Motorcycle Helmets for Women

19 states in the US have laws requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets, while another 29 states have some measure of law regarding the use of helmets. There are currently only 3 states without helmet laws. This shows the growing concern over rider safety.


Wearing a helmet is a precaution that every motorcyclist should take seriously. It not only offers protection in the event of an accident, choosing the best motorcycle helmet could prevent an accident in the first place. With a full face shield, your eyes are protected from wind and rain – which could be a distraction in severe weather.

If you have yet to purchase a helmet, then make sure that you take a moment to explore some of the top tips for choosing the best motorcycle helmets for women.

Choose the Right Style for the Best Motorcycle Helmet

The first step is to consider the different styles of motorcycle helmets. Motorcycle helmets for women are no different from helmets for men – other than marketing features, such as the color or design. There are basically 4 options to choose from. You could purchase a full-face helmet, half-shell, modular, or open-face helmet.

Open face and half-shell helmets do not include shields. These styles offer no protection from the wind and the elements. Though, there are other options for protecting your eyes. You could wear sports goggles or protective eye gear.

Some people prefer open face or half-shell helmets because they offer a greater field of view. Half-shell helmets are typically worn by people that enjoy feeling the wind in their face.

Full-face helmets and modular helmets may be the best motorcycle helmets for those that want complete face protection against the weather. Between these two options, the modular helmets tend to provide more airflow, which is suitable for hot or cool conditions.

Full-face helmets offer the highest level of protection, but some people feel that they are too restrictive. They are often worn by sport-bikers, but can be used for recreational use as well.

Try On Each Style of Motorcycle Helmets for Women

How do you know which style is the best motorcycle helmet for your needs? Your best option is to actually try on one of each type. This is especially true if you have not shopped for motorcycle helmets for women before.

Visit a motorcycle shop or any other store that sells motorcycle helmets for women. Try on each of the helmet styles and look around the room.

Walk around for a minute, before trying another style. This will give you a good idea of whether or not the helmet is too restrictive. You want to have as much vision as possible when riding. The helmet you wear should not make you feel uncomfortable or restrict your vision too much.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Helmet Based on Head Size and Shape

Once you have a general idea of the style of helmet you want, you can figure out what size to purchase. The best motorcycle helmet for your head should be comfortable. If it does not fit right, the helmet will feel cumbersome. Choosing a helmet that is too tight or too large is actually a safety concern.

Measure Your Head Before Purchasing a Helmet

You should first measure your head, in order to purchase a properly fitted helmet. You will need a soft measuring tape. Wrap the measuring tape around your head. It should be placed about a half-inch above your eyebrows.

Wrap it above your ears and along the largest point at the back of your head. This will be easier if you have someone to help you. Otherwise, you should measure your head while standing in front of a mirror. This ensures the tape measure is properly in-line with your head.

You now have a number to work with as you shop for the best motorcycle helmet. When you start looking at motorcycle helmets, you will have to consult the sizing chart for that manufacturer. Each manufacturer uses their own sizing.

Some motorcycle helmet manufacturers include head shape when labeling their helmets. This includes long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval. Long oval refers to heads that are more oblong. Intermediate oval refers to heads that are wider side to side. The round oval head shape is used to describe heads that are rounder. You may need to factor this into your decision when shopping for the best motorcycle helmet.

Try on Motorcycle Helmets for Women

Now that you know your head size and shape, along with the style of helmet that you prefer, you can actually begin shopping for the best motorcycle helmet.

When you try on a helmet, it should sit squarely on top of your head. The helmet’s eye port should be slightly above your eyebrow ridge. The helmet should feel slightly tight at first – but no uncomfortable.

As you break in the helmet, it will loosen. It is kind of like breaking in a new pair of shoes or boots. If you can insert a finger between the helmet and your head, it is too large. It should be snug and not move when you swing your head around.

Best Women Motorcycle Helmets

Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet

The Vortex Helmet by Bell is like a little brother to the Star helmet, it is another shining addition to the family tree. This helmet does not compromise in the field of options and comfort; it shares many features like click-release face shield and velocity flow/ FlowAdjust Ventilation with the Star which is a high-end helmet.

It is a complete package coupled with killer price that has comfortable plush removable lining, contour cheek pads and the race inspired light weight designer shell with a slippery, sleek shape which permits unequaled stability inside the helmet even at very high speed. Read More

Bell Women’s Vortex Monarch Helmet

When you put on the Bell Pit Boss half-helmet for the very first time, you will know the difference. This ultra-light helmet with TriMatrix construction will put as little weight on you as possible while still staying inside the norms of DOT standard.

Many open face or half helmets have the tendency of lifting off the rider’s head, this problem is solved by the innovative adjustable Speed Dial fit system of Bell along with providing matchless level of comfort. There remains no risk of the helmet lifting off while riding at high speeds. Read More

Bell Pit Boss Flames Motorcycle Half Helmet

The Bell Vortex was developed in the Santa Cruz design center of California; this high tech helmet has borrowed many features from its elder brother Star helmet.

This helmet is a good choice for everyday usage and you can occasionally transition this helmet into a race track helmet. It comes in three shell sizes and has speaker pockets as well. This helmet is the best value for your money as it comes with a huge package of features. The helmet has good graphics, a unique sleek and feminine design; it is a complete package for a female rider. Read More

Matte White Pink Butterfly Full Face

The Matte White helmet by IV2 with pink Butterfly Graphics is DOT certified; all such helmets are made with good quality materials like Fiber-glass mix and/or polycarbonate with special paint curing and cold weather additive as well as protection from UV rays to ensure best quality protection and durability.

This helmet is injection-molded at high-pressure and the mold line part is removed to paint it over for minimizing surface imperfections and maximizing the display ability of graphics. All IV2 helmets are treated with a UV clear coat which protects the graphic design from fading or peeling off and for ensuring a finish that is long-lasting. Read More

Consider the Features that You Would Like

There is one final step in choosing the best motorcycle helmet. You need to think about the features you would like. This is not a necessity, but there are some cool features to consider.

For example, you may want removable cheek pads with a full-face helmet. Other options include fog-free face shields, Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable vents, noise reduction, among dozens of other features. These are personal preferences, but some of these features do provide some additional safety. For example, an anti-fog shield can be useful in humid conditions.

Use these suggestions to find the best motorcycle helmet for you. Everyone is different – not only the shape of your head, but your preferences. Money should not be a factor when choosing motorcycle helmets for women. Your priority should be to find a quality helmet.

You can read more more about kids motorcycle helmets.


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