HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet Review

The HJC Open-faced IS-33 Solid Motorcycle Helmet is very light in weight, it has a shell with good fitting, a moisture absorbing lining along with complete airflow from front to the back and it also includes a sunshield.

This feature-rich open face helmet has a one-touch sunshield which can be adjusted and can provide up to 95 percent of protection from UV rays. Each IS-33 helmet is tested for safety, accuracy and comes in 6 different fits namely, 2 X extra large (2XL), XL (extra large), L (large), M medium, small (S) and extra small (XS). It has a 3 year warranty on any manufacturer’s defect.

HJC has been exclusively manufacturing specialized motorcycle helmets since 1971. Their specialized extensive manufacturing experience combined with reasonable prices and innovative ideas has resulted in worldwide success of HJC in markets. An extensive selection of HJC helmets is available from high-end to mid price range; there has been an expansion in customers’ choice. There are very few companies which are equipped with their own state-of-the-art testing laboratory with a wind tunnel that tests for noise, ventilation, aerodynamics, etc.


Key Features

  • Equipped with composite shell made of advanced polycarbonate; superior fit, light in weight and CAD technology providing advanced comfort.
  • Integrated one-touch sunshield; 3-stage adjustment smoke-tinted sunshield with quick and easy deployment (patent is pending)
  • AccuSight face shield that is anti-fog; superior optical 3D design providing 95 percent protection from UV rays and the coating is anti-scratch
  • QuickSlide sun-shield replacement system; secure, quick, tool-less installation and removal
  • Sizes: XS to XXL
  • Removable cheek pads
  • SilverCool interior; odour-free and moisture-wicking interior equipped with superior anti-bacterial fabric in silver which can be removed, washed and is comfortable
  • Weight: 1390g / 3.1 lbs.
  • DOT approved

Customer Feedback

The HJC IS-33 helmet is a good option if you are looking for a half helmet and you live in hot areas. This helmet provides adequate ventilation and is obviously not suited for places with cold weather conditions. The inner lining is very comfortable with good quality padding. Some users have complaints about the shield being prone to fog and sizing issues have also been reported as the normal size seems to run small for many.


  • Good fit
  • Light in weight
  • One-touch deployment sun visor


  • Shield is prone to fog
  • No quick release strap
  • Can be noisy; requires ear plugs

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Use and Maintenance

It is important that you use your helmet properly for the prevention of any damage to the helmet and reducing any risk of death or serious injury. Some important usage and maintenance tips are:

  • Wearing anything extra between your head and helmet could reduce its effectiveness. So, do not wear anything extra.
  • Keep your helmet away from insect repellents, gasoline or gasoline fumes. Such components could damage the helmet’s protective foam, shell, visor and other parts.
  • To reduce the risk of any sorts to you and for your own safety it is crucial to keep in mind that you should not make any adjustments to your helmet while riding. Always ensure properly adjusted helmet accessories before riding. If still you have to change something then stop and then make the required adjustments.
  • Always check your helmet thoroughly for worn out parts or damages. If you spot any damage then get the helmet or that particular part replaced as soon as possible.
  • The glossy finish helmet can be polished and cleaned with rubbing components but, DO NOT over-do this as it can affect the shell coating. If you have ant sticker on your helmet and want to remove it then you must know that they leave adhesive residue behind. DO NOT apply excessive pressure while cleaning it off, instead use light multiple treatments.
  • For the non-glossy or matte finish helmets warm water mixed with mild detergent can be used for cleaning with a soft cloth. Remember that excessive rubbing can ruin the flat finish of your helmet and could make it look glossy.
  • Regularly clean the helmet’s interior and vents to get rid of any bacteria, debris or dirt.


Q: Is the strap of this helmet quick release?
A: No, this helmet does not have any quick release strap. It has a standard double D-ring strap.

Q: What if I drop my helmet, can it still be used?
A: Every helmet is basically designed to withstand one impact only. So, it is imperative that you never drop your helmet as the shell might get cracked or the protective foam could get damaged. If you drop your helmet accidently, it is in your best interest to get your helmet replaced from the seller or retailer. A damaged helmet will not be able to provide the assured safety.

Q: Is there room for internal speakers and Bluetooth device?
A: The helmet has a very snug fitting; it does not come with any pre-installed speakers. There might not be enough room for a Bluetooth device; if you have really thin speakers then they might fit in depending upon the fit of your helmet.

Q: Can this three-quarter helmet provide safety like a full face helmet?
A: This helmet is DOT certified and fully safe to use for motorcycle riding. But, it is important to note that a full face helmet can be more secure and provide more safety in certain cases. A helmet providing more head coverage is safer.


The IS-33 HJC half helmet is a perfectly-priced unit with all essential features. This helmet ensures good visibility and the one-click deployment sun-shield is praised by all and is a very useful feature. This good looking helmet ensures complete utility and has elements like UV protection, fog and scratch resistant shield. In this price range certain small shortcomings like a little noise and the absence of a quick release strap could be over-looked. If you are willing to ignore these drawbacks and they do not bother you much, then this could be the

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