Looking for Best Motorcycle Riding Pants?

Some of the obvious things to consider while purchasing best motorcycle pants are well known to most experienced motorcycle riders. Your pants should suit your motorcycle, your riding style, the trails or roads you mostly ride on, the weather conditions and season while riding your motorcycle.


Apart from these, many other specifications require your attention. Being dressed in completely comfortable and protected clothing should never be ignored. Read on to know more about buying the perfect pair of riding pants.

Why invest in motorcycle pants?

Of course, you can ride around in your regular blue jeans or casual pants. But, in the case of an accident or fall such pants will disintegrate on minimum impact. So investing a little money in some safety for your legs does not sound so bad, does it?

A thoughtfully bought good-quality pair of best motorcycle pants can make a huge difference. The difference is, while with normal pants you might have severe knee, hip or thigh injuries but with motorcycle pants, you will be protected. These pants are tough, comfortable, safe, and can also make you look good. They will not vanish when ground against the road. The ultimate goal of these pants is:

  • Protection, in case of an accident
  • Comfort, irrespective of where and when you ride


1. Material

So, what details should you pay attention to?The material of the pants, are they made of leather, synthetic fabric or denim? What is your preference?

  • Leather – Leather pants have great abrasion, they are tough but certainly require additional padding for knees. They can alone handle small falls and scratches but additional padding saves you from major injuries. They are naturally waterproof to some extent and remain warm, so great for cold weathers. But for full waterproofing, you will require specific adjustments. However, leather is not such a good option for summers.
  • Synthetic – Various different blends of artificial textiles have been created that provide great protection with their strength, durability, and abrasion. These are flexible, thin fabrics that are strong as well and should be your preferred choice if you live in hot weather conditions. There are various options in the market; you can choose the beat motorcycle pants for summer out of them.
  • Denim – The classic denim is loved by all and if both the options above are not suitable for you, go for jeans. This is a more casual and laid-back choice. But, jeans alone do not provide any protection so Kevlar panels are required. These sewn in panels are put in place of knees, seat, thighs and hips.

2. Specifications

While you will be selecting the material of your choice, also pay attention to the features you want this product to provide. Select according to the bike you ride, your riding style and the environments you mostly ride in.

  • Which waist design suits your other clothing and riding style best? Would you prefer Velcro, suspenders or belt?
  • You want your pants over on inside your riding boots? If you want them to be over your boots then ensure you give proper consideration to cuff closures.
  • Ride often in the rain? You will definitely require waterproofing. Opt for the more breathable and light material such as Gore-Tex and not the bulky and uncomfortable ones.
  • Do you require side zippers and pockets? How many pockets do you want and where?
  • Look for the degree of Abrasion and Impact protection your preferred material can provide. It is different for each material, higher abrasion provides higher protection.
  • Check for your lining and insulation requirements. What type of lining do you require, thickness and whether it should be removable or not?
  • If you would be riding mostly at night, prefer motorcycle pants with Reflective material to alert other vehicles on-road.

3. Style

After determining the material and specifications, select the pant style according to your riding techniques. The major styles are:

  • Racing or street motorcycle pants – These are for speed loving people who require the highest form of protection and safety.
  • Casual or Cruiser motorcycle pants – This category of pants suit the riders who have cruiser bikes and a more laid back, simple riding schedule.
  • Touring motorcycle pants – This style of pants are supposed to be versatile and provide lasting comfort. These are the best motorcycle riding jeans, suitable for all weathers.
  • Dirt riding motorcycle pants – Fit for trail riding and dirt tracks, should provide ample space for movement. Such pants mostly come with pre-curved knees with added padding.

4. Comfort & Fit

You should put and try the pants you want to buy at least once. Are you completely comfortable in them? Will your riding position complement the fit of the pants? Choose the size carefully; try one size smaller and larger than your regular size, just to be sure.

The final decision

We have selected the most loved and critically acclaimed products for you. You might find one or even two pants that perfectly fit your list of requirements. And even if you do not find your perfect pair, you will definitely learn a few things about the selection procedure. Have a look at the following products:

1. Speed and Strength Denim pants

The Rust & Redemption by Speed and Strength is an armored moto speed denim pant for men. In the past 5 years, this company named Speed and Strength has evolved from a small endeavor to a full-fledged championship contender. Initiated by a group of hardcore motorcycle lovers and determined designers, this has now become an honorary badge for thousands of riders in America.

People who actually love their motorcycle and abide by the acceleration adrenaline rush love this brand. It is a fast growing street name in America, their latest collection sets unique urban adventure standards, hardened for destruction, and built for speed. A motorcycle is not just a vehicle with two wheels, it is much more. It requires for you to invest in the best possible accessories. For instance, buy the best motorcycle riding jeans and related accessories. This is pre-distressed 12oz. denim with articulated knees. It has stretch panels at knees and waist.


  • Looks like normal stylish denim jeans
  • Durable denim and Kevlar blend with reinforcement for seat and knees
  • Knee armor is CE approved and the vault is removable.


  • Could be a little skinny for some people’s legs as they get narrower at knees and lower legs
  • Padding might cause discomfort to some users
  • Loose at the waist and tight for legs, proportions could become a little off-balance for some riders

2. Xelement Leather Motorcycle over pants

B7440 Motorcycle Leather over pants for men by Xelement is made of genuine cowhide leather. This premium pair of leather pants comes with a zipper on both sides and button snaps on the bottom for adjusting size. Unlike other leather pants, this one is easy to remove without added hassle.

You get the protection and abrasion-resistance of leather and the comfort of wearing your own pants under these over pants. It is a straight cut, one piece panel which is otherwise very difficult to find. The pants have no back pockets but the front pockets have a good quality lining and zip closure to keep your keys or wallet safe. These are the best motorcycle pants for someone looking for comfort with leather protection. This durable piece is priced accordingly at an affordable rate.


  • Can be worn over your casual everyday pants
  • Front pockets are lined and enclosed with zipper to keep all content safe inside, no worries of anything falling out
  • Inner lining provided up to knees


  • Noticeable complaints about customer care services
  • Size adjustments and quality improvement of snap on buckle required as it gives up early due to frequent use
  • Size snaps could be size limitation for some

3. KLIM Dakar Motocross Pants

The Dakar pants by KLIM are considered one of the best motorcycle pants for summer, they are great off-road companions. This is a durable product with custom ventilation and an over-the-boot design. Two large zip adjustable vents on thigh for controlled air flow and two smaller rear leg fixed-open vents. Heavy duty construction of the main body with treated leather for maximum mud and water deflection.

Adjustable KLIM cuff system with adjustable Velcro fastener brand closures that open for knee and boot guards can fit a wide variety of guards, braces or boots. Cargo pockets on thighs with zipping enclosure and storm flap covering to deflect debris and water. A Scotchlite reflective substance trim is there that reflects light in the darkness. Back yoke with added height to protect you from dirt.


  • Water resistant coating deflects maximum water or mud very effectively with nylon thread, heavy-duty seam construction
  • Engineered flex zone stretch material for groin, upper side of hips, above knee, and seat
  • Melt-resistant, durable and high abrasion thick leather on legs


  • No front pockets
  • Hip and knee pockets are available but pads are not included, need to be bought separately
  • Not completely waterproof and could be considered a little pricey by some

4. O’Neal Element Shocker Pant

The Element Shocker Motorcycle pants by O’Neal are certainly a good deal when it comes to best motorcycle pants. This is a light weight but heavy duty product made of reliable denier fabric that provides a perfect balance of protection and comfort while riding. There are stretch panels for knees, back and front key points of the pants for easy movement and freedom.

O’Neal Element Shocker Motorcycle pants are priced just right and are available in a combination of bright colors. It is equipped with patches of rubber for added protection at the time of any mishappening or crashing. The pants have an adjustable system as ratchet closure with elastic waist for a secure fit. The legs are tapered with elastic cuffs to ensure a snug-fitting.


  • A great pair for warm weather conditions
  • Good quality padding at all the right places and equipped with internal, removable hip protectors made of EVA foam
  • Can be used as over pants also


  • No pocket, adding a pair of pockets could be good
  • Quality of fabric could use a little improvement or added thickness as it is really thin
  • The size mostly runs small for users should buy a bigger size

5. Xtreemgear Cordura Waterproof riding pants

The Cordura waterproof motorcycle pants with removable armor are available in a classic black shade. This is a Xtreemgear signature pant made from 600D Polyester fabric with white stitching. The completely removable inner thermal liner is waterproof, making these pair of pants a great all-weather wear.

Allows free movement as kneecap fits all sizes and has high impact absorption with an ergonomic design that sets it apart from other riding pants. The knee armor can be adjusted up to 4 inches in both directions due to Velcro-slide system. Dual-adjustment system at waist and two front zip closure pockets make it one of the best motorcycle pants. Keep in mind that these pants are not sized like your regular pants; they are motorcycle trousers with a different sizing chart.


  • Completely removable and adjustable foam pads for hips and knee armor
  • Can be worn as over pants or in warm weather after removing armor and padding
  • Good and warm in cold and rainy conditions when used with complete inner padding, lining, and armor


  • You could face some trouble with the sizing, these pants do not exactly have a snug fit, they are more on the loose side
  • Cannot be actually used as over pants as the inner thermal lining fits snugly
  • When armor is removed, they do not remain much safe 


The best motorcycle pants should have all the necessary features you require from your perfect pair. A good pair of motorcycle pants should be a mandatory accessory for all motorcycle riding lovers. They provide ample protection and safety to your legs, hips, thighs and knees. You will be thankful for these in the case of an accident or fall.

This blog is to assist you in the entire research and buying process of motorcycle pants. If you find it helpful in any way, do share it with your friends and fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. Feel free to leave your valuable remarks and comments.

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