How To Build A Bobber Yourself?

Many motorcycle devotees dream about being able to build a bike themselves. Furthermore, in custom-made motorcycles, the most loved choice is a Bobber. So, if you also want to know how to build a bobber, this article is for you.

Since you are looking forward to learning the process of building a bobber, you must know that it is intricate. But when you actually build one yourself, you will gain the knowledge and skills that would be the envy of many. If you have enough dedication and you can put in the required effort and time, then it can be done.


Where to start?

It is possible to build a bobber at a relatively lower cost. No strict rules are involved in making your personal bobber. You will have complete control and creative freedom of thought throughout the entire process.

A bobber means removing all or some elements that do not affect the functioning of your motorcycle. So, whichever component you want to remove or keep entirely depends upon you. Another factor to consider is the maximum weight of the bike that you desire.

1. Find a bike

Start by finding the perfect bike that you want to remodel. An almost infinite number of motorcycle models would fit into the criteria. However, the most suitable for bobber transformation would be the typical retro bikes. Their components can be removed easily.

You can try finding a motorcycle model that was generically built for the purpose of customization. You should also consider the models that are similar to the style and final look you want. Just like our blog, there are various other websites where you can look for inspiration. There are websites dedicated to bobbers as well.

But, is this your first time building a bike? Do you posses any metalworking and particularly welding skills? If not then do not fret, there are other options for you which are explained next. You can get a bobber rolling chassis or a kit bike.

2. Bobber rolling chassis

In case you have some experience or skills in metal working and modifying then you could get a bobber rolling chassis. Because after you get a bobber rolling chassis, most probably it will require alteration. This needs to be done so that the engine along with other components could fit in properly. But some rolling chassis come with engine mounts to accommodate specific engine types.

One more thing that you can do if you are not experienced in welding is to get expert help. The rolling chassis manufacturer can do all the required modifications if asked. A rolling chassis costs somewhere from $900 to $3000. It might cost more depending on what you are looking for.

The biggest positive is that you can buy and let this piece sit as you build it piece by piece. This way you can take your time and built your bike slowly as your finances allow.

3. Get a Frame

The biggest positive is that you can buy and let this piece sit as you build it piece by piece. This way you can take your time and built your bike slowly as your finances allow.

Most of the project motorcycles available for sale would likely be soft tails. So first of all convert the soft tail to a hard tail bobber.

4. Project Bike

If you are not interested in buying a rolling chassis or frame you can invest in a project bike. This bike can be converted into a bobber and this happens commonly. But, certain motorcycles are definitely easier to chop or ‘bob’ as compared to others.

I advise that you look for a project motorcycle that is or was very popular. This way you will not face any difficulty finding components for that bike. Because a bike that is to be restored and motorcycle to be bobbed will require parts.

And only a few things can be more exasperating than finding the parts for your bike. Moreover, when you do find them the seller would want a huge amount of money for these.

Major modifications

The actual process of ‘how to build a bobber’ is not very difficult. But it does require a lot of dedication and proper care from your side. Various components are removed from a basic motorcycle to create a bobber.

1. Initial Changes

You can start by removing the unnecessary parts. The generic parts that need to be removed can start from the seat of the motorcycle. The seat can either be replaced or altered to be lighter overall and shorter.

The rear and front fenders are frequently shortened. In various bobbers the stock handlebars are removed. Then they are replaced with compact, smaller handlebars in order to enhance the overall look of the motorcycle.

2. Fender

The most general modification that is done in the creation of a bobber is fender change. Here, each fender is shortened, but you also have an option of removing them completely. This is done to reduce weight. Fenders are not necessary any way but you might need them during street rides. It also depends on the local laws.

3. Seat

Seat modifications are another common change in bobbers. It can either be replaced or changed with a lighter and compact seat. The seat of a bobber will resemble with the board track racing bikes seen during the 1990s.

Many riders select to change the existing seat in order to give it a bobber feel. You will find several online sites that sell suitable seats for bobbers. The other option is to find a seat using the traditional ways. The construction and design of a modern seat can create hindrance when you try to modify them as compared to previous styles. Now, the seats come with a steel base that is pressed. They are meant to be stronger and thinner which is the kind of seats you should avoid.

4. Exhaust

The defining feature of a bobber is modifying the exhaust system and removing the muffler. One staple feature of a bobber is the enhanced sound output. Even though, this is against the law in most US states.

But a number of locations around the globe accept these modifications as legal for street races. Major thing that you need to remember is that removing mufflers might have some effect on the engine. The overall running condition could create issues with the future functioning of the motorcycle.

4. Lights

Modified lights are very generally supplemented to bobbers and they can be bought from different sites. You can also get lights that are specifically made for bobbers. Additionally, a range of available customized lights could become an outstanding selection for bobber bikes.


Bobbers have become increasingly fashionable over the years as retro bikes have attained additional attention. Those good old days saw the best of that defined bobber styled bikes. But today, it is mostly focused on removing unnecessary parts and customization.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand that how to build a bobber. The more experienced you are the better results you will achieve. However, if this is your first time making a bobber then you should seek some sort of assistance from experts. You will learn and flourish along the way.

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