Tips To Deal With Helmet–Hair Problems


If you ride a bike or motorcycle and use a helmet then you are definitely aware of the hair problems that come with it. First of all never prefer good looking hair over safety, always use proper head gear for protection. On the other hand, there are certain hair problems that accompany a helmet. Every rider that uses a helmet is aware of ‘helmet hair’ when all hair under the secure shield of the helmet gets flatly plastered to your skull after a long ride.

Do not let this hair problem stop you from riding your bike or using a helmet for that matter as it is essential for protection and legally compulsory as well. Till date, there is no such helmet developed which could avoid helmet hair but there are certain ways to contain this situation. These tips might come in handy the next time you will ride.

Haircut – Helmet problems

The problem that most people face is that their hair cut which they have invested a lot in does not stay as it is supposed to after a long bike ride. People with medium length hair face more problems as compared to people who have really short or really long hair.

Although using dry shampoo or hairspray can be useful for some but many experienced hairdressers and riders suggest against doing so. The problem with this could be that extensive regular use of hair products will rub on the helmet interior and make it messy, not hygienic or strong products might also affect the protective abilities of the helmet shell layers. On the other hand, if you have the time, patience and removable inner lining then you can wash, clean or de-sanitize it periodically and continue using the desired hair product which works well for you. But, we do suggest not do this regularly as it is not good for the health of both your headgear and hair.

There are some simple techniques which can help you to some extend and it is understood that such hair problems are more common in place with extremely hot and humid temperature conditions.

Length of hair

There are movies that show a motorcycle rider with long hair take off the helmet, shake the head a little and reveal a stunning looking hair style, you already know this is just not possible in real life. But, it is certainly possible to keep your tresses looking presentable.

What length of hair is the right length for helmets? The length of hair is not a problem if you have really small hair; most men riding motorbikes on long trips prefer keeping their hair really short so that they don’t have to worry about them. The very short shaved army cut can suit certain men and the ones who are willing to go with an almost bald head should have no helmet hair issues.


Very short buzz cut hair can cause itching problems, so to avoid that a helmet liner or scarf can be wrapped around the head. Then there are people with really long hair, there might be an issue like excess sweating in extreme weather but there is not much problem during winters. However, to maintain the good quality of long hair you can wrap them in a scarf or braid them to keep them out of your way.

However, using big hair pins can cause a problem as they will dig into your scalp and prove to be painful in a well-fitted head gear. Use a bandana or soft cloth hair tie instead.

Types of haircut

A regular two-wheeler enthusiast understands the hair problems which accompany long rides. When you take off your helmet after a long ride, you never know what kind of new messy state you will find your hair in until you look at the mirror. Some precautions can help you keep your new hair cut investment intact.

  • Never keep you medium or long length tresses open during a ride as the wind, pollution, and debris from the road will distraught them completely. Short hair that is completely covered by the helmet can be left as such.
  • Just after you leave the salon with a new hair cut, avoid a two-wheeler ride.
  • Never put a helmet on wet hair as it will completely mess them up and can leave an odor in the interior cloth lining of your head gear.
  • Open helmets or bicycle helmets can also ruin a hair style, braid your hair or tie them up.

The kind of hair style men should go for is; as small hair as possible. If you like to keep your hair all styled-up then some time for extra care will be required when you remove the helmet after each trip.



For all women out there, it can be a lot of trouble especially if the destination you reach after a long ride requires you to look all elegant or dolled-up. Again, the same goes for you; you will need to make space for some styling.

If you are looking for some particular hair cut that could help you then a popular choice is are layered haircuts. Layering in long and thick hair will make them manageable after rides and still keep you looking good. It is slightly better than other hair cuts as it will not require much styling after the hectic ride. Make sure you tie a scarf around your hair, layers look good when you open your hair after braiding, make sure they are dry, a simple comb through them and you are good to go.

One difficult hair style to keep in place is bangs, to keep them looking good and in place can be a little difficult. One way is while wearing your helmet, while your head is half-way in put your hand through the shield and sweep all bangs back to the place where you want, then pull the helmet down to its position securing all hair in its place. This will keep the bangs out of your eyes and they will look decent enough when you set them back on their place after your ride.

Another way is to tie a head band around your forehead to keep the bangs secure. One good option is to always keep a comb or hair brush handy to style your hair afterwards. For very short hair cuts like pixie hair, wrapping them in a silk or cotton scarf is a good option.


  • Always keep a hairbrush or comb handy and all the other small hair accessories or products you might require. Keep them in your back pack.
  • The helmet liner is a great option; it fits perfectly and can help to keep long or medium hair in place. Perspiration might be a problem but the hair will remain out of your face for sure.


  • Keep your hair dry. Remove your helmet and after ensure that the helmet is completely dry before you store it. Each time you remove the headgear from your head, let your hair air dry completely so that they can regain some style.
  • If you have really short hair or an almost bald/completely bald head, go for a helmet liner or a cotton scarf tied to your head under the helmet. Just make sure that the helmet fits perfectly and does not slip off because of the cloth underneath.
  • The best option for small hair is French braids if you know how to do them. This style will keep your hair from being flat and sticking to your skull. It will help your hair to retain some volume when you later un-braid them.
  • Foe long hair braiding or making a bun of your hair is a good option
  • There are people who get irritated by the damp/dry hair constantly lying on the back of their neck; this can be an issue with medium length hair. You can tie a cotton scarf around your neck to minimize the irritation.
  • For really long hair, braids are the best option and always remember to cover your hair if not braiding. Exposure to external elements can also be harsh for long tresses.8
  • Some frequent riders suggest the use of an air tube; it does make you look a little weird while you wear it. Anyhow, it is a very cheap option to go with and keeps your hair in good condition.
  • Men who love to style their hair can keep their favorite hair product around. Most men have small hair so even they are wet you can let then dry and then style them as you like, sure it is time-consuming but totally worth it if you want stylish hair style.
  • Switching to a modular helmet might also prove helpful for some.
  • Airhead is a recent Australian invention which can be very helpful to you. It is a gel like star-shape gel headgear to keep inside the helmet. It helps in keeping your hair cut intact to a great extent.

Helmet hair can be troublesome, but we love riding our bikes and will not let these hair problems keep us away from our passion. We hope the above tips help you to maintain your hair cuts and styles.

Bradley Miller

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of controlling a thundering beast beneath you. In addition to the joy of the ride a motorcycle has many advantages over any other vehicle. You learn how to drive the smarter way with traffic rules on the road; also you are always in the state of complete-awareness when on the ride.