When Is The Best Time to Buy a Motorcycle

Is there actually something like the ‘best time to buy a motorcycle’? Yes, there is.

While you can buy a motorcycle of your choice at any desired time, you might reap more benefits if you follow a few tips. You can save money as you will get better deals and better options if you are looking for a used vehicle.


Some motorcycles owners understand this better than others. Some might have gone through the pain of investing extra money. For instance, you just bought a particular motorcycle model and it goes on heavy discount a little time later. You will definitely regret buying it sooner.

Such circumstances might not be inevitable but the possibility of their occurrence can definitely be reduced.

So, the best time is...?

What exactly can you do? We answer this question with as much detail as possible to assist you in every way.

Amnesty period

A huge nationwide discount is announced by the company on the motorcycle you just bought. It is bound to feel bad. [Source: https://motorbikewriter.com/best-time-buy-bike/]

In an ideal world, there will be an ‘amnesty period’ or time period between when the dealership is notified about an impending discount and when it goes public. And during this time, no sales should be made at “full price”, or a full refund should be offered. But, this never happens. So, what can you do about this?

  • Thankfully, this is a competitive industry and dealers are eager to get into the good books of their customers. We depend upon the goodwill of reputed dealers for their customers. Anyway, good sense and good business always prevail, bad ones never last that long.
  • Do business with reputable dealers. Look out for such great dealers or salespersons who tip you in some way. Meanwhile, you can also do a little homework of your own.
  • Some promotions are planned in advance and some are a sudden response to excessive stock/low sales. Likely discount times are: before Christmas, following Christmas in January to clear old stock. In June, before the financial year ends and during spring when people re-start riding after winter.
  • When new models are launched, old ones go on discount. Most brands have a fixed time for introducing new models, usually spring or autumn every year. So conduct a little research in relation to your preferred brands. This way you can find out at what time they introduce new models so that the older ones are available on discount.
  • Even if no discounts are being offered on older stocks at the time of a fresh release, this could be a good time to bargain. You can get added benefit during such periods to get a great deal.

What time of year is it?

Yes, there is a particular time of the year that can be considered as the best time to buy a motorcycle. And that time is winters.

This happens because people prefer not to ride their motorcycles as much in cold weather. For the same reason, you should avoid buying a motorcycle in spring, as that is the time they are costlier. This is applicable for cold areas only. But, not much for places that have moderate to hot temperature throughout the year.

  • In case you live in one such place with a moderate climate, this does not apply much to you. Although, you can get a great deal if you live near a university. Regardless of the weather or climatic conditions, you might get a genuinely great deal by the end of a quarter or semester.
  • In the case of winters, what can you do? About 2 prior to Christmas, private sellers eagerly want to get rid of their vehicle. This happens because they need money to buy Christmas gifts for their family.
  • During the Christmas and New Years week, all managers and salesperson are eager to sell more bikes. Their aim is to make more commission and collect enough money for paying huge rent amounts.
  • The dealerships are also looking forward to decreasing their inventory so that they can save some from taxes. The managers might be planning to use the commission they get to pay off the already extended credit card bills.Source: [http://www.youmotorcycle.com/best-time-to-buy-a-motorcycle.html]

Additional tips!

  • In case you are looking forward to buying a used bike, again the best time is after new models are launched. That is the time when old bikes are sold as owners buy new ones. This way you will have more options to choose from and the chances of getting a good deal are high.
  • The circumstances vary with each motorcycle manufacturer as well. Some reputed brands such as BMW or Harley has loyal fans. Such motorcycle lovers will not migrate to another motorcycle brand even when they are given an attractive deal.
  • Even while searching for a bike during winter you can save more money. Look out for pre-registered motorcycles or ex-demos, during this best time to buy a motorcycle.
  • Many dealership managers are required to run and maintain demo fleets. The bikes in this group are changed annually to make sure that they are showcasing the latest paint job etc.The purpose of such bikes is to showcase the model. So, they are mostly modified with extras like heated grips, luggage etc. Such motorcycles commonly have nothing more than 2,000 miles of total run. If you able to get one such bike, you will own a great bike with lots of money saved.
  • A pre-registered motorcycle is just a simple method for dealers to reach their sales bonus. A pre-registered bike is considered a sold one and the dealership earns a bonus from the company. Such bikes are new, with zero miles and even if they are registered, you can save a lot!![Source:https://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/news-and-views/advice/buying-and-selling-a-bike/is-now-the-best-time-to-buy-your-new-bike]


Any time is a good time to buy a motorcycle! But, why not save a few bucks while you can. Now, you know there is a thing like ‘the best time to buy a motorcycle’.

If this article has helped you in any way or you find it informative, do share it with your friends and fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. We welcome your remarks and comments, feel free to submit below.

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