How To Find The Best Motorcycle Seat?

Ever wonder how people with different heights can ride the same motorcycle easily? Actually, they can’t. As opposed to trucks and cars, the seat position cannot be adjusted according to your height. The only two ways possible with a motorcycle is by aftermarket accessory addition. Either you have to buy the best motorcycle seat or higher handlebars.


This blog will focus on finding the perfect motorcycle seat modification for you. Finding the correct seat for your motorcycle can be tough. It requires an evaluation of the specific preferences and needs of the rider.

Why would you need a new seat?

Each motorcycle rider has their own reason for buying an aftermarket seat. Some might be seeking more ease and support for their back to stay comfortable during long rides. Some riders might want a better fit. And some others might want to give a certain customized look to their motorcycle.

Whatever the reason, the first step is assessing your needs or necessary requirements. So, it is crucial to take some time before making a decision. What should you think about?

1. Distance of trips

If you are that kind of rider who likes to take their motorcycle on long duration rides. Such rides that last for hours or even longer expeditions require a comfortable seat. Comfort should be your first concern if you also love these long bike rides. So, you will require proper back support which you can add with a new seat for your bike.

2. Current seat

How comfortable are you with the current seat? Do you fit perfectly? A perfect fit means that you should be able to place your feet comfortably on the ground. You should be able to do this easily while sitting normally on the seat. If your feet do not touch the ground, it means that you require a new lower seat. The perfect seat height is very crucial in the best motorcycle seat.

3. Bike storage

Where you store your bike also affects the cover and quality of the seat. If your motorcycle is parked outdoors most of the time, then chances are that the seat’s material will deteriorate. On the other hand, bikes that are left in covered parking spaces or garages stay a little safe from the elements. Owners of bikes with sheltered parking would not have to be concerned about environmental factors constantly.

4. Passengers

Do you ride alone or is there a passenger with you? The features you will have to consider will be different accordingly. If you ride with a passenger frequently, you will have to consider additional comfort. Look for a double seat. Will you require a one-piece seat or a two-piece set? The two-piece seat has an advantage. Both rear and front seats can be adjusted individually.

5. Comfort or Looks

There is a possibility that if you are looking for the best motorcycle seat with good looks, you might have to compromise a little with comfort. When you are giving preference to “the look”, then you can experiment with additional elements. For instance, seat cover’s color or embellishments.

What should be your considerations?

Certain elements of seat construction will matter more to you than others depending upon your personal choices and needs. All custom, retail aftermarket or stock seats basically are made of the same three components. The components are the cover, the foam, and the base plate.

Some retailers might also call them the top, the cushion, and the pan. Each of these elements has a particular function. A motorcycle rider should think about all this before making a decision.

  • Pan or Base Plate: The seat base is what attaches the seat to the motorcycle. It is a flat plate mostly made of plastic. But, plastic might get flimsy or might not have a very long and durable life. To protect from elements all brackets that are exposed should be plated with chrome.
  • Also, heavier or quality seeking rider could consider either steel gauge or fiberglass seat base. They are made specifically keeping in mind the comfort of the rider. Staples and polyurethane bumpers can also be used.

  • Cushion or Seat Foam: You could get the best motorcycle seat as it could be custom made. With such a seat, you can get the dimensions and material of your choice in case of cushion. Two categories of foam are mostly used, they are closed-cell or open-cell foam. Both are made from non-shrinking, heavy-duty fiberglass.
  • Top or Seat Cover: The final component is the cover of the seat which will protect the seat from all natural elements. Choose the material carefully as well, after going through all the available choices. The two most common options are vinyl or leather.
  • Also consider that all seams must be sewn twice for additional strength and all stitching should be spaced evenly, tight, and uniform. The bottom edge should be hemmed and the stitching should complement the cover.

Final decision

There are various options out there. But, I have listed the few good ones here so that you get a little assistance in the entire process.

Mustang Vintage Wide Touring 2-Piece Seat for Honda 2004-09

Mustang Motorcycle seats are known for their quality. The VTX 1300C made specifically for Honda 2004 to 2009 are made in One Size. This size fits most Honda motorcycle models of these years. It is a wide 2-piece vintage touring seat. The passenger area seat is extended forward in order to present abundant support to the driver’s back.

Even after you have installed this, there will be no noticeable height difference. The passenger seat does get a little raise as compared to the driver’s seat. It is the best motorcycle seat for VTX 1300C Honda. All styles of this seat have a braided trim edge finishing. This 2-piece for Honda 2004-09 is a genuinely comfortable seat and a great modification at a good price.


  • A great comfortable modification that enables you to ride hundreds of miles at once
  • The rear seat is as comfortable and little extra wide as compared to the front seat
  • Gives immense support to your back


  • Could take a little extra time to break in
  • A little wide as compared to other seat modifications
  • Chances of the seat ripping are high during installation, so install with proper care and attention

Mustang Vintage Wide Touring 1-Piece Seat for Honda

The Mustang Wide Vintage Touring Seat is a 1-piece Honda modification. It is available in a single size, with the rear being 12 inches wide and the front seat 18 inches wide. The front bucket of this one piece seat is deeply contoured. It is the best motorcycle seat that is available as a single piece. It comes with a passenger seat that is angled forward to provide support to the back of the motorcycle rider.

The seat has an expanded premium quality vinyl cover. It also has built-in support steel wings for the rear seat. This Mustang Vintage Touring seat is a one piece seat for Honda bikes. It is specifically made to fit the Honda 2010-2014 VT 1300 series including the CR Stateline, CRA Stateline ABS, CS Sabre, CSA Sabre ABS, and CT Interstate. Additionally, it is perfect for the Honda 2011-2014 VT 1300 CTA Interstate ABS.


  • Higher quality and much more comfortable than stock
  • Extremely comfortable over long distance rides and fits perfectly on the recommended Honda motorcycle models
  • Installation is extremely easy and takes about 2 minutes only


  • Seat height could be a trouble for some riders, it is a little high as compared to other models
  • One piece, so there cannot be individual seat adjustment

Mustang Vintage Wide Touring 2-Piece Seat for Yamaha

The Mustang Vintage Touring series of wide seats has a modification for the 2008-14 Yamaha Raider. This is a 2-piece available in one size. The overall weight of this seat is about 15 pounds. Like all best motorcycle seats, this one also ensures lasting comfort for the rider and passenger as well. All styles of this range have a trim braided edge design.

The passenger seat of this model extends a little forward so that generous back support is available for the rider. The width of the driver seat is 16 1/2 inches and the rear seat is 11 inches wide. This seat fits the best and is specifically made for Yamaha 2008-2014 XV19CXC Raider, Raider S, and 2012-2014 XV19C Raider SCL. This seat is a great modification over stock seats of Yamaha Raider XV19CXC series.


  • Great for short riders as the seat is about 2 to 3 inches higher than the stock seat
  • Extremely comfortable for long distance rides
  • Adjustable 2-piece seat modification


  • The rear seat work only with OEM seat
  • Although the installation is easy but you might require expert help, some experience or extra care
  • Could be a little costly for some people

Mustang Vintage Wide Touring 2-Piece motorcycle Seat for Honda

Another comfortable edition by Mustang Motorcycle seats is the 2-piece touring for Honda. It is specifically made to modify the VT750C 2004-2009 Shadow Aero model of Honda. The front bucket is deeply contoured. The angle of the passenger seat is set a little forward so that the rider’s back gets complete support. It has expanded premium quality vinyl cover. Also, there are built-in support wings for the rear seat.

The seat looks cleans with no conchos or studs. The backrest can be pivoted according to the angle of your back. Backrest has 4 adjustable height positions and the pad measures are removable. The rounded thumb screw can adjust the backrest back and forward while you are sitting on it. It also completely folds forward so that the rider can get on the bike easily. The width of the front seat is 17 inches and the rear is 12.5 inches wide.


  • Great upgrade from the stock seat, more comfort, and ease
  • Seat is equally good for the rider and passenger
  • The price is justified


  • This seat is lower and firmer as compared to the stock seat
  • Front seat remains a tad bit loose after installation
  • Not so suitable for people below 5’7”, riders with short arms might require handlebar raises or some similar modification

Sargent Suzuki DR650 Seat

The best motorcycle seat by Sargent is being made for Suzuki DR650. It is a standard height World Sports Performance Black Accent one-piece seat. Sargent is known for manufacturing state-of-the-art seats as the replacement. These seats are made of a lightweight, precision molded Ploytec pan base. This modification is a great relief from the actual stock seat and wider as well.

The best motorcycle seat by Sargent is being made for Suzuki DR650. It is a standard height World Sports Performance Black Accent one-piece seat. Sargent is known for manufacturing state-of-the-art seats as the replacement. These seats are made of a lightweight, precision molded Ploytec pan base. This modification is a great relief from the actual stock seat and wider as well.


  • This seat is wider than the OEM stock seat
  • Provides comfort especially during long rides, you back will thank you!
  • Standard height and dimensions that suit most motorcycle riders


  • Moving around on the seat is a little difficult which could be a problem in case of off-road rides
  • Gap remains between the front of seat and tank, some users could have problem with it
  • Installment requires proper attention other there could be fitting issues


Making a decision and selecting one, out of so many options would obviously be a little difficult for you. But I can help you here as well by suggesting one product that I liked the most out of the ones listed here. The Vintage Wide Touring 2-Piece Seat for Honda VTX 1300C 2004-09 by Mustang Motorcycle seats is the best.

The best motorcycle seat will be comfortable, durable and have the perfect fit and dimensions. It is also possible to make additional adjustments in a two-piece seat. If you find this blog helpful share it further. Your valuable comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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