Predator Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Alien vs Predator movies have spawned some of the craziest costumes and helmets available today, look no further than the Predator Motorcycle Helmet to make that ring true. The predator is a fictional character that was made popular with the Alien movies.


​Essentially, the predator the greatest hunter known to the galaxy in the films would hunt the ultimate prey, the Alien. These movies highlighted the predator’s unique armor, interesting fight scenes, and much more.

​As such, predators became an icon in recent decades as some of the coolest character designs and motorcycle accessory companies wanted to capitalize on the pop culture icon.

​There are various predator motorcycle helmet designs, but they all have roughly the same construction. Some have different cosmetic looks, while others have different paint and graphic themes like traditional helmets.

​Some motorcycle helmet companies have gone so far as to include LED lights, different features like audio commands, and changing cosmetics. The one we will be reviewing today has some bells and whistles that go along with it, which add an extra touch of uniqueness that one wouldn’t find with traditional motorcycle helmets today.

​Ample Protection Is Available

One of the concerns with prop helmets and accessories that turn into motorcycle equipment is whether or not they are safe enough for the public’s use. The producers of this motorcycle helmet have gone so far as to make sure that everything meets the standards set by the Department of Transportation, and are safe for collisions and general wear.

This means that individuals looking to purchase this helmet, but were worried about the safety standards can be reassured that this helmet does meet DOT regulations and will provide protection.

​Size Is A Concern

One of the main problems with any motorcycle helmet is how large the helmet is, and the fit. As is customary, most motorcycle helmets that attempt to look like something straight out of a movie have to be a little bit larger than traditional helmets because they have to capture the style, and offer ample protection for riders.

The status quo doesn’t change with the predator motorcycle helmet, as it is one of the largest helmets you might find on the market today. The helmet in nature has to be custom made due to the fact that it has a lot of assembly required.

​Most helmets nowadays have modular parts like the visor, which can flip up or down and interchange different colors. With the predator motorcycle helmet, the shell has to be completely custom made and tentacles, LEDs and the visor have to be placed inside the helmet.

​That means that on top of all the traditional protection gear within the helmet, there are additional customization standards that must be met to provide the customer with the closest movie adaptation possible.

​As a result, what one gets with the predator motorcycle helmet almost looks like a cinderblock on the head. In the sense of sheer size, and weight. Traditional construction methods for affordable predator motorcycle helmets have made them quite heavy.

​This is why most manufacturers are having customers spend the extra money on carbon fiber shells which cut down on the weight, and don’t give owners a massive headache after hours of usage.

In addition to the weight of the helmet, the tentacles that are attached to the helmet also have a weight to them. The helmet we are reviewing by Pro Predator Helmet has what feels like a thin rope with nylon tips that swish back and forth while you ride.

While each strand of rope doesn’t weigh too much, having a whole set of them on the back of the helmet that swings back and forth every time you turn your head to look around does create a sense of extra unnecessary weight.

In addition to the helmet being extremely large in size, the sizing concerns are what have caused people to stay away from these types of movie prop helmet replicas.

As each helmet has to be custom made due to the sheer difficulty of mass producing them, owners have to measure their own size before placing an order. This means that there is room for error on both sides of the equation.

Potential owners can size their head wrong, or the manufacturer might produce the helmet to the wrong specifications that don’t fit the end consumer. This means that there are multiple points of error from the time the order is placed, to the actual wearing of the predator motorcycle helmet.

Considering the fact that these helmets are extremely costly, it is difficult for both sides of the equation to offer refunds as well, as the production is very labor intensive, and the market is relatively small for each size of the helmet.

​Alien Inscription Accuracies Abound

One of the important things to note about any helmet is whether or not every feature included adds value to the product. And the alien inscriptions that come along with the styling of this helmet do just that.

The helmet is painted with some of the alien inscriptions that one would find from the movies, and it showcases just how accurate the makers of this predator motorcycle helmet made this helmet.

It’s clear that the company didn’t hold anything back when they wanted to make a motorcycle helmet that was as realistic to the movie prop, as long as it provides ample protection as well.

One of the highlights in the movies is the fact that the Predator seems to have some sort of infrared technology that allows the hunter to see through walls, and target his effective prey. The makers of this motorcycle predator helmet have gone so far as to include that with this design.

They have included a red LED set of lights that are built into the frame of the helmet that light up when the owner decides to turn them on. While they don’t provide any additional use for the motorcycle helmet user, they do add to the cosmetic appearance of the helmet, which goes a long way.

​Basic Comforts Are An Issue

For most motorcycle companies, they have a few simple goals in mind. They would like to create a helmet that is affordable, provides ample protection, and is comfortable. Often times with motorcycle prop helmets, a few things are compromised.

We’ve already discussed how the helmet does cover DOT standards, but it compromises on comfortability. The helmet itself doesn’t have any air vents. In addition, the visor doesn’t open or budge at all, meaning that the only air intake is underneath the chin.

This means that owners will get extremely hot underneath the helmet, and will have no way of cooling down their head, except to take the helmet off.

Another problem associated with this helmet is the fact that the sound happens to be another complaint. Because there are no vents, it is difficult to hear things around you, and when you do it’s often the engine of the motorcycle because the sound comes from the bottom up.

While some people don’t like to hear too much sound so they can protect their ears, this will be a cause for concern to those individuals who like to hear what’s going on around them in the event that they have to react quickly or enjoy hearing the open road.

Individuals who have prescription glasses, or enjoy riding with some form of glasses on cannot enjoy this helmet at all. Since the visors are fixed, they cannot be replaced or removed in the event that they get damaged or the owner would like to switch out the visor for a different color.

This means that any customization option is relatively small, and has to be placed before the order is shipped. Have a scratch on the visor, well you can’t get it fixed unless you send it back to the company, which is costly.

​If you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet that is something to wear while driving to a local car show and back, this is the helmet for you. Otherwise, we advise staying away from it.

Things We Liked:

  • Accurate Movie Replica
  • DOT Approved
  • Adds a Bit of Style Uniqueness To Short Commute

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Uncomfortable
  • Limited Air Flow
  • No Customization After Order
  • All Repairs Have To Go Through Producer•
  • Cannot Be Worn With Glasses
  • Takes 3-4 Weeks To Produce, 3-4 Weeks To Receive
  • Feels Like an Expensive Toy


As you can tell, we weren’t too impressed with the Predator Motorcycle Helmet by Pro Predator Helmet, as there are plenty of other options available on the market today. While the helmet does add a little flair to a short commute, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of an actual motorcycle helmet.

For the cost of purchasing the predator motorcycle helmet, an owner could go with something else that provides greater comfort, more customization options, longer commutes, and isn’t as bulky.

Where to buy a Predator Helmet?

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