What Kind of Motorcycle Should You Get?

Choosing the best motorcycle can be quite tricky especially when it is your first time to buy. I remember when I first bought my motorcycle, the very first question that came to mind, what kind of motorcycle should I get? With a wide range of choices including different types of bikes, brand and models, sometimes you find yourself confused as to which is the best buy. It all begins in knowing your needs, lifestyle and other personal preference.


Selecting Your Perfect Bike

When you have finally decided to buy a motorcycle, here are useful tips to guide you through the buying process:

  • First is you need to assess your experience level. This is one of the major factors that you need to consider. Experienced riders have broader options when it comes to choosing their preferred motorcycles.
  • Know your needs. Why are you buying a motorcycle in the first place? Where do you want to use it? These are the questions you have to ask since you want to find a motorcycle that are suitable for certain roads and terrains where you will use your bike.
  • If you are a beginner, you may want to consider buying a motorcycle that has a lighter weight. This makes it easier for you when it comes to balancing, steering and braking.
  • You may also want to have a motorcycle that has a lower seat height which is reassuring for novice riders.
  • You may also want to have a motorcycle that has a lower seat height which is reassuring for novice riders.
  • Find a motorcycle that has anti-lock braking system as it makes it easier for you to stop.
  • You do not necessarily have to go for expensive motorcycles. Make sure that it fits your budget.

Different Types

To help you select the motorcycle that best fits your budget and needs, you need to know the different types of motorcycles.

Street Bikes

From the name itself, this type of motorcycle is created and designed for street use. This bike is used for paved roads. There are varieties of street bikes, but they usually have smooth tires and light tread patterns.

Under this category, there are various kinds of street bikes which include the following:

Standard Motorcycles:

Also known as “naked bikes”, they are dubbed to be as specialized motorcycles. They do not have windscreens and fairings, but they can give you a natural sitting position which is highly recommended for novice riders.

Touring Bikes:

For longer distances, the best choice is the touring bike. They are known to have larger engines, wind protection feature and bigger capacity fuel tank. On top of that, they also have more storage spaces.

Sport Bikes:

This type of bike has great speed compared to other motorcycles. They are also equipped with stronger engines, better braking systems, higher foot pegs and the hand controls are longer.

Cruiser Motorcycles

The last variety is the cruiser motorcycle which is also known as chopper. This type of motorcycle is created by top brand motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson. Also known as custom bikes, they exude stylish designs. This is not recommended for new riders.

Off-Road Bikes

Also known as “dirt bikes”, this type of bike is suitable for rough terrains. If you are looking for a motorcycle that can be used for rough surfaces that have dirt, grass and sand, this is the perfect choice to have. Off-road bikes compared to street bikes are lighter, rugged, thicker and have better suspension. Just a precaution, when using off-road bikes, you should use be more careful.

Dual Purpose Motorcycles

For a combination of off-road and street motorcycles, there is the dual purpose motorcycle. This type combines the design, features and specs of the two different bikes which enables you to use a motorcycle that you can use for rough terrains and also for paved roads. Dual purpose motorcycles have side-view mirrors, horns, headlines and turn signals. It also has a taller seat and better suspension. If you are looking for a motorcycle that you can use to explore off the road activities, this is the one to get.

Scooters and Mopeds 

Scooters and mopeds are more suitable for day to day activities. When driving around town, you need a motorcycle that is easy to use and to maneuver. They are smaller in design and have bigger storage spaces. The only downside of using scooters and mopeds is that they are not as fast. For beginners, this is also a great choice.

Buying a motorcycle that best fits your budget and needs does not have to be a stressful process. When you know what you need, it is much easier for you to compare your choices.

Follow these tips and know which among the different types of motorcycles to help you find the best motorcycle.

Bradley Miller

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of controlling a thundering beast beneath you. In addition to the joy of the ride a motorcycle has many advantages over any other vehicle. You learn how to drive the smarter way with traffic rules on the road; also you are always in the state of complete-awareness when on the ride.