizable ventilation and removable chin curtain


  • The overall material and product quality could be improved
  • Works with limited brands and sizes of goggles, so choose wisely only after wearing both together
  • It is a full face and could create certain fitting and adjustment problems in general and while riding as well.

The 509 Altitude snowmobile helmet is available in a range of color and design options. An edition is also available with fid lock. It has a revolutionary shell profile that comes with a neck brace. This helmet can be regarded as one of the warmest snowmobile helmet. Innovative rigid GoPro mount and breath boxes are also included; the mount is different from adhesive ones and does not fall off. This full face helmet is ECE and DOT certified.

AFX FX-39 Helmet

The FX-39 is a unisex dual-sport helmet that can be effectively and efficiently used as a full face/open face snowmobile helmet. The main feature is the quickly releasable shield which can be utilized without or with the visor. The shield is flush fit, flip-up, scratch resistant, compound-curved, and optically correct with UV ray protection. A side cover gear is also included for use with the shield. The shield is also removable, so the helmet transforms into an open face helmet when the shield is removed.


  • Good looking helmet with a decent price
  • Since it is dual sport, it can be utilized as a multi-purpose head gear with various vehicles and for different adventure sports
  • Removable shield


  • Goggles can only be used after shield is removed, use of goggles with the shield is extremely limited
  • Can be noisy sometimes and it could use a pin lock for lens
  • The shield does not go far back enough and sometimes comes in line of sight

The AFX FX-39 dual-sport helmet has an aerodynamically designed shell that is made with poly-allot plastic to ensure strength and light weight. The cheek pads and nylon liner are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic; they can also be removed and washed.

IV2 Demon Samurai Helmet

The IV2 Helmet named Demon Samurai is a modular flip-up, dual visor snowmobile helmet. All controls are waterproof and glove-friendly which can prove very helpful while riding a snowmobile in extreme weather conditions. It converts into an open face helmet with the click of just a button supported by a one-handed flip-up mechanism. It is without doubt among the best modular snowmobile helmet options till 2016.


  • More suited for relatively less cold places, dual visor feature should be employed
  • Great sun block by the helmet itself
  • Good ventilation


  • The visor could freeze shut in extremely low temperatures, this could happen because of fog
  • Padding quality could be improved, also makes excess noise sometimes
  • Could a bit too heavy for some people

The Demon Samurai modular helmet has an EPS inner liner for impact absorption. The interiors can be removed and washed. It has an anti-scratch sun visor that can be retracted with easy control; strap has double stainless steel D-rings. It is also equipped with an advanced system for ventilation with 10 ports for venting to provide the best ever air flow.

Adult Snocross Helmet

The Adult Snocross is a recent addition to Typhoon helmets. This is a great package deal with a snocross snowmobile helmet, a breath box, and goggles. What is the best snowmobile helmet? Of course, this helmet is the answer. This helmet is one of the most loved snocross helmets available out in the market these days. It has features like DOT certification, removable and washable inner liner and multiple vents for complete ventilation even along the helmet’s back.


  • Large face opening at front allows for excellent visibility
  • Easy to remove a put on goggles without removing the helmet
  • Helmet can also be used for dirt bikes


  • Could be some size issues, due to the fact that it is a combo pack with varying items
  • Proper adjustment of breath box and chin curtain needs to be assured repeatedly to discourage outside wind from getting in
  • Your face could be a little exposed to wind

The goggles come with a triple layer of superior oversized foam, polyurethane frame, additional clear lens, rose colored lens installed, an anti-fog coating on the lens double pane, ribbed silicon strap with great flexibility and strength and a zipped storage case. The price is also reasonable.

ScorpionExo Helmet

The ScorpionExo by Scorpion Helmets is a modular helmet for a snowmobile that has a dual visor which is tinted, scratch-proof and the face lift off design works well with just one click and a single hand motion. The lining can be removed and washed; it is impact absorbent as well.

This helmet comes with a retractable internal interchangeable sun visor; choose a position with the easy slide mechanism, there is an anti-fog coating done on both the sides of this visor. The anti-fog face shield is scratch-proof and provides 100 % protection from UVB and UVA rays.


  • Very easy to put on and take off because of the modular facelift design
  • It is light in weight, warm, keeps the wind out when closed and ensures minimum noise disturbance
  • Wearing goggles, subscription glasses or sunglasses is easier with this type of helmet


  • Less visibility, probably due to dual visor system
  • Should not be used in temperatures that are extremely low and could possibly seal the visor shut.
  • The visor could also use a nose rest to avoid sharp contact with skin

The ScorpionExo snowmobile helmet has a polycarbonate shell that makes it extremely strong, light-weight and maximizes impact displacement. The multiple layers also provide premium energy displacement.


When it comes to choosing the best snowmobile helmet, there are numerous options available in the market today. But all those might not fit into your requirements and expectations. Finding the perfect one for you should take time and it will, which is better to take extra time than to end up wasting money on a product that might not even be helpful to you.You can share this article about finding the best snowmobile helmet with your friends if you appreciate it or you can leave comments and additional feedback.

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