Matte White Pink Butterfly Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Dot Review


Key Features

  • Full face Flat Matte finish Motorcycle helmet
  • Composite ABS Shell, light in weight
  • Streamlined Design to reduce wind noise
  • Air Flow Ventilation System
  • ​Impact Absorption EPS Inner lining
  • ​Comfortable Cushioned interior
  • ​Inner lining is sweat absorbing
  • ​Double D-ring straps made of stainless steel
  • Cheek pads are washable and removable
  • ​Visor mechanism with QuickRelease
  • Weight approximately 2270 grams / 5lbs
  • DOT certified

Customer Feedback

The Matte White Full Face Pink Butterfly Helmet by IV2 is a good looking low-end edition with many good specifications and features. This helmet is women oriented, provides a wide vision field, has comfortable fit and looks cute as well.

The Matte finish is high-grade but all other parts like the inner lining and plastic used on vents is low quality, which will lead to wear and tear sooner. There is a non-removable DOT certification sign at the back of the helmet which caused problem for some.


· Very low cost

· Great graphics, looks good

· Wide field of vision


· Quality is not so good

· Size issues

· Chin strap is difficult to close

Use and Maintenance

Keeping your helmet clean and hygienic is important for good riding and proper protection. In order for your helmet to do its work properly, it needs to fit perfectly on around your head. Proper use is important, keep in mind the following:

If the helmet does not properly fit around your head, it is most likely to completely come off in any accident; in such case there will be no protection. The deaths of many motorcyclists are reportedly because of this mistake.

Make sure that you check the helmets eye opening and positioning of your eyes according to it. Your field of vision needs to be wide and clear. Check the positioning of the helmet to ensure that there is enough upward and downward vision to operate your vehicle properly. Adjust the helmet accordingly.

Proper regular cleaning of the interior and outer shell is very important for a safe helmet. There have been many queries related to the cleaning and hygiene of the inner lining of a helmet. The lining is mostly removable and can be washed.

If you encounter any severe issue like lice infestation in your helmet, there is one standard procedure to get rid of this problem. It is advisable not to use any kind of spray on it. You should keep the helmet along with the pads/lining in a plastic bag which is completely air-tight for forty-eight hours.

Take out the helmet and then remove the lining, clean the surface properly with mild soap solution. The plastic bag and pads should be discarded.


Q: Can I use this helmet for any other adventure sport/activity except motor riding?

A: This particular helmet by IV2 is strictly for riding motorcycles on road and not even for racing. If this helmet is used for additional sports or adventures it would not be able to provide required safety during such activities. Its inappropriate use will also make it unsuitable for further use during motorcycle riding.

Q: Does the helmet come with a carry bag?

A: Yes, a carry bag is included in the standard shipment.

Q: How should I store my helmet?

A: Your helmet requires special care while storage as well. If you intend to store your helmet for a long time then it needs to be kept in a box or bag and stored in a cool dry place away from small children and pet animals. NEVER leave your helmet in the trunk of a vehicle or in a closed car during summer as the temperature can get really high, any exposure to temperatures higher than 150 degree F can damage the helmet. Keep away from direct heat.

Q: How can I clean the inner lining of my helmet?

A: Almost all IV2 helmets use hypo-allergy lining which is very durable and extremely comfortable. The lining of all full face helmets can be completely removable for cleaning. They should be washed by hands with a mild detergent and then air dried only.


The IV2 Matte White Helmet is a Full face edition which is priced very low. There have been certain small issue with the size, weight and wind noise; but at such a low price this helmet is complete value for money and provides decent facilities. The price is around $70, but you can easily avail addition discount at certain online portals. The chin strap is a bit difficult to handle and the straps could be longer.

However, the helmet provides a wide vision field and is amongst the lowest priced head gears. This helmet features at least 5 exhaust and air intakes ports. The intake ports can be opened and closed very easily, even while riding with your gloves on. It helps to keep you cool in summers so that you can focus completely on riding. In addition to all this, it has beautiful graphics and a sleek aerodynamic design.

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Bradley Miller

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of controlling a thundering beast beneath you. In addition to the joy of the ride a motorcycle has many advantages over any other vehicle. You learn how to drive the smarter way with traffic rules on the road; also you are always in the state of complete-awareness when on the ride.