What Are The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers For You?

Motorcycle riding is already a lot of fun for the riding enthusiasts, but a pair of the best motorcycle helmet speakers is going to make it even more exciting. Listening to your favorite music while you are riding down a road is definitely a great feeling. But as we all know wearing a helmet is compulsory and finding the perfect pair of speakers that can fit under your helmet comfortably might sound like an intricate task.


However, it is not that difficult. There are various types of speakers especially made for the kind of helmet you use; you just have to find the best motorcycle helmet speakers that will fulfill all your requirements.

Finding the best motorcycle helmet speakers

If you have been looking for helmet speakers from a long time, you might already be aware of the countless options available in the market. In case it is not your first helmet speaker investment then you might already know what to expect and what not, but if you are looking to invest some money for the first time then by all means get the best motorcycle helmet speakers.

The best motorcycle helmet speakers are somewhat similar to the personal headphones that you use in many ways. You require the same comfort, durability and good sound from your helmet speakers. But these will be on your helmet and this requires for you to go through some issues beforehand.

What is important?

Before investing money in the best motorcycle helmet speakers of your choice, it might be helpful for you to go through this article once. To buy the best motorcycle helmet speakers you will have to answer various compatibility and requirement questions.

A few things that you should ask yourself before getting speakers for your helmet are mentioned below. Ask these questions to yourself so that you know exactly what you are looking for in a pair of helmet speakers.

  • How do they feel on your ears?

Certain speakers are designed in such a way that they slide into the helmet’s ear pads and some helmets do not allow this. Depending upon the type of helmet you have, first decide what design and model of speakers will fit into it properly in such a way that you remain comfortable.

  • Do you normally wear riding gloves?

Most headphones that are made for helmets have some buttons and volume control on the wire itself. These controls can be used easily with gloved hands on some of the best motorcycle helmet speakers but on certain cord, controls can be difficult to maneuver with gloves on your hands. So, you might have to consider voice controlled wireless speakers.

  • Will a microphone be required?

Do you require the best motorcycle helmet speakers with a microphone so that you can operate everything completely hands-free? If you can make and receive calls without having to take off the helmet on your head then it is a good and useful feature. You can play music, take calls and also operate GPS.

What else to consider?

In addition to the above-mentioned features, you should also consider some additional features such as whether your face is half-face or full-face? While selecting the best motorcycle helmet speakers consider if you really want a headphone with microphone because you have a half face helmet.

The style of helmet also impacts the audio you hear differently. It depends on the wind sound or echo and another thing to consider is that how are the speakers attached to your helmet?

How to decide?

Things like whether the speakers are attached to the helmet’s inner wall with adhesive or a clamp also need to be considered. The best motorcycle helmet speakers might also come with a headband thin enough to sit under your helmet.

Below is a thoughtfully compiled list of some of the very best motorcycle helmet speakers, this will help you to narrow down your choices.

Sena SMH5-01 Bluetooth Headset

The Sena SMH5-01 uses the Bluetooth 3.0 technology for wireless communication and it can be connected with up to 4 people at the same time for a conference. This intercom is perfect for motorcycle and scooter riders, you can take hands-free calls or converse with a fellow rider within the range of 400 meters.

These are one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers that claim to have a battery life of up to 8 hours and it has cross brand intercom communication compatibility as it follows Universal Intercom protocols.


  • Fully hands-free
  • Has a separate charging port and can be charged with a standard USB charging wire used for smartphones
  • Can be used while charging and it can be charged while you are still riding


  • No charger is included in the package, just the USB data, and charging cable
  • A little pricey
  • Customer service is not up to the mark, could be better

Another big benefit of the Sena SMH5-01 is that it has voice controlled functionality that enables the rider to use this device without indulging their hands. These speakers can be utilized for intercom conferencing, GPS-device pairing, music playback and calling you’re your helmet on which makes it one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers.

The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty and it comes with volume profiles that are individually adjustable. It can be installed easily in almost all full-face helmets and I have used it in a half face helmet, it also remains unaffected by little rain.

BE Headwear Bluetooth Headset

The BE Headwear headset is completely compatible with all smartphones and Bluetooth devices. The entire package includes a DCV Velcro helmet mounts, micro USB cord for charging and BE-Link arrangement.

These are one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers with 4.0 Bluetooth technologies and a built-in microphone to enable completely hands-free operation. There is a step-by-step voice prompting mechanism that activates and receives commands in your voice. The speaker has 30 mm drives, durable and ultra-slim design with great acoustics.


  • Lifetime warranty and good customer service
  • Excellent sound, overall high-quality product and great compatibility with all devices
  • Low price and best suited for motorcycle riders


  • More suited for use with a full-face helmet
  • Using the control buttons while riding is problematic as they are on one of the headphones
  • Does not fit in with all helmets, your helmet might require modification

These are one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers from BE Headwear Technology with a battery life of 9 hours. The lifetime warranty coupled with a very good price range makes it a very attractive option for possible buyers.

These helmet speakers are not waterproof but can handle a little sweat, although they will require proper constant cleaning and care. However, I would recommend that before buying this set ensure that it will fit well within your helmet and try it on once if possible.

Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Helmet Audio

The Bluetooth headset from Outdoor Technology is a simple looking pair of two thin speakers connected to each other with a single wire. A helmet with inbuilt ear pouched will be best for these speakers or you can get then installed in your helmet if there are no pouches already.

Like all other best motorcycle helmet speakers, these will also require proper positioning in the helmet so that you can hear the sound at their full potential. It has a built-in microphone to deliver high-quality sound in your helmet without having to use your hands.


  • Water and sweat resistant (not waterproof) and can be operated at very low temperatures
  • Very long battery life and durable
  • The Siri/Ok Google can be used through voice activation in these headphones


  • Not good sound quality at high speed or extreme wind noise
  • Overall sound quality and bass could be improved
  • Connectivity issues and operation problems

These are one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers from Outdoor Technology that come with a two-button control system which enables you to answer calls, pause/play music, change tracks and adjust volume from outside of the helmet.

It can be operated with gloved hands and has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with 280 hours of standby time and playtime of 10 hours. It has a wireless range of 32 feet and also comes with an audio jack in case you do want to connect it using Bluetooth; the audio line-in is included with the package.

IASUS XSound 3 Helmet Speakers

The high definition helmet speakers from IASUS called XSound 3 are one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers. These third generation helmet speakers are made of high-grade chassis of aluminum to ensure a hyper-sleek thin and lightweight design.

This pair of headphones is designed to deliver crisp highs and clean solid bass, meanwhile giving tough competition to all full sized specialized headphones. It works well with all smartphones, portable music, and media players, although; it might not be compatible with Sena SMH10R, XSound 3: Qz, Q1, Q2 and Scala Rider G9X.


  • Good bass and sound quality 
  • Very light in weight
  • Can be installed easily in almost all types of helmets


  • Compatibility issues, do not sound their best with certain devices
  • Might sound low to some

The IASUS XSound 3 high definition helmet speakers are one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers in the market. I did experience some problem with sound initially, it was low and I was resenting these already when I tried one thing.

The positioning of these headphones, if the placement is not correct you might not hear the sound correctly, also remember to install the foam pads that are included in the package for perfect positioning and comfort for your ears.

The complete package contains pads, foam cover, and Velcro so that they can be mounted in any helmet, even those which come without pockets are a place for speakers.

IDEAPRO Waterproof V6 Bluetooth Headset

The IDEAPRO waterproof V6 motorcycle Bluetooth headset has auto call receiving feature so that you are totally hands free and can ride comfortably with complete concentration on the road.

You can pair “rider to passenger” or “rider to rider” and it has the capacity to interphone a maximum of 6 people but there can be communication between two people only at one time meanwhile enabling you to switch between the different people on intercom.

It is waterproof up to level 5 making this product entirely weather protected, the buttons are made of a more stable rubber and plastic composition.


  • High connectivity range of up to 1200 meters
  • Can support a conference with up to 6 people
  • Waterproof, up to 5 levels


  • Hand-free calling can be problematic
  • Your helmet might require some alternation to fit this headset in
  • Compatibility issues

The IDEAPRO V6 is one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers with waterproof capability, making them a good choice for riders who ride in bad weather conditions.

This pair comes with line-in audio port, navigation audio from GPS, wind noise cancellation and a standby time of 240 hours. It is capable of working at the speed of 120 km/hour, takes 3 hours to charge fully and it has a warranty period of 1 year. It can also be used for calling or listening to music when you are not riding.


This list of the best Motorcycle helmet speakers is compiled to help you find the best match for yourself. According to me the Sena SMH5-01 tops the list closely followed by the waterproof V6 headset by IDEAPRO, but all other products in this article would fit into the requirements and helmets of other riders well. It all really depends on what you are looking for.

All motorcycle helmet speakers listed here will be well in the budget of everyone and will surely not burn a hole in your pocket. You can share this article with your friends if you appreciate it or leave comments for additional feedback.

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