BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

The BiLT Techno full-face motorcycle helmet enables you to do hands free calling while riding as it is integrated with a Bluetooth device. It is one of the most technically advanced helmets made by BiLT, the Techno helmet with Bluetooth has almost everything that you would expect from a motorcycle helmet.

It syncs with any compatible Bluetooth enabled device, has a removable lining, good ventilation and a tinted sunshield with on-touch drop down. This conveniently designed full-faced helmet can also be paired with another (Modular or Full-face) Techno helmet so that you can enjoy passenger to rider or rider to rider intercom ability.

The BiLT Company makes every day rider gear. They have variety from textile to leather, mesh to waterproof and many more options. It presents world class quality without compromising on standards and a firm commitment for value by presenting accessories and apparel directly to you from the factory. They offer an implausible riding gear range from boots to helmets, one-piece suits to gloves, pants and jackets for both women and men.


Key Features

  • Hi-tech polycarbonate shell injection molded
  • High quality double lacquer metallic paint or matte flat-finish paint
  • DWO Integrated Bluetooth system has the following features:
  • Mobile phone communications
  • MP3 connectivity
  • GPS navigation instruction
  • Intercom: passenger to rider, rider to rider
  • Clear face-shield with quick release and locking
  • Tinted flip-down sun shield (separate)
  • Airflow ventilation is chin mounted with close/open function
  • Lining is fully removable with deflector for chin
  • Standard double D-ring stainless steel safety fastening
  • DOT standard certified
  • Replacement spares and shields are easily available
  • 5 year guarantee

Customer Feedback

The BiLT Techno helmet with Bluetooth has received mostly positive reviews from most customers. This helmet has a sun-visor as well as a face shield which is added bonus. There are some small issues with fitting and wind noise. It is reported that there is more wind and less speaker volume at speed more than 50 mph. The speakers are good quality and the sound is reported to be clear and crisp as well. It is a good buy.


  • Low price
  • Hands-free music, GPS, calling
  • Good quality audio/speaker


  • Wind noise
  • Fitting issues

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Use and Maintenance

The BiLT helmet makers who made the Techno Bluetooth helmet advice you to pay attention on the road and on the riding first and calling or music should not be your priority.

  • This helmet has a Bluetooth with rechargeable battery embedded in it. The unit needs to be charged for 3 hours approximately, before it is used. If the LED shining id still and red in color, it indicates that the lithium-polymer battery is completely charged.
  • The USB cable should be used gently, NEVER pull it hardly or yank it roughly as it might damage the headset.
  • You need to take extra care of the headset. Store it in a cool place with temperature between 15-25°C when it is not in use, this will prolong its life and keep up the capacity of the battery.
  • The headset comes with a mount plate, which needs to be placed on the helmet initially. Once it is mounted on the helmet, the headset can be detached or attached any time just by sliding the plate. This unit is originally designed to be placed on the helmet’s left side.
  • Proper usage is required for this device to work without problems. It is advised to separate the headset from the helmet when not in use for long time. Store the headset and helmet separately.


Q: What is the version of the Bluetooth? What is its maximum battery life?

A: The Bluetooth version used is V2.0 in the DWO-3, the RF specification of Bluetooth is Class 1. On a full charge of 3 hours, the battery has a talking time of 8 hours and standby time of up to 160 hours.

Q: If I ride in rain, will that affect the working of Bluetooth or speakers?

A: The controls work just fine even after you get it all wet in rain and it does not affect the overall working of the device. It is designed to work in moderate snow and rain but not in heavy/extreme weather conditions. Make sure that you wipe it clean and let it dry properly afterwards.

Q: I keep hearing a constant whistling sound in my speakers. Is it because of wind?

A: If you keep hearing the sound after removing the speakers from your ears, it is the wind. Otherwise, the whistling sound is coming from your speakers directly. The reason behind this could be very close proximity of the microphone and the speakers. You need increase the distance between the microphone and speaker to get rid of this sound.

Q: The Bluetooth is not working. What should I do?

A: If the Bluetooth is not working, there could be many reasons behind this. The battery could be all used up, try charging it for 3 hours. If you are not able to connect the Bluetooth with your phone then it is possible that the Bluetooth might not be compatible with your phone. It is advised to check the connectivity before buying it.

In case, the Bluetooth is connected but you cannot hear any sound then check all the physical connections. Make sure the volume is not turned off or all the way to minimum.

Final Take

The BiLT Techno Full-Face Bluetooth helmet is one of the lowest priced helmets of its kind. Before you buy this helmet you should consider the bike you are riding and the conditions you will be riding in usually. It does create noise at high speed and might drown the speaker volume behind the wind as the really good ventilation of this helmet adds to the noise created during a bike ride.

Overall it is a good buy, especially if you are on a budget and require a decent Bluetooth integrated head gear. The sun visor is good and adds to the feature list. It is advised that you check the Bluetooth compatibility with your mobile phone before purchasing this head piece.

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