How Often to Change Motorcycle Oil? Let Us Guide You

Does not matter you bought a brand new motorcycle or you are riding a classic, they all need care and maintenance. A motorcycle needs gasoline to run on and the second most important element is lubricating oil.


Motorcycle oil keeps the engine parts lubricated by forming a coating that does not let the metal parts get directly in touch with each other as it causes wear and tear. This oil needs to be changed after some time, but how often to change motorcycle oil?

Why Change Oil?

To understand that why it is important to change oil and why change oil at a particular time interval, you need to know the importance of oil and the lubrication it provides. Oils keep the motorcycle engine running uninterrupted, without it, the engine would seize and die.

Motorcycle oil needs to be tough as these vehicles are very tough on the engine because of the high RPM. But one question that everyone asks is that how often to change motorcycle oil for superior engine performance.

Motorcycle oil cools down the engine and keeps the metal parts from wearing each other down. In spite of the presence of lubrication, there can be slight damage to the engine parts over time, debris like chips, filings, broken parts, scrapes etc. can destroy the engine.

The oil you add will not only keep these particles from crashing into each other but also carry all sorts of minor debris such as carbon, dirt, dust, filings to the oil filter so that these are deposited in the filter safely. So, if there is no oil filter, all this debris will be floating around in the engine and can cause huge damage. So, when you ask how often to change motorcycle oil, this is another facet to look into.

Filters are very crucial as well

The motorcycle oil needs to be changed after a fixed time interval. When the vehicle has traveled a certain amount of kilometers and the engine has worked with that oil for some time. The color of the oil changes and gets dark with time as it keeps cleaning the engine continuously. The color can also help you decide how often to change motorcycle oil. When excess debris is deposited into the oil filter, it needs to be changed as well.

Change oil filter

To stay away from expensive damage to the engine, changing motorcycle oil and oil filter on correct time is mandatory. You can get the oil and oil filter changed from an authorized service station or do it yourself.

It takes removing three bolts only but can get a bit messy. It can take 40 to 50 minutes if you are doing it for the first time, also be 100% careful when doing it yourself. If you face problems, consult an experienced mechanic. How often you need to change motorcycle oil is explained in the following article.

How Will You Know It’s Time To Change Oil?

Although there is nothing wrong if you change your motorcycle oil sooner than its actual time of change. Doing so will not harm your motorcycle but will definitely burn a hole in your pocket as oils are not that cheap. There are certain ways that deteriorate motorcycle oil after which how often to change motorcycle oil needs to be asked.


The oil is contaminated due to three reasons; shavings created by metal-on-metal contact, debris that surpasses air filter and combustion process by-products that make the oil more acidic leaving deposits and corroding the engine.To contain contamination, use good quality air filter and change it periodically.

Using the mineral oil can cause more damage to a little run-down engine as it settles down and gives no protection when the engine is started. Mineral oil needs to be changed sooner than synthetic oil.


Along with many other reasons of oil breakdown, heat generated during combustion is the major one. At a certain temperature, the oil starts to evaporate and reaches a flashpoint. Synthetic oils can withstand higher temperatures whereas conventional mineral oils evaporate at a much quicker rate. If you are using mineral oil and asking how often to change motorcycle oil, then the answer is pretty quick.

How Often to Change Motorcycle Oil?

To elaborate, when you ask in general that how often to change motorcycle oil, you need to know that there are various factors at play here.

Frequency of change

For most motorcycles, oil can be kept unchanged for 3000 miles (around 4800 km). But this is applicable if you are using mineral oil for your bike; it is different for semi-synthetic and full synthetic oil.The oil filter can be changed every other time, the oil is changed.

However, you should follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, they suggest after how many miles oil can and filter be changed as it might vary depending on the model of your bike and the particular category of motorcycle oil you use.

Synthetic Oil Advantages

How often to change motorcycle oil also depends on your riding style and trip durations. Going on short trips very often or keeping your motorcycle engine idle for a long duration of time can also affect the time interval between changing oils. If you are using a semi-synthetic oil, then its usability and features sit somewhere between mineral and full synthetic oil, and so does its changing frequency.

Synthetic oils have a range of advantages over conventional oils. Although, synthetic oils cost more but they are capable of handling engine heat along with other factors which cause oil degradation in turn improving longevity. They also handle containment better, most manufacturers recommend changing synthetic oils after 5,000 miles or about 8000 km.

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How often to change motorcycle oil? Hopefully, you have got all your answers after reading this article. You have to be well-informed and even if you are not an expert it is always good to know some technical details about the motorcycle you own.In case you still have questions, contact an experienced professional to help you with any query.

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