Kids Motorcycle Helmets

If Street racing is the new hobby of your child then as a parent you have to find a perfectly safe helmet for their protection. Kids’ motorcycle helmets are even more important in the case that children and teenagers require more security.


The reason being that given their age they are still new to riding and prone to make more mistakes. The more experienced you get with age and motorcycle riding, the less there are chances of you making mistakes while driving. None the less, wearing proper head gear is imperative for everyone riding a motorcycle out there.

Best Kids/Youth Motorcycle Helmets

Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

This Razor helmet can fit the head of a child of diameter 21.5 inches to 23 which is suitable for ages between 8 and 14 years. This multiple-sport helmet has a multi-impact lining which is designed for aggressive scooter rides.

It has adjustable straps, a quick-release clasp and a chin strap for added security. Children grow out of kids motorcycle helmets very fast, it’s their growing age and to accommodate their head this helmet has extra padding in it to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. It has 17 vents for proper ventilation to keep the temperature inside the shell lower and the head cool.

The Razor full face helmet has CPSC certification and has cleared all required safety standards. The visor is adjustable which facilitates the use of goggles or specs and keeps the helmet scratch-free as well.

The eye ports are big enough to provide a wide field of vision with good overall viewing. It is among the most affordable among kids motorcycle helmets. It is a versatile headgear that can be for protection during riding a bike, scooter or any other motorized street vehicle. It is light in weight which makes it comfortable for long time wear.

LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Full Face Helmet

The LS2 brand is a name in itself, its reputation guarantees good quality and this full face motorcycle helmet delivers everything promised. These kids motorcycle helmets are certified by both DOT and ECE which ensures great quality standards. The product is very light in weight, designed aerodynamically and the composite HTPP helmet shell makes sure that it easily cuts through the wind and does not let the rider get tired easily. The ventilation is completely adjustable that allows good air flow to control heat or humidity, and also allows you to close it in cold weather conditions.

Kids motorcycle helmets by LS2 are designed to eliminate the problem of neck and shoulder pain or any extensive exhaustion. The inner comfort liners are laser cut that gives an accurate fit but you do have to make certain that the size you are buying fits perfectly on your kids head. A loose head covering shell will not provide complete security as it might come off by an impact. The inner lining is odor-proof, anti-bacterial, completely washable and removable, it should be cleaned periodically. This head gear will look really good on your kid and it is available with an easy release strap

Typhoon Youth Off-road Helmet Gear Combo

This Typhoon helmet comes with goggles and gloves which make it a great combo deal at a very reasonable price.

The gear is available in 4 varying sizes: small, medium, large and extra large which makes it suitable for a wide age-range of kids. Not many kids motorcycle helmets are available in such good combo deals.

The helmet size and weight is on the lower size and there is no extra padding so you need to select the size carefully. The goggles and gloves are accompanied according to the size of the helmet but you can order a different size set for the gloves if you want to.

The helmet is fully vented, equipped with a sun visor and comes with a good quality fabric carry bag. It has a removable and washable inner lining, also, it is DOT certified with FMVSS 218 standard. It can be used for on/off road riding, ATV or motocross.

It is a great starting kit for kids just starting motocross or off-road riding. It is light weight, the color and design appeals the youth as well. Kids motorcycle helmets with such good features are usually pricier but this set has just the right cost.

Typhoon Youth Off-road Helmet Gear Combo

This junior Moto Whip helmet by CKX has an injection molding impact resistant plastic shell with DOT certification FMVSS218 standard.

It has rubber grips for goggle which is a rare feature, removable and washable inner liner. It has removable cheek pads, a soft double padding, a chin strap with double D-ring and the weight of the helmet is about 1090 grams.

It is very light in weight like most kids motorcycle helmets should be. This headgear is fully ventilated and keeps the head cool during hot weather conditions and reduces sweating but even if you do sweat, you can always wash and dry the removable lining.

This CKX is available with attractive graphics and colors which make it alluring to the kids. It is basically an off-road riding helmet and should not be used for any other sports or adventure activities.

Kids motorcycle helmets should have high-security testing standards and the DOT certification guarantees the ultimate protection from sudden impacts. The Moto whip helmet is tested under many harsh and difficult circumstances, and this helmet was able to pass all tests perfectly. The price tag is affordable and the light weight does not let the rider get tired very soon.

Vega Mach 2.0 Full-face Helmet

The Vega Mach helmet is a helmet with attractive looks and a glass shield that can be customized according to your visibility and usability requirements.

There are many options to choose from the A Series Vega’s shields if you want a new shield. Kids motorcycle helmets should have good-looking graphics and colors, this head gear is designed with all this in mind, and it features a brand new graphic by Vega.

The removable and washable interior is made for long comfortable rides, and the inner lining is interchangeable as well. You can get the lining changed for a different size as your child grows, without changing or buying a new helmet.

Vega is known to create good quality helmets and snow accessories, this helmet is no exception. It can be installed with a snow mobile shield and it is all ready to be used in the snow. Most kids motorcycle helmets do not cover the riding in snow capabilities.

The liner with Wick-Dri technology facilitates a comfortable and snug fit. The price is just right; this helmet provides high-quality protection and all this while looking really good. It comes with a limited warranty of 1 year on workmanship and parts only.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Helmet for Your Child

As a parent, you need to understand the importance of a well fitted comfortable helmet. Never let your kid choose the helmet just because they like something. A kid will always go for the looks where as you need to take charge her for ensuring the safety of your kid.

Most kids motorcycle helmets, when bought by parents, are usually selected one size bigger just considering that the child will grow into it. This is a big mistake. Read along to learn more.

  • Interior Padding – The inside pads of a helmet should be well fitted, comfortable and there need to be plenty of padding for proper protection. A good helmet should protect the neck and head of the rider, additional cheek pads provide for a better and sleek fit (and mostly they are removable). A fine quality interior padding also ensures a perfect fit which should be an important check-point while buying kids motorcycle helmets.
  • Motorcycle Helmet Standards – The most common safety standard considered for certification are EPSC, ECE, and DOT. Most kids motorcycle helmets have these certifications and it is clearly mentioned on them. Make sure that the headgear you select is certified by at least one of these. If you want something even sturdier and stronger then go for SNELL certified headgear. As a parent, you need to know that for exactly what purpose your child will be using the helmet for. There are specialized and dedicated helmets for street-riding, off-road or cross roads.
  • Chin Bars + Full Coverage Helmets - There are many 3/4th and half face helmets available but the full face helmets provide the properly required protection to the neck and head of your kid. Most kids motorcycle helmets are available in full-face only as they are without any doubt safer in comparison. So, remember to always buy a full-face helmet only.

The chin strap is also crucial and should always be there, NEVER buy a helmet without chin the strap. This small thing helps big by protecting the jaw and chin area. It also keeps the helmet in place and make sure that the chin strap is neither too tight and it should never be too loose. A full-face helmet is definitely a little heavier because of the extra protection layers and design than its half-face counterparts but on the other hand it provides much more safety.

  • Helmet Sizing for Growing Heads – As very clearly stated above that the helmet should be of PERFECT size and fit. It ensures comfort and complete security. If the helmet is a size bigger as most parents tend to buy, in such cases the helmet comes off very easily during an impact. Kids motorcycle helmets come in a wide range of sizes for you to choose from, so there are many options available.

Still, if you do not want to change/buy a new helmet after every few weeks then you can get a big helmet with extra padding. Helmets with extra padding have a facility to change padding for a lighter one when the head grows. One such recommendation is the Vega Mach 2.0 full face helmet.

  • Duties as a Parent – Some other small yet important things to consider are that the surface of the helmet you buy should be reflective enough enabling other people to easily see and spot on the road. It is advisable to buy bright graphics and colors as they are visible from far, most kids helmets come in bright color selection only which is actually a very good thing. It is also important that you consider your child’s choice as if you buy something they do not like at all; chances are they will not use it when you are not around. Your duty just does not end here; ensure you check the helmet thoroughly before and after each use

Making the Decision

If you are looking for good kids motorcycle helmets and have done much research already, you will know that the helmets recommended here are some of the best ones available out there in the market. If you are on a strict budget and looking for a very low priced helmet with good quality, then you should go for the Razor Youth Helmet. If you want the whole deal with the complete riding and style gear then opt for the Typhoon Youth Off-road Gear combo, it is a good deal at a very reasonable piece and your child gets extra matching goodies as well.

The stylish kids/youth wants sleek and stylish head gears, one such option with a low budget is the CKX Whip Helmet or the LS2. If you live in a place where snow is a common occurrence then without any doubt just go for the Mach 2.0 by Vega. The kids motorcycle helmet you buy should be a well-thought decision after a thorough research and remember to consider all the factors mentioned above as they are very crucial. All suggestions mentioned here are well within a low budget range without compromising on the qualities in any way.

Your child’s safety is important and thus, you should never buy a helmet for your kid without proper research. There are many kids motorcycle helmets out there but you need to find the one which will be perfect for your child.

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