Motorcycle Helmet Accessories

You have just bought a motorcycle helmet and you are now ready to go on a ride. Well there is nothing wrong if this is the scenario with you, but just one more step. There are some accessories which you should look at while purchasing a motorcycle helmet. However if you can’t afford them then don’t worry there aren’t essential at all.

There are lots of helmet accessories available now a days and it can be confusing as well. Well in this guideline you will come to know the best one for you. It is impossible for us to cover all of them, however some useful one are discussed below.

Helmet face shield:

As name shows, helmet face shields protect your face from dangerous UV rays and keep you safe from severe weather conditions. No matter how hot the sun is outside, if you have helmet face shield you can easily ride for as long as you want. This shield is removable, so if you want to enjoy the weather you can detach it and then attach it back when needed.

Helmet cameras:

Sounds weird? Don’t worry you are not the only one. One of the best helmet accessories you can invest in. With the help of a helmet cam, you can record the funny scenes of your ride and then share them with your friends. A great way to catch up your memories and a way to judge to your riding skills as well.

Helmet headphones:

You can write a complete blog on this topic, so I am not going deep into the detail of this. I just want to say that if you want to avoid from traffic noise then headphones are your best companion. Play music of your own choice and enjoy your ride. It is far better to listen to music than severe traffic noise.

Helmet goggles:

There is no use of headphones, helmet lights and helmet shield if you can’t see clearly during ride. So while choosing the accessories for your helmet, goggles should be your first priority. Goggles save you from dust particles, microbes and any small insect. It can surely save your sight.

Helmets with quick release:

Well most of the helmets do not have quick release system. So should buy a helmet which have this system. In case of any emergency, where you need to put off the helmet quickly, quick release system helps you in doing so.

Helmets with Bluetooth:

If you love technology, then you surely love Bluetooth helmets. If you have a plan to ride in groups, Bluetooth helmets will be the best companion for you. You can communicate with your friends and can enjoy riding.

Helmet with lights:

If you want to make your presence feel on road, buy a helmet which have lights in them. It is fancy accessory to have on your helmet. It may also be helpful if your bike does not have any head light. People on road can still see you riding.


Well you have just read about some useful accessories of helmets. There are even plenty more but it is difficult to cover all of them. Helmet accessories are not essential to have but they just add safety and stylishness to your riding. I hope that after reading this article you will be able to realize the background and use of motorcycle accessories. If you can’t afford them, don’t worry your helmet is enough for your safety. You can find a lot more accessories on the web, but above discussed accessories are the basic and useful ones. So wear the mask shield, goggles, put on your headphones, turn on your Bluetooth and enjoy your ride.

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