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Amateurs looking for an easy and economical beginning can depend upon mini bikes. The best mini bike would be something like the big pit bike. Both of these are smaller in size when compared to any full-sized motorcycle.

More names of a Mini bike are: pocket bike or mini moto. It is basically a miniature bike. Most of them use a chain drive and two-stroke engine. These bikes are perfect for your kids.


The beginning

But where did the idea come from? Mini bikes have various other names such as scooters, super pocket rockets, or mini choppers. These mini motorcycles are a part of pocket rocket family, a mix between 70s style racing Yamaha bike and a regular chopper. Mini bikes have their own share of interesting evolution history.

Initially, mini bikes were prepared by motorcycle enthusiasts using spare parts from their garages. In the 1950s they were used by drag racers as “pit bikes” for traveling in pits during pursuits. As these bikes were small enough to fit in the same space as a bicycle in a pickup or trailer, so they could easily maneuver tight roads of the pit too.

But when some racers started using these bikes around their homes, many children in the neighborhood were inspired. This is where the idea of building and using a mini motorcycle was born. The 1967 June issue of Popular Mechanics issued an article with a new idea. They suggested using minimal elements such as a lawnmower’s engine and a welding torch.

1. Commercial Production

During the early 1960s, big and cottage industries both ventured to meet the demands of developing mini bike market. Lawnmower shops started stocking a specialized mini bike line. Mini bike manufacturers include Fox, Gilson, Heath, Taco, Rupp, and Arctic-Cat.

Most of these companies also made power toys like, choppers, trikes, and go-karts. Conventional motorcycle makers also started making mini bike inspired models such as the Honda Z50A.

Late 1960s to early 1970s was the peak era for mini bikes in the US. This was the time when go karts also achieved momentum. The idea to create even smaller bikes for kids came from here.

2. Mini Bike Power Train

The early mini bikes came with a power train that had flathead, horizontal crankshaft, small four-stroke engine. Its centrifugal clutch transmission was crank-mounted and rear sprocket chain drive.

Gradually, the mini power sport and mini bike field matured. A continuously variable type of transmission was introduced by Comet, similar to a snowmobile, called Torque-a-Verter. But that is suited for adults only.

Specialized Types

The mini bike is no more limited to one type only. It has much different iterations now, which are made in accordance to varying requirements and demands. You can go for the type that suits you best.

1. Pocket Bike

A pocket bike or mini bike looks more like a sports bike. So, this is the best mini bike for pocket bike racing on kart tracks. Their typical height is less than 20 inches (50 cm), and length could be a maximum of 3 feet 3 inches (1 meter).

A 3.4 – 4.5 kW 2-stroke engine has a power of 39 – 50 cc and produces maximum speed between 19 to 40 mph. However, pocket bikes are made in electric and four-stroke gasoline versions as well.

A four-stroke model is usually an 110cc manual or automatic engine, and is famously called Super Pocket bike. Regular Super Pocket Bike editions are X22, X19, X18, X15, and X7. Such mini bikes became even more popular after bulk import from China.

2. Super Pocket bikes / Midi motos

Super Pocket or Midi bikes are analogous to pocket bikes, except slightly larger. Still, comparatively smaller than their imitation street bikes. Yet, the height of the seat is 1 to 2 feet higher as compared to the seat height of a mini moto.

Midi motos were initially made with 2 stroke 47cc engines which were capable of 30 – 40 mph (48 – 64 km/h). Later this was followed by 4 stroke 110cc engines that could reach 55 – 65 mph (86 – 105 km/h). Majority of midi bikes are manufactured in China with an engine by Honda or a copy of this engine.

3. Mini Choppers

The best mini bike that resembles a chopper is called a mini chopper. But, they do posses the typical look of a mini bike or a pocket bike.

4. Pit bikes

These bikes are based on the novel concept of ease of transportation on a compact scooter around pit areas. Moving on from events and racing tracks, motocross competitions also see the use of this bike. Lately, the pit bike racing sport has also taken off.

These are basically events of pit bike races on super cross tracks and motocross. Numerous series are conducted in the US and there are actual pit bike pros. The biggest annual pit bike event is Las Vegas Mini Super cross.

4. Quad bikes

If you come across a mini bike that looks like a quad bike or an all terrain vehicle, it is most likely a different version. The quad bikes are off-road four-wheeled motorcycles. Teenagers can use these bikes.

Top Rated Mini Bikes

After going through the types of motorcycles above, you might have settled on a category that suits you best. Most mini bikes are now available in scaled down electric versions. These are perfect for kids who are interested in motorcycle riding.

We have compiled a list of the top rated mini bikes for you. You will surely love one of these and consider buying it for a budding motorcycle enthusiast. They are the perfect training and practice companion for a teenager before they move on to the bigger ones.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric

The introduction of A kick model scooter by Razor made this company founded in 2000, an iconic legend. The A model has been a must-buy item, after years it is still a fundamental ride. From the very start Razor has complete focus on offering premium riding experience, merging innovation, quality materials, and cutting-edge technology.

Presently, Razor presents a complete line of prize-winning models that excite and inspire riders globally. The essence of this company is rooted in Californian roots and well-liked action sports.

Their models embody a spirit of fun and freedom, from BMX to motocross, to snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. The MX350 Dirt Rocket is an electric-powered, scaled-down dirt bike, which enables young riders fulfill their off-road fantasies.

It can attain a maximum speed of 14 mph, leaving similar bikes far behind. It can be used continuously for 30 minutes. It has a chain driven, high torque motor along with twist-grip control over acceleration.


  • The construction of steel ensures a sturdy built and frame
  • Electric charger for the rechargeable sealed 24V (two 12V) lead acid battery is included
  • Handlebar height is adjustable, rear brake is hand-operated and a retractable kickstand


  • The dimensions of assembled product are 31 X 24.5 X 44 inches, although some assembly is required
  • The manufacturer claims are a little misleading, these bike could be small in size for some teenagers

Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

The California based manufacturer Razor has a range of electric scooters. They have a line of scooters dedicated to juniors that are a category of ride-on toys. The Miniature Pocket Rocket by Razor is a compact street bike that is battery operated.

It is the exact replica of the original racing pocket version that is meant for ages 13+. This bike is meant for playing by kids less than 170 pounds of weight. Its elevated torque motor and aerodynamic design can reach up to the speed of 15 mph.

The sealed 24V lead acid rechargeable batteries provide enough power to the bike to run for 30 minutes. It has all features that the best mini bike should have.

Its dimensions are 21 X 20 X 36 inches and the product weight is 42 pounds. It includes a hand controlled rear brake, twist-grip throttle, and pneumatic 10 inch tires for smooth rides.


  • The chain driven, single speed motor produces minimum noise, far less than conventional gas-powered bikes.
  • Includes a battery charger that is UL approved and takes 12 hours to charge the battery fully
  • Assembly tools are included


  • Major battery issues including short life and complete shut down
  • Strictly meant for kids with a certain physique

Dirt Bike 125cc Manual Clutch

We have the best mini bike option for you if you do not want an electric bike. The 125cc Dirt Bike by Coolster has an air cooled gasoline fueled engine. Its maximum load capacity is 220 lbs.

This mini bike is a perfect option for parents who do not want their kids riding big dirt bikes. This one is perfect for practicing. It is as close as you can get to ride a dirt bike before you could ride an actual one.

This mini Dirt Bike can achieve a high speed of 40 – 45 mph. The bike has a 4-stroke; single cylinder, CDI ignition, and kick start system with chain drive. Both front and rear brakes are disk brakes, rear wheel drive, and manual clutch.


  • Ground clearance of 230mm
  • Manual clutch and has the fuel tank capacity of 2.8 liter
  • Suitable for ages 13 and above


  • Maximum load capacity is 65 kg, which could be a problem for chubby kids
  • Actual weight of the mini bike itself and oil could be a problem for some

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

This Razor mini bike is inspired by Jeremy McGrath. It has full authentic fairing McGrath design and graphics. The frame geometry is dirt bike genuine, with a variable speed, and high-torque motor.

It is capable of riding at the speed of 15 mph with continuous use for 40 minutes. The weight of the product itself is 98lbs and it will require some assembly. It has a sealed 36V rechargeable lead acid battery.

The front tire is 16 inches and the rear is a 14 inch pneumatic knobby. The bike has a dual disk brakes (hand-operated), retractable kickstand, dual suspension, and riser handlebars.


  • Capacity is 175 pound which is good for big kids
  • Suitable for teenagers (age 13+)
  • Plastic fairings are shatter-proof


  • Battery life is shorter than claimed, other battery issues as well
  • Quality of brakes could be improved as they start squeaking early
  • Speed of bike is slower than mentioned by the manufacturer


If you have been looking for the best Mini Bike that would be perfect for your kid, we hope this article helped you. The aim is to make your kid an experienced, sensible, and responsible rider from an early age. Irrespective of the age of your child, you can find a suitable product.

But, do not let your kids ride unsupervised. Teenagers are more responsible as compared to little kids under 10. For kids under 10 years of age, battery operated toy mini bikes are suggested. However, if you have a teenage biking enthusiast, you can get the conventional gasoline dependent ride.

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