When to Change Your Motorcycle Tires

Your love for motorcycle riding becomes evident when you buy the motorcycle of your choice by investing a huge amount of money. All vehicles including a motorcycle require constant maintenance and service which in turn can deplete your savings if not planned in a good way. Tires are a very crucial component of your motorcycle; they keep you on the road and also require proper attention.


So how do you know exactly when to replace motorcycle tires? Which factors need to be considered? How will you know that it is time to get a new pair of tires for your motorcycle?

When to replace motorcycle tires?

If a car tire blows while driving there are problems but if you lose one tire of your motorcycle tires, there can be extremely serious consequences. It is very simple to check the health of your motorcycle’s tires, these simple maintenance practices can be done by any person without expert help. You just need to use your eyes to inspect for punctures, aging, scalloping, flat spots, bulges, crazing and low tread.

The key is checking your tires regularly and paying attention to small changes while riding. Prior to the visual inspection of your motorcycle tire, it is crucial that you should be aware of the basic tire characteristics. Know the proper pressure, size, type of tire and tube type beforehand.

But, what needs to be checked? How will you know that your motorcycle tire is damaged without the help of an expert mechanic? Below some self-help pointers are explained so that you know when to replace motorcycle tires by identifying and judging each issue

Tread Depth

There are indicator bars incorporated by tire manufacturers along the tread to know the extent of tread wear. When to replace motorcycle tires? Whenever these raised bars of rubber inside the tread become flush with the rest of the surface of your tire.

Another method is the classic penny test. When you place a penny in the tread and the head of Honest Ape’s is covered to any point means there is still some time left in your tires.

Cracks and aging

Like almost everything else, a tire is also affected by sunlight. After long periods of direct sun exposure, if you notice small cracks on the sidewalls or the center tread, you should not ask when to replace motorcycle tires, you should just do it. Crazing, a problem of cracking in tires caused by dry rot is another thing to look out for.

The standard life span of an active tire is not more than 5 years. An active life is not measured from manufacturing date but the date when you started using that tire. Generally, the life span of a tire is 10 years from the date of manufacture. But if you face any issue, consider replacing your motorcycle tires immediately.


Driving carefully and smartly will contribute to more age of your vehicle’s tires. If you indulge in rash driving, it leads to unidirectional rotation of tires causing cupping. The leading edges of the tread shape face excessive deterioration and the trailing part of the tread remain less used with sharp edges.

When to replace motorcycle tires which face scalloping? If you have dual-sport tires or you participate in off-road riding, this is a common problem for you. Scalloped tires cause decreased on-road traction and increase in vibration; this is the signal for you to get a new pair of tires.

Flat spots

The wear and tear of your motorcycle tire say a lot about your driving habits if you mostly ride upright and slow, your tires are bound to wear less on the edges and more in the center creating a chicken strip or flat spot. This is a situation you should be concerned about and it calls for immediate action.

On the other hand, if you are a speed lover, there are chances you have certain repetitive lean angles when they turn causing edge flattening. While checking your tires look for two flat rings on either edge of both the tires. Flat spots also form if a motorcycle is left stationary for an extended period of time.Do not ask when to replace motorcycle tire in such conditions, just go ahead and do it.

Tire Bulges

Another serious tire problem is bulging, if a part of one tire is weak the air pressure inside makes it bulge outside as a bubble and this, in turn, causes extra rubber deterioration on that spot. When to replace motorcycle tires? The minute you notice an air bulge, because this can cause serious accidents.

Stick-on investigation

You see all sorts of things lying around on any type of road; they could be sharp objects and should be avoided for the health of your vehicle’s tires. Check your motorcycle tires regularly for unwanted objects that stick into the tire.

When to replace motorcycle tires if something penetrates inside the tire or is a replacement so eminent?To answer this, you should know the thickness of the tires you are using, if the sharp object you just pried out has done noticeable damage to the tire and has nearly enough the length to reach the tube, you should get your tires checked.

Apart from the above-mentioned help pointers; there are a few more basic things to keep in mind while checking your motorcycles tires. Before each ride check the tire pressure and if you notice that your motorcycle tires loose pressure quickly then there might be a leak. Another way to keep a check on the health of tires is while riding

If you feel odd while riding, there is an unnatural sensation, pulsating pushing or vibrating, it could be the tires. When you notice any of the above-mentioned visual signs, consider investing in a new pair without seeking an expert to enquire when to replace motorcycle tires?


Losing a tire of your car is very different from losing a motorcycle tire but you can do a lot of damage control if you know every detail about the tires of your motorcycle. After reading this article, you question ‘when to replace motorcycle tires?’ should have been answered. Share this article with your friends if you find it useful.

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