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10 Things You Should Do Before Riding a Motorcycle

As a new motorcycle rider, with almost zero or very little experience riding a motorcycle out on the road can be very intimidating. Some small things need your undivided attention so that you remain a good rider and take proper care of your ride as well. This list will guide you through some basics explaining why each of these tips is equally important.

The Difference Between 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Engines

One big question that still remains in the motorcycle community is, “What is the difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines?” This is a question that is relatively complex to answer, as they are almost completely different from one another.

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle or are thinking of purchasing an old one that has a 2 stroke engine, it is always a good idea to understand what you’re getting involved with and how it might be different than a modern 4 stroke engine.

Do You Need a License To Drive a Scooter

Not every single two-wheeled vehicle on the road needs a motorcycle license to drive it. One such example is scooters. Just like motorcycles, there are various engine sizes available for scooters, so the restrictions and guidelines for getting a license are different.

In most states, there is a certain threshold for getting a license depending on engine size, region restrictions, or other miscellaneous factors that could go into determining whether or not a license is required to operate a scooter.

This article will help to guide you through the difficult question of whether or not you are going to need a license to operate a scooter.

Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance

Figuring out the average cost of motorcycle insurance is important for any prospective buyer who wants to enjoy the thrill of zipping around on two wheels.

The total cost of ownership is what is known as the exact cost of everything included, and figuring out the average cost of motorcycle insurance is important to determine whether or not it is possible to ride around on a motorcycle.

How To Get a Motorcycle License In CA

If you’re interested in riding a motorcycle, the first thing that you need to do is get your motorcycle license. Getting your motorcycle license is one of the most exciting things to do when you decide that you want to start riding a motorcycle.

Having a motorcycle license gives you the legal documentation that proves you are capable and permitted to ride a motorcycle in the state of California and United States. Getting a motorcycle license can be done a couple different ways, and this guide will help teach you how to get a motorcycle license in CA.