Which Are The Best Motorcycle Boots & Shoes For You?

Riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than you might think. So many threats are out there for you and for your feet as well. You surely need the best motorcycle shoes to protect your feet and ankles.


You can save yourself from that unexpected toe dragging on a pavement, flying or loose road debris, crushing blows from a slide out or a crash or natural elements. Also, stay protected from MX track jumps, hot exhaust pipes, cold winds and much more.

Finding the best pair

Your feet stay in constantly repeated contact of the ground while riding a motorcycle. Your feet and ankles are really fragile and require proper attention. You will need a good pair of motorcycle shoes.

But, finding the perfect pair of motorcycle shoes is not an easy task. There are various things that would demand your undivided attention. Are you also confused about what to mull over while buying motorcycle shoes?

We are here to help you reach a decision. This blog is dedicated to the things that are important enough to be thought about. The most obvious thing is the price and your budget. They are followed by your preferences and personal choices. Which brands do you like the most? Are you looking for a particular style?

What is important?

Your riding style

You will have to determine whether you are a more cautious or aggressive rider. Will you require added protection or the standard safety shoes will do?

MX boots are fine for dirt bikes. But, if are into something more adventurous, you will need shoes that provide better traction, more comfort, and water-proofing. Buying the right pair of shoes is important as you will enjoy your rides even more. What else do you need to configure?

Where do you spend most of your riding time?

What sort of terrain will you be riding on more often?

What kind of look do you prefer?

How much protection do you want?

Which design will best work with your motorcycle and will you be able to operate the vehicle properly with these shoes?

Type of shoes

Shoes designed for aggressive riding have explicit protection for certain areas that need it the most. Prefer boots that cover your ankles, as this is a sensitive area. Good quality shoes should also be able to withstand a serious force or blow without twisting.

Here are the major styles of motorcycle shoes available; each of them offers a different type of protection.

Motocross Boots

These boots are meant for off-road riding and they provide the maximum degree of protection. During your hard and fast adventurous off-road riding style, you will encounter various different terrains and elements. These shoes are available in full-grain leather and other materials as well. Most of these have high-impact Velcro buckle system.

Dual Sport Boots

A dual and adventure sports boot will most commonly be a mixture of positives from both on and off road shoes. Typically, these boots come with water resistant feature and they have all-terrain anti-slip soles. They have removable and replaceable footbeds and either a zippered, buckle or Velcro closure.

Sports bike boots

If you are looking for a track day or sports bike shoes, you should know that they help in those unsteady and aggressive rides. They protect from pavement contacts and endure high force blows. The basic features include torsion control, ventilation, supreme abrasion resistance, and light weight structure.

Touring Boots

These boots focus on comfort, waterproofing, protection, and ergonomics. The major specifications include shifter pads, temperature regulation, and breathable liners. Footbeds are anatomically removable. Complete protection to the shin, heels, toes, and ankles is provided.

Cruiser Boots

The category of cruiser shoes provides protection in case of impacts or crashes. They also provide safety from hazards and elements on road. Further, they provide non-slip traction because of their oil-resistant and slip-resistant soles. They could have various heights with reinforced ankle cups and heels.

What else to consider?

You need to consider the construction the shoes you are interested in. The material used and the way in which it is held together. How many stitches are there? Is it durable and strong enough?

It is good to collect some information about the way in which the best motorcycle shoes are manufactured. There are a few more questions you need to ask yourself before reaching the final decision. Do you prefer a stitched or glued sole? You also need to know if the toe sliders, insoles, soles, or buckles can be replaced when required.

Looking for weatherproof shoes, ensure they have Gore-Tex dry comfort. Do you require shock absorbers? What sorts of closure do you need, laces, Velcro, buckle, zipper or a combination?

There are many more features that you will have to decide upon. Small things such as choosing between oil-resistant sole or a simple one, double or triple stitching? But the most important thing is your comfort. Are you fully comfortable in the shoes of your selection?

The final choice...

To assist you in the entire selection process, here is a list of some top-rated products. You can go through the pros, cons, and features of each to make your final decision.

O’Neal Rider Boots

The O’Neal Rider Boots are best motorcycle shoes for motocross with great overall style and money value. There are injection molded impact protection plastic plates. Also, the shank inserts of metal are used which add support and reinforcement to the boot shape. It has durable welt Goodyear sole that has proper balance without any unstable rocking.

The toe guard is metallic it protects the sole from delaminating. The grip sole is suitable for ATV, trail, and track rides. The interior is air mesh, cushioned insole and added heel support for complete comfort.

To ensure that heat damage is prevented, a heat shield made of synthetic leather is used. There is a pull tab on the rear for added leverage. Replacement buckles and straps are available. This is a product with premium features available at an entry-level cost.


  • Great protection!
  • Four adjustable snap-lock buckle closures, they are very easy to use
  • Premium features at good price, even the stiffness is gone after some breaking in


  • Water resistant but not completely waterproof, the metal guard for toe is susceptible to rusting
  • Recommended not to use while riding sports bikes
  • Manufactured to be a little stiff, so cannot be worn while walking around casually, some even report difficulty in movement while riding or shifting gears

Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

If you are looking for the perfect dual sport and adventure shoes, Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots are the answer. The outer upper layer is oil treated full-grain leather with plastic protectors that are injection molded. The compound double density rubber sole is specialized for endure/ATV/adventure.

They come with a Velcro closure that can be adjusted and each GH plastic buckle can be adjusted/replaced. The gear pad is protected with plastic. The inner lining is Drytex which is breathable and waterproof. They have molded TPU plastic protectors for ankle and shin.

The midsole is made of stiff nylon, mid dual PP flex with EVA anti-shock midsole. All padding is memory foam made of extremely soft polymer. These shoes have replaceable anti-bacterial footbed with Air Pump System (APS). They are available in two color options, brown and black.


  • Comfortable and completely waterproof
  • Their weight is 4.5lbs, which is considerably low
  • Durable and sturdy with good grip


  • Select your shoe size carefully, various sizing problems have been reported
  • Toe protection and sole are a little thick which could create problems for some people as it hinders feel for shifting
  • Footbed is too thin

Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex

Sidi is known for their vast range of sports, trials, touring, and motocross boots. They also provide an assortment of matching accessories. So it does not matter what your favorite color is, it could be orange, chrome, yellow, white, blue, black, pink, red, or fluorescent, Sidi has ‘em all. You will easily get accessories and boots of your choice.

The shoes have a chamois and full-grain leather upper outer layer. The bootleg has split-grain leather and the lining is of Gore-Tex membrane. The instep of the boot features a changeable closure strap and micrometric lever. They are one of the best motorcycle shoes with Velcro strap bootleg closure.

Both gray flaps can be adjusted gradually to fit or pressed together for complete unlocking. They are certainly water resistant and the quality is premium with durable material and construction.


  • Great Gore-Tex lining, good waterproofing
  • Features a back and side reflective insert and also a comfortable gear pad
  • Pants or jeans can be worn over them, so you can wear them casually sometimes


  • A little on the costly side but they are durable
  • More like sports bike shoes not good for trails or tracking

Gaerne G-Adventure Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

The G-Adventure Off-Road Boots by Gaerne are the perfect motorcycle boots. These all-black boots are made in Italy with premium grade full-grain leather. The upper leather along with lug sole is breathable as well as completely waterproof. They have a complete leather look.

They have a closure system with three adjustable buckles and are equipped with a leather gailor. They have removable insoles and the interior is padded for a completely comfortable fit. They also feature shifter pads that are made of reinforced plastic.

The feature shifter pads and this is a great looking pair of shoes. They are capable of providing great protection for your shin, heel, ankle and toes. Could be more durable, but you get what you pay for. They offer a great price for a genuinely good pair of touring and adventure motorcycle boots.


  • Can be worn in cold weather conditions as they keep you warm
  • Perfectly armored and waterproofed
  • Great price for a such a good looking pair


  • The liner seems to come apart sooner than expected especially on the top
  • The buckles break away soon or do not close at all, they require a little quality upgrade

Alpinestars S-MX2 Motorcycle Boots

The S-MX2 motorcycle boots by Alpinestars are a street riding low-cut design boots. They provide uninhabited ankle movements along with excellent flexibility. They retain great performance technology while riding and comprehensive feet protection.

You can buy the Alpinestars shin or knee guard to use with these shoes as an add-on accessory. The upper microfiber is high-tech and the shoe has a low-cut front. The very low Achilles cutaway makes sure that the shoes provide the required ankle movement while retaining a great fit. One of the best motorcycle shoes with a low-cut.

Adjustable strap streamlined buckle closures to ensure an adjustable and secure fit. Side zippers on the interior with flap hook and loop closure to ease boot exit and entry. While riding you get extra control and feel due to the inner grip pad on the base of heels.


  • Reinforced toe and heel guards
  • The low cut allows you to wear these shoes casually as well, you can add a shin or knee guard
  • Replaceable toe sliders made of TPU


  • The liner seems to come apart sooner than expected especially on the top


I sincerely hope your extensive search for the best motorcycle shoes ends here. A good quality pair of shoes will not only ensure safety but also protect your feet from natural elements.

If you find this article helpful in any way, do share it with your friends and fellow motorcycle lovers. If you love riding, you already know the importance of good motorcycle boots. You are welcome to leave your useful remarks and comments.

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