IV2 Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet [DOT] Review

IV2 Advanced Elite Series Modular Helmet with Dual Visor is equipped with flip system for converting from full-faced to open-face helmet whenever required. This system is a one-hand, one-button flip-up system. This helmet is DOT certified and meets all the essential standards for durability and strength with an ABS shell that is injection modulated.

Each modular helmet has fully removable interiors, plastic snaps and stainless steel for cleaning easily along with providing durability. The chin strap of each helmet has high strength rivets of stainless steel attached, and has standard double D-rings for security.

Ivolution Sports Inc. or IV2 was originally created to produce cutting edge design helmets which will be capable of providing world class performances at a lower price and doing all this while looking good! The IV2 helmets are manufactured in the best industrial units of the world amongst the most esteemed helmet brands of the industry. The company owners are always hands-on and pay undivided attention to quality control, design and product development. Each product of IV2 comes with a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction, low shipping rates and top-notch customer services.


Key Features

  • Retractable, easily controlled, anti-scratch interior Sun Visor
  • Maximum comfort, brand new inner padding design
  • Advanced System for ventilation providing great Air Flow; Completely Ventilated Through-out with 10 ports for venting
  • Inner Lining is EPS enabled with impact absorption
  • Thermoplastic Advanced Shell Technology – Lightweight durable advanced shell
  • Double stainless steel D-Rings with button and strap
  • The complete package contains: – 1 Helmet, – 1 Backpack/ Helmet Bag made of Microfiber Cloth
  • Weight: approximately 2270 grams / 5lbs
  • DOT certified

 Customer Feedback

The IV2 Modular Dual Visor motorcycle helmet can be converted from a full face helmet to half face in just one click. The price of this helmet is just right and it comes in the sizes 2XL to XS. This helmet id DOT certified and it has a non-removable DOT approved graphic on its back to certify this. The graphic should be removable as demanded by some users of this helmet.


  • Light in weight considering it is modular
  • Decent price
  • Creates a whistling noise when driving fast


  • Not enough padding on forehead area
  • Size issues
  • Not a comfortable wear

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Use and Maintenance

Proper use and maintenance of your helmet ensures your safety and reduces the risk of any injury. It is advised to check your helmet properly before buying it and every time you wear it for travelling.

DO NOT hang the helmet on any hooks or keep it on a table unattended. This helmet comes with a back pack which is perfect for transporting this helmet when it is not in use. To store your helmet, keep it in the bag and store in a cool place.

To clean the surface or outer shell of this IV2 helmet make sure that you do not use any cleaner or solvent available in the market without proper information. It is advised to clean it with a soft cloth damped with the solution of warm water and mild detergent. Keep your head gear way from direct heat or high temperatures as it could damage the shell or protective foam in the helmet.

All IV2 helmets come with completely removable interiors, which can be removed before cleaning the shell of the helmet. The removable padding is washing machine and drier compatible.


Q: What does the DOT certification stand for?

A: Department of Transportation is the full form of DOT. This department and related standards are approved by the government of US and this is helmet certification is the most popular in helmet safety in the whole country. Helmets certified by DOT are guaranteed to be more secure as they absorb shock and protect the skull from about 90 percent impact types. Dot test allows the maximum g-force of 250 g’s, whereas other helmets offer protection from more than 250g. It is wise to favour shock absorbency than shock resistance as a recent study shows that it is more safe and crucial to absorb as much force as possible of the impact.

Q: What is the DOT helmet test? What tests are included in it?

A: For a helmet to be DOT certified, it has to pass certain tests. These tests include dropping the helmet from the height of almost 1.83m into a spherical shaped anvil. Then the helmet is dropped from the height of almost 1.83mt on a flat surface/anvil. A pointed sharp striker is then dropped onto the helmet. At last more than 300 pounds of weight is forced on the retention system for continuous 120 seconds. After passing all these tests a particular model of head gear is DOT certified.

Q: The standard visor with the helmet is clear?

A: The helmet comes with a pre-installed regular clear visor. Anti-fog visor is sold separately. You can also get a replacement visor from the seller if required.

Q: Can I use this helmet for any other activity?

A: The IV2 modular helmet with dual visor is a typical motorcycle helmet. The good thing about it is that it can also be used in place of a Snowmobile Helmet. It passes all the criteria required for a safe snowmobile helmet.


The IV2 modular motorcycle helmet has a dual visor which makes it a full face and half-face convertible helmet. This head gear is available at a price well below $100, which makes it a very good option if you are on a budget. It does have some issues like size, fitting and noise problems but on the other hand it is ideal for use at very low temperatures as well. It can be used as a snowmobile helmet. It has good ventilation because of 10 port vents. This helmet has a finish that will last long as each IV2 helmet with graphics is coated with UV treated clear-coating. This clear coat keeps the helmet looking new for a very long time.

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