Duke Helmets DK-120 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Duke Helmet DK-120 is accessible at a very astonishing price and provides a great deal of benefits to the customers. The material used in this helmet is of high quality and delivers a lot of safety to the user. The outer shell engrosses the impact damage and shields the face and head of the customer.

More or less all helmets do not cover the entire face of the rider and in case of any serious accident; the rider has to face damages. Duke DK-120 is an entire face helmet that guards the head, the face and the neck of the customer. The glass used in the facade of the helmet is very strong and unbreakable. This shows that; in case of any mishap the glass will not break and harm the customer.

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Benefits for customers:

This helmet has a rapid release band so that you can set it at a chosen length and hurriedly return to that setting with the help of the quick release. There is no picture of the helmet coating, which is quiet pleasant as well. The visor is also very easy to take away.

Shape wise, his helmet looks cool. It has a matte color so it outfits any kind of motor bike. The helmet is made of very solid plastic and a lax and tight foam.

Features of Duke Helmets DK-120:

  • Strong external shell: The casing of the helmet is made of poly-alloy which makes it very long-lasting. The finest part about poly-alloy is that it has very less weight.
  • Ventilation System: The seven point ventilation system of the helmet makes it very comfy to wear and it also helps the air to mingle easily within the helmet.
  • Clear fur finish of the helmet: The gloss of the helmet will be protected with the help of pure coat finish of the external surface
  • High quality Glass: The cut-glass of the helmet is UV sheltered and it gives the rider a clear image of the road.

Advantages & disadvantages:

  • This is a helmet that is well aerated. In the marketplace; you will find numerous cheap counter parts of this helmet, however they will all deficient a good ventilating system. The helmet is made to increase the comfort level of the customer and the ventilation system in the helmet will support the user to have an appropriate oxygen intake when riding.
  • Everyone wants a helmet that can be washed without difficulty and the duke helmets dk-120 comes with a detachable liner. The removable liner can be effortlessly removed and due to this; you can shower the helmet easily.
  • The helmet is designed according to the DOT specification of the USA (United States of America).
  • The outstanding padding of the duke dk-120 makes it very easy to wear.

While it also has some disadvantages, listed below.

  • The figure of the helmet is a bit big and this makes it tough for some people to wear it.
  • Some people have criticized the foul fragrance that comes from the helmet when it is taken out of the packing box.

How to use it:

Following are some instructions which you should keep in mind while using duke helmets DK-120.

  • You should always clip the chin band when wearing the helmet. This will support the helmet to fix on your head in case of any effect.
  • Always regulate your helmet when you attire it. Aside from the comfort level; this can help you to guard your head in case of any accident.
  • Every time keep your helmet in a cold and dry place. Putting the helmet in a humid place will make you scratchy when you wear it.
  • Always buy the helmet according to your requirements.
  • If a helmet is wrecked in any accident; you should straightaway change it.

Guidelines for the maintenance:

By giving the helmet appropriate care; you can keep it new for a long time. Duke Helmets are prepared from very high quality material and are very tranquil to clean however you should shower it once in a year. The helmet should be washed appropriately and you should remember to dry the helmet properly before putting it in the cupboard.

Not ever use hair dryers or warm rod to dry your helmet. These stuffs will dry the helmet rapidly but will harm the outer shell of the helmet. All the time use natural ways to dry your helmet. Do you keep your helmet on the cover of the bike as there is a strong probability that it will drop on the ground.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: – Can I change the visor color?
Definitely yes, as the helmet comes with one extra visor.
Q: – Is it suitable for higher speeds?
Perhaps not. It is made for your regular riding speed.


When buying the helmets; you should select the product that fits your requirements and specifications. You should search for the helmets that provide you with the uppermost level of safety. One more thing that you should bear in mind is the comfort level. You do not want to attire a helmet in which you feel tight. Lastly; you should look at the worth of the helmet. You should not purchase a high-priced helmet and then regret your choice. The Duke Helmets DK-120 assesses all the above mentioned requirements. Therefore, you should consider buying this helmet; if you are thinking to purchase a new one.  Whether you are a new-fangled biker or a skilled one; the Duke Helmets DK-120 will be your buddy for life.

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