Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $200

The helmet is a necessity for all motorcycle riders; it provides protection to your head in the case of any major or minor accident. Helmets these days are packed with features such as integrated speakers, multiple interchangeable visors, Bluetooth capability and much more. The addition of special features also increases the price of these helmets.


Now, you might not have enough funds to buy the top or mid-range headgear that could cost anything from $400 to $900. You could be looking for the best motorcycle helmet under 200 dollars.

Finding The Perfect Budget Helmet

If you own a motorcycle, you would know that it requires continuous maintenance and expenditure of money never really stops. Insurance, ownership, registration, fuel, periodic repairs and servicing all require a constant share of your income. When you ride any motorcycle regularly, it demands appropriate accessories such as riding jackets, boots, trousers, sunglasses, navigation, headgear and other safety equipment.

Such situation could make you think about buying the low-range helmet for your head as it also needs to be changed after a few years. Most helmets provide guaranteed protection for a limited amount of time and then you have to buy a new one. Depending on your riding conditions, duration of rides and environment you live in, you will have to mull over a few things before getting a helmet

  • Options available: Firstly, you will have to choose from an open-face helmet, half-face helmet or full-face helmet. This choice is entirely up to you, it depends on your preferences. Although a full-face helmet is recommended if you live in extreme weather conditions such as cold, windy or desert area. They could take a little getting used to but also provide added protection to your skull and neck. Then there are many more specifications to select from.
  • Lightweight: When you are constrained due to money issues, never compromise with the characteristics that are crucial. The best value motorcycle helmet that you buy needs to be light in weight. Any helmet that is heavy will not be good for long rides as you will start feeling the extra burden soon on your shoulders, neck, and back. Composite or fiberglass shells are made of a very lightweight material and even if multiple layers of this material are used, they will not make a heavyweight helmet.
  • Right fit and size: To get the right size you just do not have to know whether your head is small, medium or large but you also need to know the shape of your head. Helmets come in various head shapes that are somewhere between oval and round to ensure your helmet fits snugly to your head. Most common head shapes are long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval. Find out your right fit and get that only as a loose fit or uncomfortable shape might not provide the required safety.
  • Configuration: Choosing the right configuration is another crucial thing besides the price of the helmet you buy. You can get some of the best motorcycle helmet under 300 and even below $200. You can choose from racing helmets, hi-viz, dual sport, modular and touring. A touring helmet is great with all the ventilation and comfort for long trips but modular helmets are all the rage these days and there is a good reason behind this. A modular helmet has a versatile lid, lifting up the chin bar converts this full face helmet into an open faced helmet.
  • Bluetooth capability: Features like integrated speakers or Bluetooth capability are crucial for some riders. People who love to go on riding expeditions and long trips with friends and riding partners require navigation systems, speakers and Bluetooth in the helmet itself for comfortable and interruption-free riding. Helmets providing hands-free calling, music, GPS and intercom can cost a lot, but if you want the best motorcycle helmet under 200, there are Bluetooth capable helmets. These helmets have space to install speakers and a wired or wireless communication system.
  • Product quality and certification: Low price does not necessarily mean low quality also. The best motorcycle helmet under 100 is also available. Ensure that the helmet you buy has a quality certification such as DOT if you are US or ECE in Europe. There are additional third-party certifiers such as SNELL and SHARP, where a helmet is submitted by the manufacturer for complete quality and assurance testing.
  • Other technical specifications: There are various other features and specifications that you can look for in normal best-rated motorcycle helmets. Yes, the great features you are looking for can be easily found in motorcycle helmets under 200$. Removable lining, UV protection from the visor, modular capability, adjustable ventilation vents and much more. You might not be able to get all these features together in one helmet. So you could have to compromise or decide which features are the most important for you.

Also, remember that if you crash your helmet even once and irrespective of the fact that the crash was big or very small, you should replace your helmet. After even a slight crash, there might not be any visible damage but a little crash can drastically decrease the effectiveness of a helmet.

Which Is The Best Helmet For You?

Price is not the only thing that you have to consider before buying a helmet, count all your personal preferences as well. The right helmet will save your life in those extremely dangerous 10 seconds and a bad helmet could give you a headache in few minutes of the ride.

According to different features, we have compiled a list of the best motorcycle helmet under 200 for you, select one from these and you will not regret your decision.

1- Bell Pit Boss Helmet

The Pit Boss helmet from Bell could be your first choice if you are looking for an open-face helmet. It is a classic, simple and no-nonsense helmet and one of the best in half helmet styles available today. Composed of the TriMatrix light material, it is extremely light in weight and passes all standards set by DOT.

There is a minimalistic Speed Dial adjustable fitting system by Bell which will help you to get the right customized fit (both horizontally and vertically) and will not lift at high speeds. Just add a drop down visor and removable curtain for neck and you get a perfect helmet. Apart from this helmet, the Vortex by Bell is also worth mentioning, although not included in this list, it is a good option as well.


  • Easy to operate visor
  • Very little to no lift up even at 70+mph speed
  • Ear covers are removable and they reduce wind noise also


  • Lining is not removable but there is a neck curtain that can be removed
  • The quality and positioning of the visor need improvement

The shell uses composite Kevlar Fiberglass Carbon blend and the adjustable sizing system is great to avoid lift-offs at high speed. There is an internal shade to provide protection from rays of the sun. The removable neck curtain is to facilitate riding in cold weather conditions. Presence of speaker pockets allows you to set up a communication system; it also comes with a 5-year warranty and DOT certification.

2 - LS2 Stream Solid Full-face Helmet

The Stream Solid helmet from LS2 is ECE and DOT certified, also it comes with a drop-down built-in sun shield and all this under 150 dollars. The low price is because of the manufacturer’s direct factory pricing.

The shell is extremely light-weight, designed aerodynamically and made of high-performance proprietary HPTT alloy of polycarbonate. The fabric is comfortable and cute technically using a laser to include cheek pads in one piece together and ensure that the fit is perfect with no irritating seams. It can also be removed and washed (with hands only).


  • Quick release chin strap and face shield
  • Multiple dynamic vents at all the right positions
  • Available in lots of colors, design and size options


  • Noisy and could create fogging
  • The opening is too small

The LS2 Stream Solid full-face is one of the best-looking motorcycle helmets. It has an easy to use quick release which is tool-less and makes shield swapping very easy. The shield is ready for pin lock, optically correct and scratch resistant.

A twin built-in drop down shield system with sun block is there for your comfort. This best value motorcycle at an amazing price comes with a 5-year warranty on workmanship and material defects.

3 - Bitwell Gringo Helmet

The Gringo helmet from Bitwell has an ABS injection molded outer shell with a very attractive finish by hand painting. There is an expanded polystyrene present in the helmet shell. The lining is completely removable, brushed with lycra, hand sewn and has a quilted diamond stitched open cell cushioning with foam.

The interior chin pad is BioFoam and has contrast hand sewn stitching. It has a neck strap with plated and rugged steel D-ring with an adjustable retainer on strap end. The mounting hardware and aluminum hinge cover on the laser cut, injection molded polycarbonate shield for eye port is also rugged.


  • Aesthetic, vintage look with modern improvements
  • Detachable, washable inner lining and an EPS shock absorbing inner shell
  • DOT certified


  • No flex screen or bubble shield is included, it needs to be bought separately
  • Can be a little noisy

Probably one of the best motorcycle helmet under 200, this Bitwell edition can be customized with the shades of your choice, but interchanging them could be difficult. This helmet has accented edging on the shell and eye port.

4 - HJC IS-33 Half-face Helmet

The IS-33 is a great option if you want a half-face helmet, it will be perfect for riders who do not prefer full-face helmets as it will provide almost all the features of a full face helmet without actually being one. Anti-bacterial SilverCool inner lining that can be detached and washed. The composite polycarbonate shell makes it light in weight.


  • The shield mechanism is great
  • Very light in weight
  •  Low price with high quality looks


  • The design is better suited for round heads
  •  Will not provide as good protection as a full face helmet
  • Can be problematic during sand storms

​So, if you feel like dropping the chin strap then choose this great half face option with adjustable vents for more ventilation. It has an anti-fog, anti-scratch face shield, the sun visor is flip down and can be locked at three different positions. It is DOT approved.

5 - Vega Summit 3.0 Helmet

The Vega Summit 3.0 is a full face helmet, this a modular option for you that is well under 200. There is an inner tinted sun shield that can be dropped down and this helmet is Bluetooth or communication system ready. The wick-dri inner lining fabric is super absorbent and the helmet comes with a plush bag for storage.


  • You can get a communication system installed in the speaker pockets
  • Great quality anti-fog visor and sun visor
  • Comfortable and can be worn with glasses


  • Needs both hands to convert from full face to half
  • A bit noisy, you might need ear plugs

If you are looking for the best motorcycle helmet under 200 and it should be modular, then this is a great option for you. With some of the best prices on motorcycle helmets, Vega has great helmet options in the modular section and this is the top most in the low budget ones. This helmet has a great ventilation system and it is DOT approved.

Final Thought

We have tried to include all types of helmets in this list such as open face, modular, full-face, communication system compatible in various designs and sizes, so that you know that these options are available in a very decent price range.

The Vega Summit is a great modular option and you can go for Bell if you want an open face helmet. These are the best prices on motorcycle helmets possible out there with such great features.Let us know what you think about this article, feel free to leave feedback. If this read proved helpful to you in any way, share it with your friends, family and motorcycle enthusiasts.

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