Looking for The Best Motorcycle Gloves?

Most seasoned motorcycle riders understand that motorcycle gloves are a very crucial riding accessory. Your hands operate the motorcycle controls so they need to be protected and kept comfortable. You will be amazed at the increased degree of efficiency that a perfect pair of gloves could provide. The process of selecting the best motorcycle gloves should not be taken for granted.


Are motorcycle gloves really essential?

Motorcycle gloves need to provide a certain amount of protection and comfort to the rider. This might appear to be common sense, however, the importance of gloves is commonly unnoticed and the extent of riding experience improvement that a well-fitted, good quality pair brings is often overlooked.

When you need to buy motorcycle gloves, you will know that there are numerous options available for you and the sheer quantity of alternatives might confuse you. Never buy gloves just for the sake of it, invest a little time and money as you will be extremely thankful for a good pair when you use it. If you still think gloves are not that important and you are doing fine without a pair, then read further.

What to look for in the best motorcycle gloves?

A pair of best motorcycle gloves from 2016 will keep your hands warm in winter rides, keep your grip steady when it rains and protect your hands in the summer heat.

There are different pairs designed and manufactured to use in varying situations such as the type of bike you ride, general weather condition and other personal preferences like the style, color, and material. But before discussing these details, some ubiquitous areas of concern should be known.

  • Primarily, consider the fit of the gloves. The pair should definitely fit snugly but not too tightly. Is there room to move the fingers and hand comfortably for required movements?
  • Second, how does it feel? Is the liner too thick or too thin, does the inner lining hamper your hand movement in any way? If the liner is too thick, it will impede your senses as you might not feel the controls easily. Also, gloves with excessive padding might not turn out to be the best motorcycle gloves for summer. Moreover, a thin liner might not be of enough help in winters and will not provide sufficient protection.
  • Then, pay attention to details like the material of the gloves. Is it man made, kangaroo or cow leather? Is the stitching on the outside or there are inseams? Choose the material according to the weather conditions you will be mostly riding in. When it comes to stitching, again small things matter as excessive inseams might feel uncomfortable, on the other hand, outer stitching at wrong places can also cause problems. So, pay attention to detail and it is recommended to try on the gloves at least once before buying.
  • Lastly, the motorcycle gloves you select to buy should have features that are necessary to soothe your daily riding experience. Do the gloves have proper ventilation? Holes for venting are effective only if they are on top of the motorcycle gloves, holes between fingers might not help at all. What is the length you require, long or short? Below or above your wrist? What are the other additional safety features?And most importantly what type of motorcycle do you ride? Is it a cruiser or sports bike? The answer to these questions will help you decide what type of motorcycle gloves you could invest in.

What else to consider?

Your work is not done yet, there are other small things that stipulate your attention in this process of selecting the best cheap motorcycle gloves. Cost is definitely an issue every buyer would be considering; you do not really have to compromise with quality as some of the best motorcycle gloves under 100 are easily available. While a reasonably good pair will cost a little more but it is possible to get the best motorcycle gloves under 50 dollars.

Do you ride in rainy conditions? Then you might be looking for waterproof gloves. Getting a waterproof pair of gloves with all other necessary features can be a bit of a struggle and in such situations, you might have to increase your spending limit.

If you ride all around the year, durability should be an important factor for you. Having heated grips is another thing. You would not want to buy gloves again and again after short intervals. Look for something strong and effective that could last for at least a year.

When looking for gloves to wear in extremely low temperatures, you have to ensure that you never lose feel in your hands because of freezing cold. Look for gloves that have a good insulation, windproof membrane, fleece inners or a Thinsulate label.

You might want to invest in two pairs in certain scenarios. Opt for this option only if you have a little extra money. This could be a smart choice for you if you are into two completely opposite riding situations and one pair is not enough to cope with all tasks at hand.

The final decision

To help you understand your options in detail, we have compiled a list of very easily available motorcycle gloves which will fit into your budget as well.

BMW Motorrad Rallye Glove

The Motorrad apparel by BMW is focused on the complete comfort of motorcycle riders. BMW designs and manufactures some of the best motorcycle gloves when it comes to placating and style. As this world renowned automotive company ventured into production of motorcycles, they soon followed with their line of riding accessories with Motorrad. This name is synonymous with quality motorcycle riding jackets, boots, gloves and also helmets.


  • Very comfortable, good looking and breathable
  • Keeps your hands dry
  • Great hand protection for off-road trips


  • Could use better ventilation as venting holes are placed between fingers.
  • A little on the pricey side when other competitors and features are considered.
  • These gloves are more suitable for high temperatures, might not provide required warmth while riding in extremely low temperatures.

The first set of gloves under the Motorrad Rallye line is designed specifically for off-road driving scenarios. Available in red, gray and black color options, these are the best motorcycle gloves for summer as they are unlined.

They have a leather palm, protectors and the back of the hand are made of stretchable material and padding. The wrist is short with Velcro fastening and neoprene cuff. This product provides safety in case of falls and is fit for off-road motorcycle riding and long trips.

Tourmaster Black Leather Gloves

The Tourmaster undoubtedly creates the most stylish and classy riding accessories. These black leather pair of motorcycle gloves is probably one of the best motorcycle gloves under 50. This pair has a supple, soft cowhide leather fourchettes, gauntlet, and backhand. The leather cowhide palm is durable, reinforced with padded, double leather paneling that reduces wear and dampens vibration. These good looking motorcycle gloves are very comfortable, have boxed pre-curved fingers and improved palm relief.


  • Good quality leather and overall a very durable product
  • Great value for money


  • Not much suited for long journeys and off-road adventure rides
  • The lack of ventilation does not make it a very good choice for hot weather conditions

This sleek looking pair of globes from Tourmaster can also be worn casually even when you are not riding a bike. This is an agile pair of gloves that contributes in reducing hand fatigue caused by long journeys. In the case of cold environments, the light insulation foam contributes by keeping your hands warm. This is my favorite pair when it comes to looks. It comes with a leather slip-on cuff that can be secured with a hook and loop closure at the wrist

Dainese C2 MIG Gloves

Dainese is a manufacturer that looks up to nature for inspiration when it comes to safety and designing protection for its customers. The human history shows usage of armor suits in Renaissance and Medieval times that provided safety, ergonomics, and protection to few privileged people only. Dainese took up the challenge to transform those brilliant historical hunches and natural concepts into modern times by combining them with advanced technology. Protection needs to be autonomous and the CE - Cat. II - Pr-EN 13594/2010 lev. 1 standard certification on this pair supports that.


  • Unique unisex design that provides great safety and style
  • Great for warm weather conditions
  • Reinforced knuckle protection


  • At this price better air flow and venting should be expected
  • Padding is a little bulky
  • Certain inseams near the palm and thumb connecting area have turn out to be very discerning

The MIG C2 has soft elastic fabric inserts, comfortable wrist cuff strap, pre-curved fingers, suede palm with reinforced padding and resistant cowhide leather. The little finger has a DCP system and TPU side inserts. These are one of the best motorcycle gloves till 2016 when it comes to all around protection. They have a perforated back, ergo-tek extra protection knuckles and polyurethane inserts in the area joining palm and fingers. The great venting system makes this product a great pick for riding in warm temperatures.

Fox Head Dirtpaw Glove

The Dirtpaw motorcycle gloves by Fox Head are a decent pair for riding and racing. They are designed for comfort and regular short trip usage; however, can be worn for generic dirt riding or off-road riding but nothing too extreme. It comes with gritty toughness, flex-point ease, and padded construction for palms. The outer fabric on inner finger area is perforated for easy grips. These gloves have received Pawtector-series updates with chassis upgrades. This product has a good design and provides great features considering its cheap cost.


  • Highly durable and suitable for all moderate weather conditions
  • Provides safety and ultimate comfort
  • Extremely low priced


  • Not suited for adventure and off-road riding
  • Less padding and ventilation, so not much help in extreme temperatures
  • Overall a little low on quality

The Fox Head Dirtpaw gloves are best for normal daily routine motorcycle riding, not for adventure sports. With moderate padding all over, little backhand venting and good grip, this pair can even be used in light rain. It is not waterproof but provides moderate insulation from wet weather. These are one of the best cheap motorcycle gloves that you will ever get with such great durability and good looks. It is available in a choice of two colors red and black.

Alpinestars SMX-2 AC Gloves

The SMX-2 AC racing motorcycle gloves are the perfect blend of protection and style. Supple and strong leather is used for knuckle and palm construction. Finger fourchettes and palm reinforcements are made from durable synthetic leather; outer hand has high abrasion resistance and knuckle area has added carbon profiled fiber for key impact areas.


  • Thumb and index finger are Touch screen compatible
  • Great protection, comfortable and good grip
  • Good air flow and venting design


  • Do not have a very long life
  •  Not suited for extremely low freezing temperatures
  •  Price is slightly high in regard to the features offered

The Alpinestars SMX-2 is a leather motorcycle glove which is great for street racing. The thumb and cuff zones are padded with EVA energy absorbing foam that provides extra safety. Fingers have TPR detailing and backhand sidewalls are well ventilated. The finger grips are silicone and this pair of gloves has Velcro wrist wide closure for easy wearing. It could be labeled as the best motorcycle gloves only if the price could be reduced a tad bit.


If you are looking for a new pair of motorcycle gloves that comes with efficiency and protection, then this article could be very helpful. Never compromise with quality and the degree of safety when you are buying gloves for riding. Buy worthy accessories as this is the question of your personal well-being and comfort.

Ride safe and never make mistakes on the road.This list is an ensemble of the best motorcycle gloves available under 100 bucks. If you like this article and find it informative or useful in any way then please do share it with your friends and other motorcycle enthusiasts.

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