Looking For The Best Motorcycle Jacket?

With motorcycle jackets, you can actually buy safety for yourself. While it definitely requires some research and time. But buying the best motorcycle jacket should not be much complicated.

Although there are many different styles, colors, and options available, however getting the perfect jacket could become tricky. All your individual needs might not be fulfilled by a single motorcycle jacket. Other than your personal taste, you will have to focus on a certain general criterion.


What to consider before buying a Motorcycle Jacket?

Your investment should be such that you do not regret it later.

First of all, do you actually need a dedicated motorcycle jacket? You might not require one if you already have a one piece suit and feel content with it. A one piece suit provides full-body protection and does not flap while you sail through traffic.

However, separate motorcycle jacket and pants are perfect for people who want flexibility. You will be able to just replace with a casual coat when you reach your destination. A dedicated motorcycle jacket has more pockets and enables you to keep all your belongings safe.


You can choose among leather or textile. Both materials offer great performance and protection but you have to choose the manufacturing quality carefully. To recognize premium quality, you should be experienced.

Another thing to consider is the weather you will be wearing this jacket in. Are looking for the best motorcycle jacket for hot weather? Or you want something to protect you from the cold?

  • Leather: Good quality leather will keep you safe in case of injury and also provide good abrasion resistance. Goat leather or calfskin should have 1.4 or 1.2 mm of thickness. Kangaroo leather is another option that is equally effective with a lesser thickness of 1.1 mm.
  • Textile: Mostly nylon fabric jackets are made. They have a variety of abrasion resistant options such as Cordura (500 – 2000 denier), Kevlar, Dynatec, and Armacor. These materials ensure water-resistance, cold weather protection, and immense breathability.
  • Combination: Manufacturers are increasingly offering a combination of both leather and textile. Jackets made of polyester or nylon provides the best comfort and is preferred by touring bikers, weekend riders, and cruisers.
  • Leather jackets are sturdier. They are the first choice of sportier riders who prefer safety during racing or traffic. A combination of both textile and leather would also make a sensible compromising jacket choice.


  • A motorcycle jacket means ensuring complete safety and comfort of the rider. Leather does not rip apart easily under stress or strain. So if you are opting for a textile jacket, it would be better if all the sensitive areas are fully protected with a stronger and sturdier material such as Kevlar or leather.
  • Another thing to consider is the protection of padded protectors. Such integrated padded protectors are placed typically on chest, back and elbow areas. They provide protection from bruises and wounds during an accident or crash. If the jacket has loose fitting it should have inside padding. And, a tight fitting jacket should have outside protectors as padding.
  • If you ride your motorcycle mostly during the night, you should know that visibility is low. A motorcycle is not that detectable in dark, a good motorcycle jacket can be of great help here. You could buy a jacket in bright neon or florescent colors. Another great option is to buy a jacket with reflectors.
  • Go for bright colors if you are an avid night time rider. You can select dark colors such as black or brown for daytime riding, but they are not easily detected in traffic. If you are opting for a dark colored jacket, select the one with light reflectors. This would help during the day as well.
  • While buying a motorcycle jacket, always consider the age of the model. What year was this jacket made? Is it too old? Buy latest editions as the old jackets are not equipped with the best features. The newer jackets provide better protection and latest innovations.


Are you searching for a jacket that can be worn in some particular weather? Now, with the summer season approaching, you could look for a lightweight summer motorcycle jacket.

  • The best motorcycle jacket for hot weather will have great ventilation. A summer jacket has strategically placed vents for proper ventilation to avoid sweating and discomfort.
  • One more added feature could be safety from rain. If you do not like getting wet, go for waterproof jackets.

What else to think about…

What other features do you need to pay attention to? The thing that is above all is money. What is your budget? How much can you spend? Keep your budget limitation in mind always.

Cuffs, collars, pockets, sleeves and closures also require your attention. Ensure that the collar and sleeves fit well too. The pockets should have proper closures.

Another major consideration is the fit. Are you comfortable in the jacket? Try it once before buying, if possible. Is full required body movement possible? It should not be excessively tight.

The final choice

With the summer season approaching, you might be looking for the best summer motorcycle jacket. We have compiled a list of the best motorcycle jackets that are mostly loved by the people. You can choose one from these or even two depending on your requirements and choices.

Cortech GX Sport Air 3.0

The GX Sport Air 3.0 motorcycle jacket by Cortech is an armored textile piece. This motorcycle jacket has a sporty look with a versatile design. It has a designer cut to enhance the overall look. The textile is 600 Denier with Carbolex shell incorporating Ballistic Polyester. The rotated and pre-curved sleeves increase performance and comfort for the rider. There are zipper chest vents, rear exhaust, and sleeve vents for thorough cross ventilation.

The polyester material provides safety to the shoulder and elbow areas. This particular Ballistic Polyester area has an abrasion resistance of 1680 Denier. The breathable and waterproof rain guard material could make it to your best motorcycle jacket list. The collar is mandarin-style and it features a soft trim made of Microfiber. It ensures comfort during the riding position for the rider.


  • An all weather waterproof motorcycle jacket
  • 100 gm removable thermal liner for slightly cold conditions, adjustable forearm, and bicep straps
  • Great protection and premium quality


  • Vents should be closed for waterproofing but that does not support ventilation
  • Difficult to clean, there are no sliders and the padding is difficult to remove and put back
  • A little heavy for some riders even after removing protector padding

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0

The Phoenix 5.0 mesh motorcycle riding jacket by Joe Rocket is available with the FreeAir mesh exclusive feature. This is known as the best mesh motorcycle jacket with great cooling capabilities for the summer season. The mesh and polyester shell combinations are RockTex reinforced at the ribs, elbows, and shoulders for extra protection. Elbows and shoulder areas have armor approved by C.E. An additional removable spine armor pocket for a spine pad is available as an option.

The jacket comes with high density sculpted padding at lower back, kidney, and rib area. Removable zipper secured waterproof liner, pant attachment zipper and snap loop option. Two hand pockets to keep you warm in cold, an extended back and a separate eyeglasses pocket. There is an interior breast pocket and reflective stripes on both sides. The summer jacket has eight separate adjustments. It is available in a range of attractive color options.


  • Provides required protection and great cooling ventilation system
  • Low price and light in weight
  • Extra room for keys and more pockets


  • The overall stitching and liner quality requires improvement
  • No slider adjustments for sleeves
  • Not an all season motorcycle jacket, more suitable for summer.

Xelement Invasion Mesh Jacket

The CF6019 Invasion Neon Green Mesh Armored motorcycle jacket repels water but it is not completely waterproof. This jacket is made from tri-tex mesh chassis with 600 Denier and abrasion resistant 1680 Denier panels. The mesh design ensures complete air ventilation. All piping is made of reflective fabric to make you easily detectable at night with high-visibility. It comes with a zip-out full sleeves insulation and rain jacket.

All armor is level-3 that is CE approved and has passed impact tests EN1621-1 and EN1621-2. The next-gen armor technology is level-3 advanced technology enabling free movement, higher absorption of impact, and ergonomic designing. This removable level-3 armor is placed on the back, shoulders, and elbow area. There are various pockets to keep your belongings safe. This is a great jacket for riders on a budget. It has the best summer motorcycle jacket reviews on the internet a loved by many motorcycle riders.


  • Within the budget of everyone, very low priced
  • The color is unique and easily detectable in dark, for dedicated night riders
  • Removable lining and protectors


  • No adjustment straps for wrists or arms
  • Specifically made for summers
  • Overall quality could use some improvements

Tourmaster Intake

The Intake Air 4.0 Mesh summer motorcycle jacket by Tourmaster is made for the hot summer days. It can also be used in all other weather conditions as well. The mesh is a combination of armor link and ballistic polyester 1680 Denier material. This ensures high abrasion resistance and good air flow for quality, safety, and great ventilation. Every day is not sunny, so there are two liners for your comfort.

There is an insulated vest liner and another layer of Aqua-Therm waterproofing liner. Both are attached to each other, you cannot remove just one. In addition, there is CE approved elbow and shoulder armor. Then there is triple-density, an articulated back protector for safety. All impact areas are equipped with the ballistic polyester of 1680 Denier capability. The rest of this jacket has mesh armor-link material.


  • Removable insulated vest lining and a waterproofing lining as well
  • Works in almost all weather conditions and the jacket is perfectly priced
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to clean


  • The back padding is not enough you might feel the need to add more protection
  • Both inner linings can be removed together or kept together, you cannot choose to remove just one

Alpinestars Viper Textile On-road Jacket

Another great option for you is the Viper textile jacket by Alpinestars. Instead of looking for a summer leather motorcycle jacket, go for polyester or nylon. The sleeves are pre-curved with volume Velcro adjustments. Another thing is the adjustable waist fit with V-ring to make this jacket highly customized. Then there is windproof inner removable vest lining to provide comfort. The outer shell is PU reinforced with 600 Denier durable outer shell poly-fabric.

Mesh on mesh construction with removable waterproof and windproof lining for wet weather conditions. There is a wallet pocket with hook & loop closure. Adjustable and removable elbow and shoulder impact protectors with CE certification. The rear profile is elongated as compared to front and the waist size can be adjusted with D-ring. The jacket has pre-curved sleeves with perforated gussets.


  • External hand pockets with zipping closures. Zipper waist connection for Alpinestars textile or leather pants
  • Back and front reflective detailing ensures good rider visibility while riding in dark
  • 3D mesh padded color, color, and cuffs with comfort Neoprene edge


  • External hand pockets with zipping closures. Zipper waist connection for Alpinestars textile or leather pants
  • Back and front reflective detailing ensures good rider visibility while riding in dark
  • 3D mesh padded color, color, and cuffs with comfort Neoprene edge


The best motorcycle jacket should have all the features that you are looking for. Buy the jacket where you do not have to compromise on the features or quality. A good motorcycle jacket can be your life saver in difficult situations. It is a great safety accessory that all motorcycle riders should own.

I hope this article assisted you by shedding some light on the jacket specifications that you should always consider. If you find this article helpful in any way, do share it with other motorcycle riders. Safety is paramount!

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